The Besieged Fortress

The Besieged Fortress

A look at the disastrous effects a rain flood has on a termite community (IMDb). A young couple, a king and queen termite, settle down and build a grand empire within a massive mound. When the mound suffers damage from rain, fire, and a falling branch, the scent from the termite colony is carried off by wind and catches the attention of a swarming driver ant colony led by their "black queen." Now a war is waged as ant and termite fight a battle of minuscule proportions for the survival of their very colonies (kevinxirau)..

A look at the disastrous effects a rain flood has on a termite community. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kem W (jp) wrote: I'm a birder. It's about birding. 'Nuff said.

Dillon L (br) wrote: a reall powerful movie

Joanof A (mx) wrote: "trees in the cities, garbage in the forest. whats the big difference"- KurtI am looking for something new in a film, and gladly i find it in here.

kee e (mx) wrote: and u know what i will just fall out for this movie to because in this movie they keep it real jus like i like it

Walker P (ru) wrote: no one can match the strength of Sparta.

Nick N (nl) wrote: Longest Yard, soccer style.

Jon F (it) wrote: billy bob thornton directed this beautiful adaptation of cormac mccarthy's breathtaking novel about two young texas men who go to work on a ranch in mexico wherein one of the young men falls in love with the ranch owners daughter thus hurtling the two protagonists into an epic adventure.

Marina N (it) wrote: Great movie for dark winter afternoons. Don't expect too much and you will be rewarded. I am a sucker for family movies that show great community/team spirit and therefore am always very generous with my ratings. Can't rate a movie low if it made me feel good. I also have to agree with the NY Times reviewer (below) that the movie successfully intergates multiple personal dramas without creating chaos. I would have wished to see more ice-hockey since - guess what - I also have a weakness for sports movies. See it for yourself.

Amish P (mx) wrote: Sequal coming out this year!

Annette A (it) wrote: Wow. Simply wow. Fab story. A-list actors. Great direction. Why did it take me so many years to watch this?!

Chelsea H (br) wrote: You're welcome Flixster. Naked ladies and blood, nuff said.

Wes S (fr) wrote: Dark Night is a surprisingly grim, dark, and scary television production. The cast is solid and the direction makes it really stand out. The story may have been told better before, but it still does a fine job at being suspenseful and memorable.

Brian B (kr) wrote: Excellent movie. Would have been five stars if not for the disparaging ethnic remarks.

SJ (br) wrote: I think this film lacked in back story.

Bill M (es) wrote: A very well crafted and smart entry in the childs play series, it works as both a reboot and a continuation, sort of anyway. It's sharp, funny and for the first time since probably the first, often proper scary, they give Chucky back his fear factor again, and the little guy has never been more malicious, sadistic and brutal. Any post modern comedy imbued into the character from the last two sequels is long gone, replaced by the frightening little boogieman who made us scared of our toys when we were kids. The interesting thing they do here is that we dont see Chucky alive for ages, the filmmakers cleverly hold off for the best part of an hour into the 90 min films runtime before the "reveal", and it's easily Chucky's best and most scary introduction since the "talk to me damn it!" scene from the first, there's real patience and a really carefully built and masterfully paced sense of suspense and tension, especially the soup scene, were the films strong edge of pitch black humor comes into play. It's also great how this is essentially a "Cluedo" esc whodunnit, trapping a badly dysfunctional and ghastly family together in a amazingly designed spooky house (really the production design in this film is great and the film is so well made that it's ridiculous that it went straight to dvd whilst shoddy, cheapo looking doll film Annabelle went to cinemas and made millions, but such is the utterly retarded world we live in) and the film also features a great performance from Chucky himself Brad Dourifs daughter Fiona, truly terrific here as Nica, the only sympathetic character in the film, and whose wheelchair bound disability makes the final chase scenes even more frightening. It's also the goriest film in the whole Childs Play franchise, with some nasty as hell (and rather satisfying) kills. The only place it really slips up is in a convoluted, cluttered ending that tries too hard to tie up the series and please fans, which is a shame as it's attempt to be a stand alone entry was working very well up till that point. But on the other hand if you are a fan of the series (like me) it is also a great call back and nod to past characters and events of the series as a whole (that post credits scene is fucking awesome!) so even with flaws this is a truly good, inventive Chucky flick, and a great little scary movie, perfect for a friday night in with the lights off.

John D (jp) wrote: This movie had a big budget, some great actors and a lot of promise. I feel it's greatest weakness was a failure to differentiate itself stylistically from the many other sword and armour style fantasies. While costumes and sets were very well done, there was too little to set it apart atheistically. I wish i could say when Transylvania is mentioned pictures of this movie would come to mind, however they do not. There is a sense of the generic about it. It came close but not close enough to be a cult hit.

