The Big Night

The Big Night

A film noir treatise about the coming of age of a young man is beautifully realized by the great Joseph Losey. John Drew Barrymore zigzags through the sordid vortex of downtown Los Angeles while seeking vengeance on the man who beat his Father. This superbly crafted “trial by fire” tale with memorable dialogue and shaded photography co-stars Preston Foster, Joan Lorring, Harold St. John and Dorothy Comingore

A teenager comes of age while seeking revenge on the man who beat up his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thom H M (it) wrote: What a great movie. I'm surprised it took me so long to see it. Very charming and funny, in a cool, offbeat way.

Tim S (gb) wrote: A serviceable action thriller.

Greg W (es) wrote: good period piece/actioner

Josh W (jp) wrote: Normally any indie flick starring Paul Giamatti is guaranteed to rule, and I love metaphysical stuff like Charlie Kaufman's Adaptation, but in this case, ehhhh.... it just fell flat. It was an intriguing concept, but it remained ambiguous throughout the film as to what their definition of "soul" is. Having myself studied metaphysical philosophy in college, I believe most people would assume a body without a soul is a corpse, or that transferring a soul from one body to another would also transfer a person's consciousness. Not this film, which obnoxiously avoids explaining what aspect of the psyche they are terming the "soul," leaving you frustratedly awaiting further elucidation which never comes. Best guess for their definition of soul is our emotional disposition. Well, I got tired of trying to figure this movie out and wound up going down on my girlfriend two-thirds into it to introduce some excitement to our evening. The movie was shut off shortly after.

Brian P (ru) wrote: This movie is epic ! If this urban myths were acted out , how would u die !

Nadia C (br) wrote: I enjoyed the movie. Vivian is such a sweet girl full of insecurities. But I felt that it didn't have a proper closure in the end. I mean, Rita seemed to care of Vivian. Nonetheless she left her alone, without a female figure to guide her.

Long L (ru) wrote: Plot: Serial killer gets zapped into a computer mainframe and continues his murderous mission. This could have been made good... somehow. Don't ask me how, I just know it could have been better. I can understand ruining peoples lives through a computer, but killing them in the manner that was used in this movie made no sense. And the special effects relied on having the camera follow wires to various appliances. 95 minutes of wasted time.

Nonya B (ca) wrote: One of the classic badass movies-gangs,killings, prison, and drugs what else do you need.

Kyle M (kr) wrote: Good movie it's a must see!.

Cha t (gb) wrote: Belushi is great in the WHAT? LOVE STORY? Yes. Bittersweet as it was released around th etime of his tragic overdose death.

David S (mx) wrote: I never thought that I would be able to sit through an almost three hour silent movie, but I did and I loved it. The first half of the movie has lots of intrigue over stolen plans for the flight. When we get the the actual flight, we have an actual countdown to blastoff. The special effects are good for its time. I recommend this movie.

Grant T (nl) wrote: A good start but a pitiful finish leads doomsday to be another forgettable virus flick. The villains were pretty creepy though