The Best of Sting

The Best of Sting


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The Best of Sting torrent reviews

Tim C (ca) wrote: Better Than I Thought!

John Eric D (fr) wrote: Speaking of beautiful landscapes. The ambiance and the visuals in this film are just stunning. This is one of those films, where there has not much dialogue, but by watching it, it's an art in the making. The brilliant atmosphere that you are sucked into an enthralling film going experience. It shows graphic and shocking images. As usual, Mads Mikkelsen's performance is top notch. Refn made films kinda reminds me of Kubrick, with a little element to it. This might not be to everyone's taste, But this is one of the best "Viking" films as what I remember. 4/5

Kana F (us) wrote: Far more interesting than I thought. Ok camera work, but as criticized in Japan, too many stills shots, probably because of the photographer directing movie for the first time. Acting by Anna Tsuchiya superb, but others mediocre. Chilling depiction of ugliest sides of women, and also men. Ending a little too tacky but overall enjoyable.

crinkle s (br) wrote: Very detailed, includes plenty of entertaining quips and facts, and has greatly increased my list of movies to rent. :)

Blue D (gb) wrote: I almost walked out of this movie after the first 15 minutes. It was slow, and boooooring. I only finished it because my best friend kept "giving it a chance"... waiting for Cedric the Entertainer to live up to his name. A waste of time.

Vicky K (es) wrote: this movie was awesome

Clay B (ca) wrote: I WANT TO LIVE! (1958)