Leander H (gb) wrote: The Review of Whale Rider by Leander Herring Jr.This movie for me was an enchanting and ultimately enthralling New Zealand movie about the struggle of one ardent and determined young Maori girl to fulfill her destiny. The movie starts from Koro (Rawiri Paratene) is the chief of the Ngati Kanoahi tribe of Whangara. They reside in a coastal fishing village in New Zealand. Times are extremely hard for these people who can barely scratch out a living. Koro is extremely disappointed that Porourangi (Cliff Curtis) has no interest in becoming the next chief. However, when his son's wife becomes pregnant, Koro begins to hope the male he seeks to lead the people will be born. Unfortunately, the boy and his mother die in childbirth. However, a twin sister survives, and Porourangi names her Paikea after the tribe's venerated ancestor who is said to have arrived in their village on the back of a whale after his canoe capsized. Koro is furious that his son has given the infant this sacred name traditionally reserved for a male child; he shortens the name to "Pai." The grieving Porourangi, an artist, decides to go to Europe and so he leaves his daughter with his parents.Pai (Keisha Castle-Hughes) grows up knowing of her grandfather's disappointment that she is not a boy. Despite that barrier between them, they do bond and by the time she is 12 years old, he is picking her up every day from school on his bicycle. Nanny Flowers (Vicky Haughton) has a special place in her heart for Pai and gives her the moral support she needs. When Porourangi returns home on a visit from Germany where he works as a sculptor, it is clearer than ever that he has no intention of accepting his destiny and becoming Koro's successor. Porouangi offers to take Pai back with him but she chooses to stay in New Zealand.Koro rounds up all the 12-year-old boys in the Whangara community and begins passing on the ancient chants, tribal lore, and warrior techniques to them. He is convinced that the future chief will emerge from the group and establish himself as the chosen one. Koro is enraged when he finds out that the determined Pai has been listening in on his lessons and taking private instruction on stick battle from Koro's other son. She is forbidden to continue in this training. Koro is heartbroken when he throws his whale bone into the ocean and not one of the boys manages to retrieve it. But Pai has several surprises for her tradition-bound grandfather that will open his eyes and the rest of the tribe to her true destiny.This enchanting and beautifully acted New Zealand film is written and directed by Niki Caro based on a 1986 novel by Witi Ihimaera. The deeply spiritual message of the drama is that Pai must pursue her destiny as a leader in face of the powerful patriarchal tradition espoused by Koro, who is inflexible in his attitudes toward women. The arduous struggle of this determined girl to find her true place among her people is one that will resonate with women around the world. The extraordinary performance by Keisha Castle-Hughes richly conveys the conflicting emotions Pai feels in her turbulent relationship with her grandfather. Zeal is a commendable attribute in pursuit of a calling from the spirit world, and Pai uses solitude, silence, and prayer as practices to keep her in touch with her ancestors and the whales that play a major role in the dramatically rich final segments of the film. It relates to the Indigenous Religions, because in the journey, one sees perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles just like in the Indigenous people. Similar to many other religious figures that were misunderstood or mistreated; she overcomes obstacles eventually whether they are mentally, physically or socially. Pai overcame the inability to be chief through her own inner knowledge of her destiny. She knew she could be the chief and knew it would be Koro who had to understand their journey and its meaning. Her perseverance impacted her community by reminding them that the traditional values are the key to life. By Pai being in tune with herself, her surroundings, spirituality and ancestors, it allowed her to complete her spiritual journey.

Hunter D (ag) wrote: I consider Jack Hill to be a quality name in exploitation cinema and while SWITCHBLADE SISTERS isn't his best film, it still has a lot of fun stuff to offer. The movie takes place in a WARRIORS-style reality where teenage gangs run amok, the gang in question here being a group of nasty, lawless vixens called the Dagger Debs. The movie drags a bit during the first half, but it really picks up once the backstabbing and betrayal begins among the Debs, leading to a fun shootout-on-skates at a roller rink and a MAD MAX-style urban battle between rival gangs. In any other movie Robbie Lee's performance method of acting through a grinding set of teeth would be hideous, here it just adds to the fun.

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: Thanks to the persistence of Queen Bee, Dolemite is proved innocent of a crime he was framed for (possession of stolen furs and a cool half mil of drugs). Back on the streets he finds that his "normal" activities have been overtaken by a much more deadly and aggressive crime wave, with drugs, guns and murder on the streets where pimping and simple old fashioned hustling should be. The ringmaster is Willie Green and his political backers. Dolemite is targeted as soon as he walks free and, with his staple of martial-arts-trainer hunnies, attempts to push back against the crooked cops, the violent criminals and, generally, the man.I have not ever seen any of the Dolemite films beyond the same experience the majority of other white people have had ? as part of ODB's video, so I decided to watch this film recently as part of dipping into many genres to make my viewing habits more interesting than whatever rubbish is spat out as that weekend's "big" movie (although I still do that too). Anyway, Dolemite delivers what I expected it to deliver but tha is not particularly a good thing. In terms of the genre it seems to have seized on the elements of blaxploitation that are superficial and appeal to the audience rather than what makes for a "good" film. As a result the plot is rather a slapdash affair with anything that really moves things beyond setting up a basic scene.These basic scenes are mostly quite fun in a very dated way. They are scenes of out of shape men with beautiful and slim black and white women, scenes of unconvincing martial arts "action" and others of Dolemite talking tough to anyone around him. None of it is any "good" but in the context of the genre it does enough to provide what the majority of viewers will have come in the door expecting to see. In this regard it is trashy stuff but still nothing that makes me understand why this film is so famous even within the genre. Sure, it is solid and trashy like many others but it certainly doesn't compare to the stronger films (ie that are actually stronger as films, not just blaxploitation films) in the genre.The cast match the "genre basics" feel. Moore looks half-awake at times, only really coming strong to bark some swear words at white men (albeit a crowd pleaser). He is an OK lead but didn't have the charisma to make me really get into his funky character. Martin is nicely slimy as Green. The lead women is solid in Reed's Queen Bee but it will be the many attractive women that stick in the mind ? if only any of them had been allowed to act a bit or be used better in the plot then maybe they would have helped the film somewhat. The soundtrack is pretty good (although not brilliant) while the direction is kindly described as "serviceable", with nothing special and far too many "goofs" (like the many booms in shot for example).Dolemite is a solid genre film but nothing special outside of home turf. It is reasonably funky with lots of pimps, attractive women, sex and "action" ? all of which is basic but again nothing special. Not sure what about this film made it stick in the mind for so long as, although it is quite good as a genre film, there are much better films to be had in the blaxploitation field.