The Big House

The Big House

Convicted of manslaughter for a drunken driving accident, Kent (Robert Montgomery) is sent to prison. Here he meets vicious incarcerated figures who are planning an escape from the brutal conditions. What the inmates believe to be a seamless plan turns into an all out massacre in this hard nosed crime drama.

A convict falls in love with his new cellmate's sister, only to become embroiled in a planned break-out which is certain to have lethal consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seyyed Yashar Y (ca) wrote: ???? ??????? ???? ? ????????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?????. ?????? ???? ? ??? ???? ??. ???? ???. ????!?

James W (it) wrote: A yawn inducing so called thriller that never thrills. The Roommate benefits from gorgeous and talented actresses such as Minka Kelly, Aly Michalka and Leighton Meester who will obviously give the film an appealing look, but their performances aren't enough to make this movie go anywhere, they are certainly not at their best here. Not one actor pulls through this mediocre mess, and Cam Gigandet gives his career worst as well as Billy Zane who is just strange in this. There are zero thrills or scary moments, the only thing that's remotely scary about this is the script and characters which are dull and thinly developed. The most annoying aspect of this film is the soundtrack, an endless rock guitar riff that plays over character dialogue and in unnecessary scenes. The ending lacked suspense, when it should be gripping considering it is the finale, but nothing happens and then the whole thing ends. One of the worst films of 2011, if you want to see a fun, thrilling, sexy and scary thriller set in a college with hot actresses watch Sorority Row.

Jenny S (au) wrote: didnt finish watching it .... T.T

diego d (nl) wrote: When Tinker Bell is born (by the first laugh of a baby) she enters the magical world of fairies where each fairy has a talent. Tinker Bell becomes a tinker (also called Pots and Pans fairy), she learns that all fairies go to the Mainland to prepare the coming of the seasons - all fairies except Tinkers! So Tink tries to be something else to get what she wants, but that is never the answer! Eventually her efforts gets her, and the coming of Spring, in danger. I truly loved this movie. The lesson it teaches children is really amazing, and I was highly impressed that this was a direct-to-video film as well. I was so used to the DTV trash Disney used to put out, that I wasn't prepared for Tinker Bell. It's solidly scripted--a rarity in Disney DTV films. My only qualm would be that the character of Tinker Bell was toned down compared to how she is in Peter Pan, but perhaps the sequels will make her feisty side come out more. The animation is unexpected for a film like this. Sure, it's not Pixar and official Walt Disney Animation Studios level animation, but it was still exceptional. The world of fairies just comes alive on the screen with the gorgeous pixie dust, the gorgeous trees and water, and a festival of colors to entice children and adults alike. Children will fall in love with this new world, and the wonderful characters in it. This may not be our old Tinker Bell, but it's a sanitized, more appropriate Tink for children, and there's really no harm in that. It's rather ironic though, since this film teaches us that we should be true to who we are, but, as I said, no harm is done. Let's hope Tinker Bell is the beginning of many more fairy adventures to come.

Wes S (jp) wrote: Mostly a rehash of the first film with a new mcguffin. The characters are pretty stale, and there isn't a ton of memorable snake action. The CGI isn't too great, and a step down of practical effects compared to the last film. Forgettable.


Colton B (ru) wrote: "Me and my gang learned we can have anything in this world just by takin' it...SO YOU, THE TWO STOOGES AND UR LITTLE GEEK GIRLFRIEND BETTER JUST STAY OUTTA MY WAY." - Pete (with bandana)????????????????

Paul D (gb) wrote: While I will admit there is the odd offering of entertainment in this, overall it's just laughably bad. If any of this were to happen in real life things would have gone in a completely different way! I guess that is why you can only see stuff like this in the movies. Too bad it was not better.

David H (es) wrote: you can call me father you can call me jacob you can call me jake you can call me a dirty son of a bitch but if you call me daddy again ill finish this fight

Zach M (ag) wrote: This was a slow interesting movie about an American skier played by Robert Redford, who's really cocky. We follow him from the beginning of him starting with the American ski team coached by Gene Hackman, to the Olympics.The ending is of course very predictable but it was a fun journey there with some good skiing scenes and locales.

Devon W (au) wrote: First half of the movie was horridly boring and un-engaging. The last half, while ripe with creepy-ass imagery, suffered from many the same afflictions as the first block. Also, constantly abusing sci-fi sound effects, wolf howls and cat meows is NOT scary. Christ that shit was super annoying, it was there in spades anytime something even remotely odd was about to (or while, or even afterwords) happen on screen ruining any and all tension the movie was trying to build. What a waste.Given it's a Thai film I figured I owed it a watch to see what the horror genre is like over there. Needs work. :/

Heather A (es) wrote: This sounds exactly like The King and I. How is it not?

Raai W (us) wrote: I honestly adore this movie. Very few horror movies have me jumping and squirming in my seat. It is very slow to start, but once it does, it is unforgiving.

John Eric D (ag) wrote: this is a "bourne like" chase crime film that gives you the adrenaline rush while watching. With a very interesting plot about police corruption, the intensity remains still that gives this movie a top notch class on its own.

N M (ca) wrote: The plot may be too convoluted to really follow, but the performances are all entertaining, especially Jay Baruchel and Mike Wilmot and it's fun to see B city locations used in fun ways for this "international" caper movie. Lots of funny moments and no gross out scenes.