The Best Intentions

The Best Intentions

The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents. In 1909, poor theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the daughter of a rich family in Uppsala. After their wedding Henrik becomes a priest in the north of Sweden. After a few years Anna can't stand living in the rural county with the uncouth people. She returns to Uppsala, Henrik stays in the north.

The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents. In 1909, poor, idealistic theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the intelligent, educated daughter of a rich family in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher D (ag) wrote: Cedric the Entertainer was hilarious in this. Good horror movie spoof overall.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: Seeming very nearly like the setup piece for a imminent TV series, this film creatively introduces a hero who uses his supernatural gifts to fight crime, which pretty much sounds like a CW offering come to think of it. It relies on quite a lot of CGI for the action but, while seldom boring, it also fails to completely engage. We are given Characterization Light so as to speed us along to the next action sequence lest we get bored, left with the feeling that we'll get more in depth stuff once the series starts up. Oh well.

Rex A (kr) wrote: Great film that was sadly overlooked in 2011.

Brian C (us) wrote: Very interesting documentary about the rash of killings of children with mental or physical disabilities on Staten Island during the 70's and 80's. The filmmakers did a good job mixing urban legend with actual newscast footage and interviews showing us how hard it must have been for parents during these times.The murders are still largely unsolved, despite having a conviction of a very suspicious person who claims his innocence.Very well done.

Morgaine J (es) wrote: It's stupid, Don't bother.

Shaun B (es) wrote: First sign the Bronson Pinchot's career had one note. I would really like to forget this stinker.

Eric R (es) wrote: Oh my fucking God where do I begin with "Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time". We'll just say the filmmakers definitely didn't take notice of numerous sequels and fantasy films to come before and make all the exact same mistakes alienating hardcore fans of the loveable original 1982 sword and sorcery cult favorite. The final result is one of the most heated and hated sequels of all time and takes an un-honorary position right next to "Highlander II" on the shit sequel pedestal.The film opens with an opening crawl that is a complete lie. I mean if the opening crawl doesn't know what the hell is going on than how the fuck is the audience going to?! Dar, the Beastmaster (Marc Singer), is captured by an evil overloard (Wings Hauser) only to escape thanks to his animal friends (how did they not expect animals to come rescue a guy known as "the beastmaster"?). Our evil overloard then teams up with a sexy witch (Sarah Douglas) to open a a dimensional portal (not a time portal... the title lies!) to modern L.A. and the beastmaster must stop him with the help of a spoiled valley girl before, get this, he steals a doomsday device to turn his home desert wasteland world into... uh... a desert wasteland?!The first major problem that all six screenwriters made (seriously it took six to write this mess?) is that the film completely goes against all the rules and and set-ups made in the original almost as they wish no one going into this sequel saw the first movie. Did they not take notice off all the hatred of "Highlander II" the year before that went down the same road? The second problem is they decide to pander this crap to children going against the hardcore adult nature of the first film, as if they never saw the disaster that called itself "Conan the Destroyer". And thirdly, no doubt to save money, they decide to dump our fantasy hero into a modern city environment ala "Masters of the Universe" in order to so save money on the costume and set design and thus loads up the tedious second half with our annoying heroine explaining to our hero all about modern technology.Is there anything good about this waste of celluloid? Well two things... Sarah Douglas' breasts. I never really viewed her as a sex symbol before this but the filmmakers make all of her assets but sadly they are undermined by her deplorable dialogue. Other than her chest everything is wrong with this sequel. The fight choreography is bad, the continuity with first film is lazy, the dialogue is about as subtle as a fucking train wreck on a boat and the characters make absolutely insane decisions like why the fuck would our evil overloard escape the Beastmaster by taking refuge in a Zoo... you know a place full of animals that our hero can control. I mean come on! The film however hits absolute rock bottom when our heroes drive past a theater on the L.A. strip that's playing, get this, Beastmaster 2. I remember watching the film up to this point as a kid then turning it off as even my eight year old mentality knew that was too lame. Well look on the bright side maybe in this parallel dimension "Beastmaster 2" doesn't blow ass."Beastmaster 2" is one of the most disappointing sequels I have ever seen. The original film may not be cinematic genius but it is hands down one of the best "Conan" clones to emerge in the early 80s and one of my favorite sword and sorcery flicks. This sequel goes against every aspect that made the original so enjoyable by making the setting in 'modern' LA and pandering the lazy story to children. Unlike "Highlander II" which has earned a cult audience with its insulting ineptitude, "Beastmaster 2" remains a hot spot with fans and is equally spit on today as it was back in 1991. However much like "Highlander II" it didn't kill off the franchise (how I am not sure) as Beastmaster forged on with a made-for-TV sequel "Beastmaster III: The Eyes of Braxus" and a late night television series.

