The Best of Times

The Best of Times

A small-town loser determines to have one more shot at the big time by winning a football game.

Married banker Jack Dundee has lived his life regretting a botched play he made in a high school football game. Thus, Jack determines to have one more shot at the big time by winning a football game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (au) wrote: The history of the Disney juggernaut is sprawling, and documents studying its inner workings and cultural impact are numerous. What makes this film stand-out is not only its honesty and playfulness, but that it beautifully narrows its focus to the studios downfall and eventual Renaissance (thanks mostly to real savior Howard Ashman) in the 80s/90s. Sure, it's more a great DVD special feature than an actual feature film, but anyone interested in the business of show will have more than enough to glom onto.

Brian S (nl) wrote: This slow-moving British "nature's revenge" horror flick is aptly named, considering the unimaginative story and poor quality acting. Four twenty-somethings head into the woods for a weekend camping trip and soon find themselves lost. A mysterious (well, not so mysterious, really) woman shows up, claiming that her boyfriend has vanished. Before long, a couple of the friends have also disappeared. One never comes up from a dive in a lake. Another gets incorporated into a tree.It takes so long for anything to happen, and everything that happens is predictable. Events are telegraphed early on, and the climax of the film relies upon the heroine making a very unlikely choice in her actions that will undoubtedly solicit a groan from any viewer whose IQ is larger than his shoe size. The special effects look rather cheezy, especially when low-budget animatronics are used. The CG isn't much better, though."The Long Weekend" meets "The Evil Dead" with a bit of "Little Shop of Horrors," or maybe "Swamp Thing," thrown into the mix. There appears to be a ham-handed message about environmentalism early on, but even that gets muddled into oblivion by the end. Lots of good things can be made of wood. This flick is not one of them.

Ryan C (fr) wrote: It's a family vacation nightmare that is so similar to the predecessor and offers nothing to adults, but may give the kids a few laughs.

Andrea M (it) wrote: to clich'e not really all that thrilling

James H (gb) wrote: A little better than I was expecting. Good job with a low budget, the special effects are decent. Carol Alt is actually not bad. The plot is hokey though, and cliche ridden. Completely predictable. There are some genuine tense mon=ments though.

Sommer D (jp) wrote: The funniest part of this movie was the 1 and only out-take.... they should have left it in!!!!!All round though, funny as hell and Ron Jeremy was CLASSIC in it!

Myke A (au) wrote: We all know the story about how this film came to being. In my geeky opinion a great film that absorbs you from beginning to end. Will there be a sequel, part of me hopes so and part of me doesn't.

Wut S (mx) wrote: Started with a gritty crime scene in a jewelery store, the film then flashed backward to unravel the impetus of the criminal. This is a film that touches sociological issue in modern Tehran where class inequality leads to segregation between the privileged and the non-privileged, a state which the superiors inflict emotional violence, mortifying susceptible working-class men, turning them toward dementia.


John P (ca) wrote: I have never been to Texas, but I always imagined this is how they would act on a daily basis. By having their students date their teachers and worshiping football, guns, beer, and Jesus all in the same day. We are more than halfway done with Paul Walker's Best of/Worst of movies and I do have to say that this one falls right in the middle. Varsity Blues is your typical run-of-the-mill story about a bunch of teenagers in Texas that must deal with the pressures of adolescence and their football obsessed community while having their hard coach on their back constantly. It is because of this movie it inspired Hollywood to make a few more similar movies like this one, a teen parody film, and a TV show on NBC which no one gave a shit about after season two. When this film came out it generated a lot of fans with high school teens and preteens alike. Probably because this was a production of MTV Films and that was at a time where they promoted the hell out of this while Carson Daly played actual music video during his TRL show. I would have to say that it did fairly well back then with a budget of fourteen million dollars and made fifty-four million globally, which is plenty of profit in MTV's pocket, and put James Van Der Beek higher up on the celebrity pole before he fell downwards into obscurity which everyone quickly forgot about him. So enough of the exposition, let's tackle this movie and tell you what I thought about it.James Van Der Beek does pretty well for his role as the quarterback who steps up after his friend gets injured during the season of the game and maintains being a honorable person when he doesn't cheat on his girlfriend or his best friend's girl. Especially when that girl is a very young and very hot Ali Larter who shows up in that famous whip cream bikini scene, which became one of my first spank banks when I first saw that. However I cannot say the same for her acting skills, or anyone else's for that matter, which fell pretty short at times. That also includes Paul Walker who at least has one important plot where e rises up as the new head coach after Jon Voight starts beating the crap out of his own players. The most standout actor in this is Ron Lester as the generic fat teammate who is both a comedic relief and a sad person after taking one too many hits to the head. There's nothing original or good about the score mostly because all of the music is stock songs from various bands that they placed throughout the movie. There's nothing new or interesting to the football plays in this movie unless, of course, you have never seen a football movie before then it is somewhat interesting. Overall, it is your basic coming of age sports movie that has all the generic standards that you will see in both a sport and teen movie. Which is why I only give this a two and a half stars which makes some things that are good and some things that are not.

