The Benefactor

The Benefactor

A newly married couple are forced to navigate the all-consuming interest of a powerful, mysterious, and possessive philanthropist.

The movie tells the story of a newly married couple who are forced to navigate the all-consuming interest of a powerful, mysterious, and possessive philanthropist who is in an attempt to relive his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (ru) wrote: A laughable attempt at being edgy. The filmmakers are clearly out of touch with reality.

Miguel R (mx) wrote: A compelling blend of action and comedy, Date Night is worth a watch for its humor and charm

Stellayy L (es) wrote: Trust the who? Trust that they will eventually wake up one day and set things right? Waste of time.

Alejandro C (ru) wrote: Keira Knightley no convence y la historia es malilla

JH K (gb) wrote: El segundo asalto a la scifi del creador de Cube sigue siendo una propuesta interesante y original, quiza basado en algunos relatos cortos sci-fi, aunque le falta ese toque de complicidad que si tenia Cube y esta se queda un poco vacia y anodina aunque el estilo de direccion sigue siendo bueno y estilizado en todo momento.

David M (es) wrote: What a step down this is. I mean, the first 2 were nothing too special but this movie is rotten. Terrible plot, terrible actors, and a different actor playing the Djinn. The movie was so bad it nearly lost me in the first 3 minutes. There isn't half the killings, or half the storyline as the first 2 had. I don't think i'd recommend this to my worst enemy.

tammi c (ca) wrote: This is kinda like the movie "NATURAL BORN KILLERS".

Raja S (es) wrote: The chance-meeting between two people, their friendship and relations, unexpected encounters and farewells make for the story-line. Its main theme is Man and Nature, the loving care of Man towards nature which is necessary to both sides. Another Kurosawa master-piece, where each frame is carefully composed to form a dramatic picture.

Chris C (au) wrote: If Blood and Bone or John Wick is you thing you will like this one. If not, head for deeper water.

Rich S (ca) wrote: No suspense. Incredibly poor writing. The soundtrack itself was okay but horribly out of place. The characters were so flat and boring, and there was absolutely 0 logic involved with this film. Horrible lapses in continuity, with a plot that truly failed to deliver. 0 stars. Clearly, the audience knows better than the critics on this one.