The Big Chill

The Big Chill

Kevin Kline and Glenn Close star as Harold and Sarah Cooper, a couple whose marital troubles are put on hold while they host an unhappy reunion of former college pals gathered for the funeral of one of their own, a suicide victim named Alex. As the weekend unfolds, the friends catch up with each other, play the music of their youth, reminisce, smoke marijuana, and pair off with each other.

A once close-knit gang of friends meets for a weekend after the funeral of their much-envied friend, who committed suicide. During the weekend that follows, these friends compare their 60's ideas with the harsh reality of their lives in the 80's, and discover that in a cold world, you need your friends to keep you warm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wade H (kr) wrote: A mediocre horror film with a few scares and a jagged plot. So many flaws and mistakes even for horror standards. But most of the effects and directing is good.

Natasha A (br) wrote: Really good film makes you think.

Jack G (de) wrote: some classy sci-fi direction, Mathilda Mays constant nudity, a thrilling and dark Henry Mancini score, and some bizarre and fun writing from Dan OBannon (and some boring exposition from the other writer). if only the acting, aside from Patrick Stewart, wasn't so bad- who is this lead actor guy, why hadn't I seen him aside from this, oh, right, he sucks- then it could be possibly wonderful instead of curious cult object. but it was better than I expected, a B movie in the proudest sense of the word.

Doug Z (jp) wrote: Oh God.. Why did I rewatch this after all these years? Scarred for life AGAIN! :(

Marcus W (it) wrote: This isn't as downright mental as Fear and Loathing, but it's still a decent portrayal of the original "gonzo" journalist - played beautifully here by Murray - Hunter S. Thompson. And don't waste your time looking for a plot...

Guillermo C (mx) wrote: Una muestra de ingenio y creatividad.

Jesse R (de) wrote: This was a pretty decent film featuring Ray Milland as Dr. James Xavier who does experiments in trying to help people see further than what they already can. After several failed attempts he uses his technology on himself and gives himself the ability to have X-ray eyes, which sounds awesome, but makes the doctor go crazy since he no longer can see correctly. This film has a Sci Fi/horror fix to it and is pretty good.

Franky M (mx) wrote: story of women obessions of youth and beauty. not exactly hammer house did as the vampire movie. but i guess it's about the idea of need of blood. a nice one still, entertaining.

Omar Q (us) wrote: sucks balls, do not watch.

Harry W (es) wrote: Almost zany in its attempt to deliver a castaway story on Mars, its meandering tone and pace are refreshing in such a serious, heady genre and is probably the happiest film about space (are there really any happy films about space?), particularly being lost in space. The cheesy disco soundtrack helps fuel this slightly lighthearted feeling throughout and is also bolstered by the cameo of Kristen Wiig, mostly known for her dry and darkly comic roles and proves once again that she can lighten up the bleakest of films. The Martian is not a comedy, but nor is it a thriller. It's a genuinely brilliant story, however. Matt Damon's brilliant performance grounds the film throughout and is constant, committed and extremely well executed. Damon doesn't seem to take the role too seriously and this is a good thing, however is performance is undeniably believable. Jessica Chastain is also a perfect compliment to Damon's presence, providing a cosmic yin yang chemistry. Ridley uses his dreamily effervescent and textured perspective to deliver a film that is great, if a tad overlong in places. Definitely worth a watch.