The Best of the Martial Arts Films

The Best of the Martial Arts Films

There is no plot in this film. It is a collection of the best fighting scenes from the martial arts films (i.e. Bruce Lee and others).

There is no plot in this film. It is a collection of the best fighting scenes from the martial arts films (i.e. Bruce Lee and others). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Best of the Martial Arts Films torrent reviews

Tommy M (jp) wrote: Pretty good jump scares throughout & the first half hour looks like it might be a horror classic & about an hour in you know exactly what you were getting into. Scary? Sure. Thinly written & confusing after the midway point? Absolutely. If you scare easy you'll say it was great but for true horror fans watch something else. Also, the performances by its two leads are pretty great despite what they've been given.

Paul D (us) wrote: Another one by the asylum course this one had so many mistakes that didn't even make sense and again the effects were lowsy so anyone wanting to get scared better look in a different direction.

Monique Y (jp) wrote: To be or not to be... such the question! No matter how do you respond, there will be consequences, and this is what this film is about. Good performance from Greg Kinnear.

Allen G (de) wrote: Watching a guy puke isn't fun per se. but it's certainly intriguing in this case.Supersize me may as well be a horror film- it certainly feels like one at times. Spurlock manages to make, what is a truly terrible little experiment, an engaging and often humorous watch. It takes the boring numbers around the dangers of a bad diet and turns them into a real case study, with Spurlock as the poor, fattening, guinea pig. This is a great example of a man and a camera crew touching on something important and creating a dialogue around it. It's not your typical documentary by any means (indeed it seems to have spawned its own genre of copy-cat films) but it's equally as important as anything that you'll find on Nat Geo or the History channel or whatever. A PR nightmare for McDonalds, but a great watch for the rest of us.

Abdulmalik A (gb) wrote: john Moore's The Omen is not as frightening as Richard Donner's 1976 version--Moore resorts to scare tactics rather than impending horror.

Gemma L (au) wrote: pretty good...Has Mischa Barton and Jessica Alba in it!! Hehe!!

Thomas P (br) wrote: Pretty good movie. Dialogue was weak. I felt that part could've been done a lot more serious to give the movie a stronger feel of realism & less Hollywood, but this was done in '97. So that explains a lot. But I got something out of it.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Are you enjoying life? Kiba is currently handling two jobs at one time. He is serving as a normal bodyguard for a woman on a mission to uncover the mysterious death of her parents and he is also protecting a company from attacking rivals. While the two jobs seem like harmless missions, Kiba somehow finds himself under attack by random gangs and martial arts experts. ?The end of one?s life comes without warning.? Takashi Miike, director of Audition, Ichi the Killer, Sabu, Visitor Q, Agitator, Graveyard of Honor, and the Dead or Alive trilogy, delivers Bodyguard Kiba 2. The storyline for this picture is a bit all over the place and lacks consistency. The action scenes were solid and the shootouts were entertaining. The acting was better than average but nothing special. ?Don?t think you can treat me like that because my mother was a whore.? Takashi Miike is a very inconsistent director who jumps back and forth between sheer masterpiece and utter nonsense. Let?s just say that if it wasn?t for the action scenes, this would be a zero or one. The storyline for this picture in nonexistent. There is also no gore in this picture. What separates Miike from other directors is his amazing ability to depict gore in any genre of movie. Overall, this is worth skipping?even for huge Miike fans. ?Whatever you bind on Earth you bind in heaven.? Grade: D+

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Conor M (au) wrote: boring, pretty, blue, tasty bullshit

Carl G (gb) wrote: This is one of the most amusing movies ever made. Even 57 years after its first release the concept of 2 men in drag will keep you entertained throughout. Jack Lemmon's acting in particular propels you through the enjoyable plot, full of innuendo and scheming while touching on the inappropriate nature of prevalent sexual harassment from the period. The camerawork also deserves praise as long shots with moving cameras allows you to enjoy the quick change scenes that take place. Monroe is as enticing as ever in her finest role. This classic comedy is a must see.

Ken T (ca) wrote: A big, colorful spectacle filled with stars and the usual DeMille flair for excess, and that includes the corny characters. The DVD cover has John Wayne and Susan Hayward featured first, though they are supporting players in this film. The lead is Paulette Goddard playing Loxi, an excessively excitable and emotionally impulsive woman in Key West who worries about the men on the ships moving through the nearby reefs. It seems all too convenient that a man named Cutler (Raymond Massey in a persistent sneer throughout) is right there to help with the cargo of these doomed ships. Loxi meets and falls in love with a captain of the most recent crashed ship - Captain Jack Stuart, who dreams of captaining a ship called the Southern Cross. Loxi does go to Charleston where she meets Stephen Tolliver (Ray Milland doing a Cary Grant impression) the heir to the shipping company and lawyer. He and Capt. Jack do not like each other. Tolliver however, does take a fancy to the free spirit Loxi. And then fitting into the story is Robert Preston as Cutler's brother who loves Loxi's cousin Drusilla (Susan Hayward - looking her best here). From here there is plenty of sea-faring adventure, fisticuffs, a giant squid and a little romance. However, this is no Gone with the Wind or even The Ten Commandments. The first hour is rather tedious and characters drawn so ridiculous it is tough to take Reap the Wild Wind seriously. It is beautiful to look at though.

