The Best Offer

The Best Offer

Virgil Oldman is a world renowned antiques expert and auctioneer. An eccentric genius, he leads a solitary life, going to extreme lengths to keep his distance from the messiness of human relationships. When appointed by the beautiful but emotionally damaged Claire to oversee the valuation and sale of her family’s priceless art collection, Virgil allows himself to form an attachment to her – and soon he is engulfed by a passion which will rock his bland existence to the core.

in the world of high-end art auctions and antiques. an extremely reclusive heiress who collects fine art and he becomes obsessed with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joy F (ag) wrote: This movie has some of those predictable "scary" scenes, but nothing special. A lot of scenes which are so ridiculous, bad or absurd that it's funny again. I can't take this movie serious. Could have been a lot better, with only small changes, like some conversation parts.

Telia B (kr) wrote: Queen Latifah & Common both did a great job in the movie. I mean it was a great movie.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Horribly slow film that seems to go nowhere and leaves you thinking why did anyone make this.

Sam M (au) wrote: One of the best under the radar movies!

Ian C (ru) wrote: Not a classic by any stretch but it is completely mental and entertaining. It has a kind of 'Natural Born Killers' feel about it and as with most films from this era, it is heavily influenced by Tarantino. Serious set of charlies on Bellucci. Tcheky Karyo is the detective hunting the gang, and in the process is a sick fucking bastard.

Don M (ca) wrote: Great film can't wait for the reboot

Scott K (br) wrote: A truly fascinating set-up, and it is very rewarding. Philip Baker Hall might be slightly miscast (since he looks and sounds too much like himself rather than Nixon), but the work he does is still fantastic, and more than makes up for some of his shortcomings. What we have is probably the most insightful examination of Richard Nixon (and so much more) imaginable.

Antti R (kr) wrote: Sexploitation that plays like a cheap paperback thriller with whole a lot of nudity. Slightly entertaining, although I mainly took pleasure of it only because of Mary Woronov and Ondine's presence.

Russell S (us) wrote: I'm sure it's very good...I've seen it a few times but it still leaves me cold and confused.

Carlos I (au) wrote: Surprisingly effective for a formulaic and cliche gimmick movie. You may say it has terrible acting, but that was kind of the point.

Edwin M (br) wrote: Sean Bean as a pub footy player, boozin, shaggin strippers & baggin debut goals for t'blades! Cheesy classic