Eric H (ag) wrote: This is a great movie. It is absolutely hilarious,A great movie, especially for the miniscule $100,000.00 budget.This a classic!

Kyle B (ru) wrote: As a profound lover of the musical genre, this wasn't one I really enjoyed. Roy Scheider is great and so is Jessica Lange in a small but modest part. Bob Fosse has always been a director I feel does better work on the stage than in the movies but I could tell that this was a semi autobiographical tale. The finale makes up for the movie as a whole I just wish the energy in "Bye Bye Life" would have been in the whole film. The cinematography, art direction, and music are all great but the script is lacking for a good story

Christopher S (nl) wrote: Notable for the teaming of horror icons Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Steele - but unfortunately it's a fairly routine 60s British occult potboiler with a predictable plot and touches of dated psychedelia. The presence of Karloff and Lee provides some much needed weight, but Steele is painted green and relegated to a few uninspired dream sequences. Horror fans may find it modestly entertaining, but ultimately forgettable.

Samantha S (de) wrote: Just try not to take it so seriously. A very depressed guy is redeemed by a good woman who loves him (Wish it were that easy in real life). Strange pairing of Frank Sinatra and Doris Day but it works for the story. Ethel Barrymore steals the show with her quiet humor and words of wisdom and Gig Young swans around looking good and driving most of the women crazy (everyone but Doris Day, that is, since his cheery suaveness has no effect on the type of woman who likes the emo-type personified by ol' Blue Eyes.)Bet they remake this yet again - this was a remake of an old B&W movie.

michiel s (us) wrote: a not to bad animation movie with good sountrack and amezing art style feels like a occeans 11 movie must watch for the up comming movie

Darien S (de) wrote: The relationship between Sissy Spacek's character and Tommy Lee Jones' character is a mature exploration of relationships as they evolve over time.

Andrea T (mx) wrote: Way better than 8 Mile....

Ol R (ag) wrote: Far from flawless, the control over the narrative and pacing by first time director Mario Van Peebles is shaky at times, and the action sequences can be a little undercooked, but it's still a solid early 90s crime thriller, that ticks most of the boxes, with a couple of fantastic performances by Wesley Snipes and Ice-T. Speaking of which, it's the early 90s atmosphere and film-making techniques that sell the movie for me. I'm not entirely sure why, but that whole era totally captivates me. The cinematography, the camera work and the action sequences have a distinct feel to them, that reminds me of other early 90s cult classics such as True Romance and Carlito's Way and as such, I couldn't give it less than 4 stars.

Ed Fucking H (ag) wrote: A pretty amusing and entertaining "animal invasion" horror movie, ala Jaws, but taking place in the Austrailian Outback and dealing with an oversized mutant hog. Opening scene, a grandfather loses his grandchild to the beast. He is put on trial as nobody believes his story of an oversized Razorback Hog, but ultimately his charges are dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence that he was responsible. A few years later an American journalist goes to the outback to do a story on the plight of Kangaroos in the area. However she soons runs into the ghastly hog and meets an unfortunate fate, but not before having a run in with two horny hillbillies. This brings the womans husband to the outback to find out what went wrong. Eventually he has a run in with the beast as well, thus leading to the movies final showdown. This was actually the second time I had seen this and I think I enjoyed it a little more the first time, where I saw it on TV at a friends house over beers and spliffs. In the end it still wasn't very memorbale, but a lot more entertaining that time around. I think the movie suffers due to unoriginality and Austrailians seeming inability to take anything seriously. That being said this is still amusing, I just don't think it's anything overly exceptional. A good movie to watch with friends over beers I suppose, but nothing really special either. Still worth a watch for fans of 80's camp horror and horror comedies.