The Best and the Brightest

The Best and the Brightest

Set in the world of New York City's elite private kindergartens, The Best and the Brightest centers on a fresh-faced young couple, Samantha and Jeff, who have only recently moved into town. The comedy centers on their dawning realization of the lengths they must go to in order to get their five-year-old daughter into school.

The film centers on a young couple Samantha and Jeff. They have an extraordinary interview when its is based on a lie. So that, they seems to be stuck in a difficulty consequence because of keeping that secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (de) wrote: Not as bad of a movie as I was expecting. Just the whole story of an actress killing herself due to gossip of her being involved with a congressman and then her manager going on a search to find out the truth about who spread these malicious lies just sounds like a recipe for something that might not end up being good. And I'm not even that this is good per se, but it's not a bad movie at all, fairly average by South Korean thriller standards. I've seen so many Korean thrillers that they honestly start to blend together if they're not of elite quality. You will not be able to tell them apart. The Trilogy of Vengeance, Memories of Murder, Mother, I Saw the Devil, and The Chaser. Those are quality Korean thrillers. Since this is not one of those elite Korean thrillers, this is gonna blend together with all the other films of this type I've seen. But, admittedly. I was not bored at any second in watching this film. It may not have been a good movie but I was slightly intrigued by what was going on. The story does get a little convoluted and contrived since the manager, pretty much, finds out who published these rumors in the first 25 minutes or so. So, of course, he delves deeper into this conspiracy that ties back to a company that's trying to use its influence in order to get the politicians they want in place in order for them to approve a project this company wants. I honestly didn't really care that much about the plot to pay any real attention to it. I'm sure that if I did, I would've found 10,000 plot holes that would've destroyed this movie's chances of being believable. But I didn't, this is a one-dimensional movie at its core. There's no deep message, though it tries to pretend it has one with its criticism of gossip magazines/leaflets and how some of these people do not comprehend the consequences of some of the shit they publish. But it's not exactly deep or subtle, it certainly wears its message on its sleeve. And that's fine, not every movie has to be intellectual. You don't need to pay THAT much attention to the plot, but you do at the same time. Pay just enough attention to be able to follow what's going on and don't go any further than that cause I honestly get the feeling that you'd drive yourself nuts with all the holes the film has. What I did like about the movie is the fact that the main character, for the most part, is completely useless when it comes to physical presence or intimidation. Usually, in these films, the guy is also kind of a badass motherfucker that can kick ass and take names. The main character in this movie, however, is pretty goddamn terrible. He's beat up like 4 times in the film, each one worse than the last, and he doesn't ever get anything in on the big bad of the film, the CEO of the security agency. This guy is just a talent manager, he's not an ass-kicker. And that's cool to me. The writing is ok, the acting is pretty decent (nothing mind-blowing). But I think the movie works in some way if you don't take it as seriously. The film takes itself way too seriously, but I think it was a conscious decision. It's goofy how seriously this movie takes itself, so that added a little bit of B-movie charm to this, even if it wasn't intended. It's just your basic South Korean revenge thriller. For better or worse. I won't remember this in a week, but at least I didn't have a bad time watching this. Can't exactly recommend it however.

Gimly M (es) wrote: If Pulse got together with 28 Days Later and gave birth to a TV show and that TV show was *terrible*, Antisocial would be the Bottle Episode of that show.

Jorge D (ru) wrote: Buena, me gust =)... el final no tanto

Kyle J (es) wrote: I really tried to like this movie in comparing it to the first one, but it just didn't happen for me. It started off pretty well, but it just got to be too far fetched in some parts.

Private U (nl) wrote: This was a quirky movie with a nice cast. Brenda Blethyn does an excellent job as the family matriarch and the two actors playing the sons were incredible. The story was a little lax and tired at times but the experience was enjoyable.

Ed W (kr) wrote: Fine performances all around. The Harlem Renaissance from 1918 - 1929 and the rebirth of African American culture and intelligence through art, poetry, and the written word were explored through the eyes of racism, homophobia, and age discrimination. Interesting theme in that words and art were used as power back then... not guns and excuses. Would have been 5 stars, but I thought the film was attempting too many subplots that were distracting. #langstonhughes #wallacethurman #zoranealehurston

Hannah K (de) wrote: Just as good as the first one. But I still like the original one better

Andy P (kr) wrote: I thought it could have been more engaging, but it definetly got its message out there.

bill b (es) wrote: NO PLOT, NOT ANYTHINGTRY TO WATCH THE 1ST PART which kicks asses. Even the second part is ok.But this one is maybe the worse of the series.....

Rachel B (mx) wrote: Incredibly disturbing but features a brilliant and challenging performance by Craig Chester.

wretch a (kr) wrote: probably one of the coolest movies ever made

Raine L (mx) wrote: sequel not as good as first, but 5 stars because it's a feel good movie from my childhood.

Joel K (us) wrote: These Road to movies are lighthearted and fun to watch.

Steve G (br) wrote: what a horrible review

Joan R (nl) wrote: Pointless movie with an unresolved ending.

Jessica H (us) wrote: Nothing new, including the dramatic music.

Ryan C (ca) wrote: The charm of Anne Hathaway and the ferociousness of Merl Streep help keep this dramedy afloat in this movie about working in the fashion industry without being too bogged down by clichs.

Aaron V (jp) wrote: True story about how UN personnel in Bosnia were involved in sex trafficking and cover-up, while the one woman who dared blow the whistle is blocked and thwarted at every turn. This disturbing and infuriating story is told with some narrative weaknesses, but Rachel Weisz is excellent and holds viewer attention. The more popular 2009 film, TAKEN, also covered the vast industry of human trafficking, but instead of Liam Neeson playing James Bond on the bad guys, WHISTLEBLOWER goes deeper into the atrocity. It shows how the "good guys" are not only the customers but the enablers and protectors. It also shows an R-rated version of the victims. Some scenes show how brutally the women are treated. Painful to watch, but important to see because human trafficking is very real and, apparently, very protected. Movies on human trafficking are hamstrung out of the gate. In 2010, TAKEN was dumped on Super Bowl weekend, the worst movie weekend in winter. But against expectations, it earned over $228 million in over 3000 screens. The next year, the more shocking and more incriminating WHISTLEBLOWER was left for dead, dumped into a few theaters in the dog days of summer 2011, earning only $1.1 million. Strange that a film with an Oscar-winning lead (Rachel Weisz), supporting star power (Vanessa Redgrave, and Monica Bellucci), a gripping topic, and critical acclaim (78% on Rotten Tomatoes). It also took 8 years to get the film off the ground and only went through after Weisz signed on. The tiny box office earnings on such a film would have to be engineered. This movie needs to be seen.

Matthew L (us) wrote: On paper this should be a stone cold classic a quirky futuristic set reworking of Butch and Sundance in reality we get a bit of dud that doesn't quite lift off. The biggest problem is the chemistry between Rourke and Johnson or the lack of, its just impossible to believe that they are friends who pick up where they left off after years apart. This should be a cult classic instead its just a random entry on both mens CVs.

Wes S (nl) wrote: There's nothing particularly great about the 2nd installment of the recent TMNT reboot. It serves as a live-action cartoon to will entertain the kids and please the fanbase. The film handles the characters better than the first film- to the point where this actually feels like a true Ninja Turtles movie. Not all of the jokes work, the plot is messy, and the action is sore to the eyes- but it's fun entertainment for those who are looking for it.