The Best Plan Is No Plan

The Best Plan Is No Plan

Television scriptwriter Hung is the boyfriend of TV host Rose , a domineering woman who talks on the phone with somebody else while having sex with him. Sean has a physique that gets him likened to Kung Fu Panda and the Hamburglar, and is generally a loser in the game of love. Then there's Shing, a lothario who attracts more than his fair share of women, but whose heart is set on an unattainable woman with a past in the form of nightclub hostess Miss Poon. The three men meet at the funeral of Wong Chun-chun, a woman all of them have been involved with at different points in her life. Various assorted incidents lead to their becoming friends who can be called upon to help sort out each other's increasingly complex relationship woes.

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Dan T (ru) wrote: The FP In a post apocalyptic future, gangs 248 and 245 are at war with each other. The FP is the town in which this movie takes place. Brothers Jtro and Btro brothers and members of the 248 are competing in a match of "Beat-Beat Revelation" against the 245 led by L Dubba E. Brother Jtro makes quick work of his foe. Btro faces off against LDubba E. "What are you for halloween? A butch? I hope you're ready for this shit cranberry juice! Cause you're about to get fucked bitch!"Btro suffers a Beat-Beat execution, falling to his knees, into his brothers arms in an extremely dramatic scene."Btro get up! Get up man! Remember we live together we die together!"Jtro dies in his arms.Announcer and friend KCDC finishes up the 10 second countdown."187... 187 dawg. Btro got 187'ed."Jtro vows to never play BBR ever again, then the camera pans out as he screams in pain for his tough loss.He takes a lumberjack job and is visited by KCDC a year after the event.Jtro almost refuses to talk to him, wondering off from a hard day at work. "Yo dog, Btro had me promise him, if anything were to happen to him, I'd look out for you. There ain't no way I'm breaking that promise." Says KCDCJtro looks back and agrees to go with him.They go to 248 member BLT's house. KCDC starts to explain what's going on and why Jtro needs to defeat L Dubba E."After Btro got 187ed, the 248 lost its shit. The 245 has taken over. L Dubba E got even more street cred now cause his pops took a dirt nap. Left him Dawn's liquor Mart son. So now no one drinks unless L Dubba E says so. God damn drunks going straight edge right on the streets! Now without drunks, there ain't no Bums! And with no Bums there ain't no motha fuckers to feed the ducks at the park. What's a fucking town with no ducks Jtro? IT'S NOTHIN!"This entire scene cracked my up so much. It's so damn stupid.He agrees to train and prepare for a match against L Dubba E.The movies soundtrack consists basically of girly techno music. Jtro has a bunch of training montages and now has to fight Triple Decka 1K."You ain't gonna waste my fucking time unless you prove you got what it takes to be the fuckin' man!" - L Dubba EHe defeats Triple Decka 1K with ease and now has to defeat L Dubba E.Jtro goes through a few more training montages and is finally ready to 187 L Dubba E.I don't want to spoil the movies ridiculously awesome ending, but you need to see it.The FP is a brilliant satire that is self aware. The movie is so stupid and the characters are dumb as hell. Everyone also speaks in a form of Ebonics calling each other "n**ger" all of the time(there isn't a single black person in the movie mind you). L Dubba E cracks has so many amazing one liners that will have you on the floor laughing. It's a movie that needs to be seen. Most people wouldn't believe a DDR movie would exist, let alone one about ghetto white gangsters who play it as a form of smack talk. The fact that the bad guy L Dubba E ruined the FP by taking alcohol AWAY from people, in turn causing there to be a lack of bums to feed the ducks, is just so awesome. The characters themselves are extremely memorable, even though they are just so damn stupid. The movie has enough of a budget to make hilarious, yet believable sets and ridiculously awesome costumes. Add the cheesy and girly techno music to over serious characters and a serious plot, just makes everything so awesome. You need to see this masterpiece and I know you will enjoy it if you don't take it seriously(obviously).5/5

Khuman Cha L (ru) wrote: amazing movie but not for all. all about streetfighting. not the usual choreographed martial arts movies. the attitudes of the characters are amazing ! and story telling is also fresh and enjoyable. one of my most favourite movies ever. maybe because i can connect with this.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: As others have commented, this really does have the straight-to-dvd feel to it despite the good cast. I had never heard of it, but it was on TV so gave it a go. It moves slowly in the beginning and wasn't too sure about it, but as it moves on, and then with the two twists at the end, I was glad I stuck with it. Can't really say too much and give it away, but it was interesting and I wasn't quite sure which of the two ladies were delusional until the very end.

Lisa R (us) wrote: Michael Jai White... yeah!! that body rocks

Dinar Sinta Augustina D (br) wrote: the ending was tragic as well as touching...

Rob F (de) wrote: Though Dan Curtis had to rush to shave off key scenes in this movie, the finished product is a step-up visually than House of Dark Shadows. David Selby does a fantastic job as Quentin and the story is a nice take off of the old show. Be warned-this movie is for Dark Shadow fans only though. If you are planning on watching this, watch House of Dark Shadows or the tv show first or this movie will probably blow to you

Emanuel R (mx) wrote: A dedicated Russian Scientist dreams of going to Mars. He eventually gets there but it takes the whole film before we are able to have a laugh at the Russian style of Revolution in Mars.

Isadore H (br) wrote: I enjoyed Killing Them Softly a lot more than I thought I would, the low audience score turned me away from this for a while, but I am glad I saw it. The visuals are amazing, and the acting is absolutely superb from the whole cast. It does get a little boring though, and the ending isn't what I hoped for. Watch at your own discretion, if you think you'll hate it, you're probably right

Abby S (fr) wrote: I never new he had such an interesting life