The Big Cube

The Big Cube

A young woman and her drug addict boyfriend plot to drive the woman's stepmother insane with LSD in a plot to secure an inheritance.

A former actress clashes with her wealthy and spoiled stepdaughter over their inheritance after the death of their protector. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Big Cube torrent reviews

Elain C (ca) wrote: I didn't even finish watching it because it was so bad. The special effects were horrible. Help! A face is melting off. Literally melting off. It looks like clay! The acting was bad but I'm not sure if it's the fact that I had to watch it in subtitles and the subtitles made the actors feel so awkward? The main character was just a maniac, and his so called fear of the dark was not believable but rather funny.

Andy L (ag) wrote: 75 points for this CNY 2011 movie

Michael D (gb) wrote: I did not get into this movie. I lie things that are a little crazy, but I had trouble getting into this one. The second act went off the rails for me.

Magie S (ca) wrote: I don't know how this got on this list. Please remove Flixter!

James R (gb) wrote: One of the early films from Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.This was made when they were a married couple.