The Big Bad Swim

The Big Bad Swim

An adult swim class sets the stage for this sexually charged comedy-drama about love, loss, and second chances. Three strangers -- inextricably connected through personal heartbreak -- find themselves entering deep water as they learn that life isn't always about diving right in -- it's about getting your feet wet once in awhile.

A group of Connecticut locals enroll in an adult-education beginner's swim class. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat J (br) wrote: Refreshing movie-Simply powerful. Loved it!

Paul L (kr) wrote: Just GREAT!! A very interesting way to deal with a serious matter...

James G (fr) wrote: They already made this movie and made it better, it was called Single White Female. I really can't say much about this other than, AVOID THIS TRASH.

Michael L (mx) wrote: Sublime and terrific! THE FUTURE is devastatingly sad and honest. A huge leap forward from July's first film, THE FUTURE, represents a novel filmmaker depicting modern life in all its richness, sweetness, childishness, banality, and sadness. Don't be fooled by July's quirky sensibility, she is a real artist with a strong point of view that is ultimately quite profound.

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Kevin R (jp) wrote: All is fair in tug-of-war...Cruella Deville was last seen being taking to a psychological ward for examination. Three years later her doctor declares her cured and she is released under parole as long as she promises not to steal any more dogs. She looks for new devious ways to accomplish her original mission."My client...""Is cured!"Kevin Lima, director of A Goofie Movie, Tarzan, and Enchanted, delivers 102 Dalmatians. The storyline for this picture is terrible and a poor attempt at making a sequel to this classic story. The special effects were also cheesy as was the script and acting. The cast includes Glenn Close, Alice Evans, Gerard Depardieu, and Ioan Gruffudd."Last time I underestimated a puppy I ended up in the pokey."I came across this on cable and DVR'd it to watch with my daughter. We watched it together and it was pretty dreadful. I recommend skipping this and wouldn't even recommend watching this to kill time. "You may now kick the bride."Grade: D

Ben R (jp) wrote: This was a good story, but it didn't seem to translate well to film. I liked John Goodman and Alan Arkin in the film.

Jens S (br) wrote: Mixing a classic Japanese tale with fantasy element this action flick suffers less from the undecided tone but from underdeveloped characters. Some easily could have become quite interesting with just a few more brush strokes here or there. As for the effects, the beast-like CGI creatures look great, especially the one in the opening sequence. The man-like ones on the other hand are horrible and take you right out of the experience. While the showdown starts out fun, it's a little short and culminates in an infuriatingly stupid film ending. You gotta admire the film's attempt to respect Japanese traditions, but the message is ultimately a dull one. Overall an entertaining, but shallow and ultimately pointless experience.

Marielle J (fr) wrote: No one has rated this because everyone who saw it promptly repressed it. I only wish I could have done the same.

Ian W (us) wrote: An inspirational story of what you can achieve if you are determined enough and work hard. The usual rags to riches and then conquer the Olympics is nothing new but it does tackle stronger issues based on racial and class prejudice.

Dathan R (nl) wrote: so bad that its good.

Eric R (it) wrote: A cool ghost/vampire flick by Antonio Margheriti. I know him more for his Giallo films but this film definetly featured some creepy stuff given the time it was released. It really is a great story idea and Barbara Steele gives maybe her best performance. Worth a watch if you like the old gothic vampire flicks. Oh, and is it me or does Georges Riviere look a lot like Burt Lancaster in this film...

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