The Big Easy

The Big Easy

Remy McSwain is a New Orleans police lieutenant who investigates the murder of a local mobster. His investigation leads him to suspect that fellow members of the police force may be involved.

Set in New Orleans, the movie depicts the relationship of a young police lieutenant whose investigation of a gangland murder lands him in trouble with an uncompromising beautiful attorney. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gianfranco M (es) wrote: Divertente. Delirante. Tarantiniano.

Manda poo (mx) wrote: i love this movie even though she goes through hell she gets out of it and keeps her kids in line i fell sorry that frank and her cant be togeter they made a cute coule its to bad that he died

Angela E (nl) wrote: Great acting, interesting undertones. "Akeelah and the Bee" was better, perhaps.

Jack P (es) wrote: a great british comedy with a crew full of familiar faces, remake from the american classic in a british setting. Funny, impressive and damn right entertaining.

Waleed A (jp) wrote: YEAH BABY YEAH! One of the funniest movies ever. So many parts made me die laughing. Austin Powers and Dr. Evil are two of the funniest characters ever (about 4 viewings)

Gaspar O (br) wrote: I had to watch this again after Hot Rod passed. It's just fantastic, maybe even better now. The brawl with Roddy and Keith is still, in my opinion, one of the greatest fight scenes ever filmed. RIP Roderick!

Joe S (br) wrote: These 3 are no Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy, Walter Matthau or Jack Lemmon Hell they are not even Adolphe Menjou or Pat O'Brien and Ted Kotcheff is no Howard Hawks or Billy Wilder. Ned Beatty is probably the only saving grace in this movie.

Poul F (ca) wrote: Its long and all over the place but it works. James Woods gives a good performance as a photojournalist who has many vices.

Vincent P (ag) wrote: Just a fun disaster movie. Having said that you've probably gotta like disaster movies to like this.

Anders A (jp) wrote: Both Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro playing setting real momentum behind their career as actors. Enbarking into the Italian small-time mafia, Scorsese manages to captures us into their lives of problems and culture. Robert De Niro really loses it and practically giving a fuck, causing a life of hell for everyone around him.

Eduardo C (kr) wrote: A team of Russian soldiers survey uncharted wilderness and encounter a magical mountain man who knows everything about the wild woods and nature but nothing about living in civilization. There is a scene in which he is gently mocked for speaking to everyone he knows as if nature was alive. Dersu speaks to the sun, the moon, fire and water , and especially animals as if they were people. Kurosawa's elegy to the lost spirituality of the world, the lost, downtrodden cultures of ancient times that had true awareness and purity, but was negated and trampled by the rapaciousness and brutality of modern civilization. The cinematography is downright gorgeous.

Dan H (ag) wrote: "You can't run away from trouble, ain't no place that far."Needless to say, the animated segments are mighty satisfactual (Something tells me they would look gorgeous if cleaned up properly on blu-ray)....if only the majority of the film (the live-action parts) were too. The main plot involving a young boy finding escape in fantastical yarns woven by a kind old slave is actually pretty mediocre by Disney's standards, and almost all the human actors don't act well at all (with the exception of James Baskett, of course).The big controversy surrounding this film and Disney's decision to ban it has been a source of discussion for decades. Unfortunately, the film is indeed rascist, almost insultingly so at times (Just keep reminding yourself that this is a heavily fantasized version of the old south, it was never meant to be true to real life). Luckily, James Baskett makes it all watchable and even highly enjoyable with his unforgettable performance as Uncle Remus. In his hands, Remus becomes a true classic character. While the live-action parts are dull and sub-par, the lively animated portions, Brer Rabbit, Uncle Remus, and those classic tunes make this hard to find classic worth at least one watch. It's the truth, it's actual, everything is satisfactual. It's a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day!

The Movie G (kr) wrote: Hilarious and stupid at the same time and VERY raunchy. The Wayne's brothers are good with their movies.