The Best Man

The Best Man

The other party is in disarray. Five men vie for the party nomination for president. No one has a majority as the first ballot closes and the front-runners begin to decide how badly they want the job.

The two front runners for their party's Presidential nomination, one principled and the other ruthless, vie for the ex-President's endorsement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devon W (us) wrote: Creepy effing clown that would have been better off in a legit production. The movie falls flat with flops between shit acting (forced dialogue?) and decent, and the stories were subpar, but it still held my interest throughout.

Chris D (ag) wrote: Not bad. I miss Franco, though.

Andrew G (mx) wrote: Wolf Creek was terrifying because it was told from the perspective of the outsiders. Wolf Creek 2 revolves entirely around Mick Taylor, with a few unlucky tourists that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sandra A (es) wrote: Triller of war and mystery at the evening of the japanese invasion in Shanghai.Stellar cast make this movie a enjoyable one.

Pavitra R (de) wrote: The dogs were better actors than the humans. The two stars are for Lucky. Kyla Pratt has only one facial expression and should quit acting and do toothpaste commercials instead. Maybe just print ads, not the tv ones.

Kelly B (ca) wrote: Overall there's some good dancing in this movie, but I felt like I've seen the story a hundred times.

Ethan H (de) wrote: Not funny or well written. The only redeeming thing being the soundtrack.

Greg B (nl) wrote: Loved this, great fairy tale, and it was cool to see a movie using puppets where the characters KNOW they're puppets. I'm totally gonna but this flick!

Jessi t (fr) wrote: This short film was better than the movie that followed it, The Ring 2. Excluding the digital centipede. I love the premise of the short film, because it's something I'd totally want to be a part of! There are web communities based on the premise of this film, it's really quite funny.

ashton H (ru) wrote: i love the movie alot and i really what to see it agine

Chani L (nl) wrote: It was ok, there was some decent action but the opening scene led me to believe it would be better than it was. Not something I would want to see again.

Walt W (kr) wrote: This is a movie that's light on dialogue and action, yet you're compelled to see the story through. Did they make it? Great way to leave you hanging...

Steve M (de) wrote: When Hercules (Park) and his best friend Thesus (Ardisson) return home after another extended bout of adventuring, they find Hercules' betrothed, Deianira (Ruffo), in the throes of a strange illness and her kingdom governed by the sinister-looking regent, Lico (Lee). The pair embark on a new quest for the one magical artifact that will cure Deianira that will take them into the very depths of Hades, land of the dead. Successfully restoring Deinira isn't the end of Hercules troubles, as Lico isn't just sinister-looking... he's bent on obtaining immortality at the expense of the lives of Hercules and his lady-love! "Hercules in the Haunted World" is a gorgeous-looking, well-acted fantasy epic. Although the constraints of a low budget are almost painfully evident at times, and the Underworld and most of the sets have that very plastic, very 1960s feel to them, the great camerawork and creative lighting very much makes up for the shortcomings. There are times when the film takes on an almost dreamlike, fairytale quality that conveys the mood of the never-neverland of heroes and gods-walking-the-land is is so necessary for a film like this to succeed and which is so often absent in fantasy films. Story-wise, the use of Greek mythology, the traditional structure of Hercules' quest to save Deianira (as well the various components of that quest), and many truly suspenseful and chilling sequences--such as when Herculese is set upon by dozens of undead in the service of Lico-- combine to tell a tale that has the feel of the ancient adventure stories that inspired this movie. This is not to say the film is not without some serious flaws. Without fail, Bava draws out the lead-in to the horrific portions of the film to the point where the viewer becomes annoyed and bored when he should be pulled deeper into the film. The worst of these is the above-mentioned battle between Hercules and the undead. Bava SHOULD have established that they're emerging from their graves and then moved onto the excellently done fight sequence, but instead he establishes the dead emerging again and again and again and again. Meanwhile, Hercules stands there and looks back and forth, to and fro, like an idiot, instead of taking action. The movie grinds to a complete halt here instead of leaping forward into the action that follows. The movie also suffers from the standard affliction of fantasy movies made on shoestring budgets: It's got a Big Monster that's supposed to be scary looking, but is just goofy. Here's it's some sort of demon made of stone. To make matters worse, the scene in which it appears devolves into something that comes across as a parody of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". There's underlying horror in the scene, but the stupid-looking creature (with its mouth hanging open as if it rode the short bus to its underground lair) and its blathering about short and long beds make the scene unintentionally comic. (I have to pause to wonder if kids might find the sequence scary; I'm not the audience for this film, so maybe I'm just not "getting it"?) There have been very few decent fantasy flicks made, but, eventhough it's flawed, "Hercules and the Haunted World" manages to heave itself above the pack. It's not a masterpiece, but it's also not a bad way to waste some time. Hercules in the Haunted World (aka "Hercules in the Center of the Earth" and "Hercules vs. the Vampires") Starring: Reg Park, George Ardisson, Christopher Lee, Leonora Ruffo, Franco Giacobini, and Ida Galli Director: Mario Bava

Stella D (mx) wrote: scott and dunne are nominally the stars here but fred and ginger steal every scene

Nick Q (it) wrote: Wish it could have been more, but not a bad effort. Wish it could have done better because I like don miller and Steve Taylor.

Maarten V (au) wrote: Good flick, but it couldn't hold my attention all that well. Excellent soundtrack though.

Tom H (fr) wrote: simply put, a long episode of Airwolf.some cool scenes between Nic Cage and Tommy lee jones were pretty funny.