The Big One

The Big One

The Big One is an investigative documentary from director Michael Moore who goes around the country asking why big American corporations produce their product abroad where labor is cheaper while so many Americans are unemployed, losing their jobs, and would happily be hired by such companies as Nike.

On his book tour, Michael Moore exposes more wrongdoing by greedy big businesses and callous politicians around America. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Big One torrent reviews

Emmitt J (us) wrote: Pretty good but I wish the producers switching voices.

Mikey M (gb) wrote: Relatively engaging sequel, that suffers mainly from a poor performance from the lead kid and its lack of necessity. Some interesting cross-cultural issues are addressed, but they feel dated in the face of the retrospective setting.

Tyler B (fr) wrote: My favorite scary movie

Ewa T (mx) wrote: ?adne, mona obejrze?. Fabu?a bez szale?stw (zw?aszcza jeden z w?tkw - do wyrzucenia), ale wykonanie ?wietne. Plus par? polskich przekle?stw.

jim t (us) wrote: kinda like it....cute

Private U (ag) wrote: The beauty of Rohmer is apparently all in the dialogue. Since I don't speak the language and was completely dependent on subtitles, the film went right over my head. Ennui indeed.

Loni P (ag) wrote: it was pretty interesting

Joseph J (au) wrote: Just a good low budget horror film. The acting is questionable and the effects don't live up to today's standards. But this isnt a film you should take seriously though. Its just a fun ride of a horror film with some interesting ideas.

Dean M (br) wrote: This story goes for Tommy Lee (played by Phillip Rhee) only as I was disappointed without his good friend, Alex Grady in this third film. Rhee, who also made his debut directional, goes it alone to face off against a band of white supremacists who hold the town in a grip of terror. The acting and direction are seriously questionable but this film is obviously about fight scenes and they are entertaining enough, from the moment we see Gina Gershon's house is full of glass tables, flimsy bookcases and china filled cabinets we know we are in for a treat.

Shelby B (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies. those who do not appreciate bull riding will not like this movie. But all in all a fantastic movie!

Jim S (au) wrote: Silly low budget horror flick that tries to play it funny but just comes across as absurd and corny. A young Jennifer Aniston stars here and I guess it goes to show that everyone has to get their start somewhere.

J J (mx) wrote: I love Madonna. This movie is raunchy. lol

Giovanni M (ag) wrote: Surprisingly dark humor and a hilarious Meryl Streep performance distracts from the heavy reliance on CGI.

Alex K (es) wrote: My Favorite Action Film Is 1988's Die Hard.