The Best of Everything

The Best of Everything

An expose of the lives and loves of Madison Avenue working girls and their higher ups.

The film is an expose of the lives and loves of a Manhattan career woman and her publishing-house colleagues who have affairs with married men. The women fall prey to their conniving, insensitive men and are seemingly taken advantage of the entire film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Best of Everything torrent reviews

Todd P (fr) wrote: if it weren't for the bare chested, hot faced men in this movie it would be NOTHING. choreography is bad, acting is really bad, story is bad, costumes are bad, this movie is horrible PERIOD

Troy K (es) wrote: 2/5 Some great visuals, but not one of the better Cirque's.

Erron C (mx) wrote: A stretch. Charming but weak storyline.

Lilo C (de) wrote: Sex and Violency sellz gud aint it? Another stupid SciFi piece of shit!

Corrie F (nl) wrote: dont remmeber much, was kinda funny and odd

Claire S (au) wrote: This is by far the best movie ever made on this planet we call earth. It should be required of all third graders in this great nation to watch Michael Mfume's masterpiece. The characters have such depth. Lighting and editing, Oscar-worthy. He just wanted to use the phone, man. He just wanted to use the phone.

Luke R (it) wrote: My half-brother's step-cousin wrote the book.

Me A (fr) wrote: Tragic ending, but loved the conflicted feelings experienced by the characters.