The Big Green

The Big Green

In a depressed Texas town, British foreign exchange teacher Anna attempts to inject some life into her hopeless kids by introducing them to soccer. They're terrible at first, but Anna and her football-hero assistant whip them into shape. As they work overtime, the pair help kids build their self-esteem and also get involved in solving family squabbles.

Fresh from England on a foreign exchange program, teacher Miss Anna arrives in a small Texas town where the local students don't have much to be happy about. She immediately knows she must do something to somehow make them feel better about themselves and so decides to enroll them into a soccer league. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick L (nl) wrote: It was original. It tells us what it take to get rid of hate and pain but at what cost.Over all it was a good movie with a deep story meaning to it

Wendy A (it) wrote: I enjoyed the movie more than most because I'm from Lexington and can relate to the Thoroughbred industry. I can see how viewers without knowledge and familiarity of the region and traditions would get lost in the story line.

Andrew S (de) wrote: 1st one was very good. the 2nd had good animaiton VERY POOR STORYLINE/CHARACTERS. 3rd i didnt like hte animation so i stopped before getting into it 4minutes worth.

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Ryan V (de) wrote: Deviates too much from the book. More than most adaptations of books. But the presence of Astaire, Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas, and Houseman make this enjoyable, regardless. It would have been great to be a fly on the wall around those guys, in between filming scenes. Craig Wasson, at the height of his career, does a more than respectable job as the youngster of their crew. The movie is worth a look. Check out the book, though. It's not as quickly thought of as it should be today, and it's one of the all time great horror novels.

daren y (us) wrote: this is a good movie too

Janey P (mx) wrote: Wow!!! So many things to love about this movie--O.J. as a priest, the terrorist plot, the poor Holocaust survivor that has flashbacks, the retro clothes & hairstyles and Martin Sheen as a young playboy. Definitely a must see!!!

Shajie K (us) wrote: 22/10/13PC is just buff. Movie in terms of story line is nothing new and recently just watched to many with a similar story line. Sanjay dutt ofcourse was buff too. Movie was a bit slow at times too

Nikolai E (mx) wrote: Even if it amounts to a scant hour and change, it's amazing how much material Sturges squeezes out of one simple plot idea without introducing sub-plots or other distractions. Sturges again reveals himself as Capra's evil twin with a story that's idealistic but laced with bitter irony. The strong, confident writing is the main showpiece here, with barely any camera artistry or editing to distract from it.