Denise H (fr) wrote: Should have been used as a military recruiting movie..."honor", "wave the flag", "kick their ass"...I could almost smell the testosterone. These movies are repellent because too often war is white-washed with overtones of patriotism, rugged individualism, apple pie and glory. This movie showed how a Republican Teddy Roosevelt pushed for war with Spain over the country of Cuba in order to bring the native Cubans "freedom and democracy". Exact replica of a recent Republican President who whipped up the same war frenzy so America would invade Iraq. In 1898, corporations wanted access to Cuba to tap into their sugar and tobacco industries. In 2003, corporations wanted access to Iraq to access her oil fields. Same motive...same method. Always drape war in the flag and people will gladly send their sons (and now daughters) to die with honor. 3 stars because the battles scenes were realistic and complicated but most of the actors were lame and the plot (what there was of it) was choppy. Not a show for peace activists like myself.

jake r (ca) wrote: carnosaur 2 was a very good film with some slight problems so carnosaur 2 is about when one day at a mining facility everyone at the facility was killed so a group of technicians go in to see what the problem was when they find out that everyone was killed, the only survivor was a teenager that was scared to death and when some of the technicians start dieing they start finding out that the cause for the deaths were dinosaurs and my only problems with the movie was 1 the whole movie was a rip-off of aliens and jurassic park 2 the movie was a little bit cheaper than the first carnosaur movie

HoT StReAk BlOnDe (de) wrote: brad pitt was great in this show??

John B (br) wrote: A bitter portrayal by Albert Finney of a man on the road to destruction. It is off the wall and bends reality sufficiently to off put many a viewer.

Brian P (fr) wrote: didnt like this one.........

Per M (br) wrote: Vad ska man sga...bara det faktum att dom 3 RYSKA super soldaterna ser ut som Hitlers syn p den ariska rasen. Blonda, 1.90 lnga och blgda + att dom skall verleva utan problem i Alaskas vildmark i 50r!! se inte detta skit inte ens om ni gillar Dominic!!

Pa A (gb) wrote: Awsome movie!!!~~~~ it made me laugh and cry

JuanKa P (gb) wrote: Michelle Williams es Marilyn Monroe. La actriz va a filmar una pelcula en Inglaterra donde conocer a un joven asistente de director, Collin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) quien quiere hacerse camino en el mundo del cine. En la filmacin de la pelcula 'El prncipe y la corista', la actuacin de Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) se vuelve una presin constante para Marilyn que no llega a los niveles actorales de Olivier, no obstante su carisma de eterna diva la ayudar para salir adelante. Ingenua, caprichosa, bella, desenfadada, desordenada, ' a beautiful mess', Marilyn conjugar todos los elementos para una 'femme fatale' que deja rastros de lo mucho que sufro en su infancia y adolescencia. Marilyn parece haber encontrado el verdadero amor en la figura de Collin Clark. Basada en una historia de la vida real. Con las actuaciones de Judi Dench, Julia Ormond y Emma Watson.