The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Hollywood beckons for recent film school grad Nick Chapman, who is out to capitalize on the momentum from his national award-winning student film. Studio executive Allen Habel seduces Nick with a dream deal to make his first feature, but once production gets rolling, corporate reality begins to intervene: Nick is unable to control a series of compromises to his high-minded vision, and it's all he can do to maintain his integrity in the midst of filmmaking chaos.

Hollywood beckons for recent film school grad Nick Chapman (Kevin Bacon), who is out to capitalize on the momentum from his national award-winning student film. Nick thought his career was made after the award, but discovers Hollywood isn't as easy as it seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wu C (br) wrote: One of if not the best rock doc I've ever seen. You can't help but to root for the Anvil guys. Nice to know they are still rocking after all these years.

Philip E (br) wrote: Fun movie a movie ment for action and not for story and acting and that is why this is a decent movie

Andreia C (de) wrote: A disturbing movie, with facts I actually believe to be true and frightning. Don't read the description of the movie and don't see the trailer if you don't want to be spoiled.

Melanieann D (ru) wrote: Extremely crude and offensive in so many ways! Prostitution, murder, hooker transvestites, drugs, rape, making fun of the disabled, adulterous lesbianism, dirty money and since WHEN is pedophilia FUNNY??? The mind boggles. Who would write something like this and, more importantly, who would greenlight it? It is the most mysoginistic movie, in the world, ever! The script is dire, the acting uniformly awful. Ron Livingston, Rob Schneider and Missy Pyle are truly terrible. Jennifer Esposito? Michael Clarke Duncan? What WERE you thinking?? If you have any taste in movies, stay AWAY.

Jessica M (kr) wrote: I think I'm going to have to watch this a few more times to really understand all of what is going on, which could be a problem because parts of the movie are extremely uncomfortable to watch. But in a good filmmaking sort of way. Still, it was a powerful and visually pleasing movie and I especially liked the timelapse scene at the end.

Miles S (au) wrote: well on top form. the conversations between him and the handyman are classic. believable too.

Matt M (it) wrote: Three brothers turn to professional wrestling to take them away from New York's Hell's Kitchen. Fresh from the success of Rocky, Stallone sat on the director's seat for the very first time in this drama that takes a lot of the same elements of that film, but also shows a lot of the weaknesses of his cinema; a weak screenplay and the same old forced happy ending.

Ilsa L (jp) wrote: This epic tale of love and loss set in the Parisian theatrical world of the 1840s is beautifully told, filmed and directed by Marcel Carne. Highly recommended!

Vance M (jp) wrote: This month's movie review for September 2015 is Boyz N The Hood. This was a good movie. It reminds a lot of like Straight Outta Compton that came out recently. One my good friends and favorite rapper Ice Cube is in this movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Morris Chestnut. I love Cuba Gooding Jr. Movies. I seen almost all of his movies. The same with Ice Cube I seen nearly all of his movie. One of my favorite Ice Cube movies is XXX 2 State Of The Union. This is my favorite Cuba Gooding Jr. movie. I give this movie two thumbs up. 5 stars

Jose P (it) wrote: Movie was great! A true thriller

Keith B (gb) wrote: One of the worst films I've ever seen

Antonio F (it) wrote: You know though, there are some good performances here.