The Big Hit

The Big Hit

Affable hit man Melvin Smiley is constantly being scammed by his cutthroat colleagues in the life-ending business. So, when he and his fellow assassins kidnap the daughter of an electronics mogul, it's naturally Melvin who takes the fall when their prime score turns sour. That's because the girl is the goddaughter of the gang's ruthless crime boss. But, even while dodging bullets, Melvin has to keep his real job secret from his unsuspecting fiancée, Pam.

Because of wanting to have extra cash, four men decide to kidnap their boss's daughter. Suddenly, one of them falls in love with the victim and they must undergo terrible challenges. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (mx) wrote: This comes out to me as a simple theme TV movie. People with rather boring lives have some issues they have a hard time resolving. The mother is about to pass to the other side and chooses her time rather early, I found. Most people would spend fortunes to stay alive a few months. Well done though since I felt like a voyeur the whole time.

Charlie P (kr) wrote: The invincible Windies ...a must watch documentry for every cricket fan


Jay A (kr) wrote: i'm definitely getting quite the man crush on bujalski's work. This is the third film i've seen by him and once again thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel R (ru) wrote: Excellent visuals, acting and funny with a lot of action

Mohamed E (ca) wrote: ???! ???? ?? ????? ?????

Kevin S (us) wrote: Suspense. Drags a bit in the middle and you have to look past the Mexicans with British accents, but makes up for it with an amazing setup and an ending that really pays off. Steiger is brilliant.

Isaiah J (de) wrote: Thought this movie was very funny had alot funny references and scenes of action aswell