mpilar b (de) wrote: good acting, nice music

Armchair O (mx) wrote: Ten seconds into Peeples, I realized that I had boarded a sinking ship. In the opening scene, Craig Robinson is revealed to be a guy who sings to kids at the library. Fine, but the song he's singing is called "Speak It! - Don't Leak It!" which, if I understood correctly, is a song that encourages the kids to express their emotions rather than urinating on things. Why? Why sing that song? What is the message? Why would anyone allow him to sing that song? I know I'm being over-analytical but it gets the movie started on the wrong foot. What's worse is that creative team behind Peeples think that this song is so funny that it provides the movie's payoff.Peeples is unbearable; a movie hammered together out of spare parts from better comedies and laid out on a foundation borrowed from failed sitcoms. It has the kind of dialogue that sounds weird without a laugh track and a plot that ebbs toward Meet the Parents but doesn't even bother to come up with any jokes or any genuine feeling for any of the characters. It's a shooting gallery, a joke is set up and knocked down. There is no attempt to pull the comedy from human nature.Robinson plays Wade Walker a nice guy from New York with designs on being a child therapist. For some time he's been dating Grace (Kerry Washington), and wants so badly to propose marriage that he walks around with the ring in his pocket 24/7. There's just one little hitch: Grace hasn't told her family that she's dating him. Why? Simple. The plot needs her to keep Wade a secret so all kinds of shenanigans can take place over the course of a weekend. She's headed to Sag Harbor for a Moby Dick celebration (you can guess where that idea is going) but wants him to stay behind.Not to be outdone, Wade crashes the proceedings and hi-jinks ensue. Grace's family is a bizarre mix, and not in the good way. Her mother Daphne (S. Epatha Merkerson) is a former disco diva who overcomes her alcoholism by smoking pot. Her sister (Kali Hawk) is a CNN anchor and closeted lesbian who travels around with her camerawoman/partner Meg (Kimrie Lewis-Davis) but hasn't given the news to the family even though Meg spouts poetry at the dinner table about being intimate with her. Her brother Simon (Tyler James Williams) is a math genius and kleptomaniac with designs on being a thug. Then there's Virgil (David Alan Grier), the family patriarch, a federal judge who is a perfectionist and a lion when it comes to protecting the family - even in places where it isn't needed. He's a bitter old snort who regards Wade like a cockroach.I don't know exactly how to describe the next 90 minutes. It's the kind of disjointed, unfunny series of set-up jokes that would kill a sitcom in the pilot. The jokes are designed to make Wade look like a jerk while we wait for all of the family's secrets to come spilling out of the closet. What is troubling is that the movie has no narrative flow. It feels like just a series of set-ups and put-downs that seem to have been written by different people on different days and then just hammered into the script.There are plot points here that are brought up and have nothing to do with anything. For example, Wade hears that Virgil is going to play at a local jazz club. He goes to the club and finds that Virgil isn't there. He looks for him and finds him headed for a nude beach. The joke, of course, is that Wade is devastated to have seen Virgil's testicles. But the scene goes nowhere. He returns to the house, doesn't tell Grace about it and then it's not brought up again until a vague explanation at the end. There's no comedic payoff and the scene is just left laying there. There are at least ten scenes like this, but no attempt to really deal with anything. The movie shoves the characters through a series of comic sketches but the screenwriters seem too timid or too lazy to deal with these people as people. What's worse is that there is a genuine bad feeling from this cast. No one seems to want to be here. The characters are written as petty and hostile and indifferent to one another. This movie is an unpleasant experience.So, is the movie funny? No. I smiled once, at a line from Robinson about Uncle Ben and Bojangles. Other than that, I mostly regarded this film with blistering indifference. Doing research before the movie, I wasn't surprised to find that Peeples is a Tyler Perry production whom I regard as this century's P.T. Barnum, a talentless charlatan who has turned a lack of talent into a billion dollar enterprise. People flock to his movies presumably to have a good time but what Perry gives them is the same kind of garbage that the audience would turn off if they caught it on television. Thus far, I've seen three films that he's been involved with - Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club, Tyler Perry's Temptation and now Peeples (I don't count Star Trek) - and I find them painfully unwatchable. All three seem to have been written and produced with the kind of grace and ingenuity of that urination song. This movie is aggressively bad.

N H (us) wrote: Easily the best Star Trek Movie of all time.