The Big Red One: The Reconstruction

The Big Red One: The Reconstruction


  • Category:War
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Samuel Fuller
  • Writer:N/A

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The Big Red One: The Reconstruction torrent reviews

Sashika P (ag) wrote: Very dull and common story. Was very slow in building up and nothings happens much until the very last few minutes.

Nicole W (mx) wrote: I became addicted to this show not even a week ago. Took one episode and was hooked. <3<3

Edith N (it) wrote: The box for this movie declares that, if you're already worried about the efficacy and reliability (okay, it doesn't use those words) of voting machines, this will scare you. Which, yeah, true. But is bragging on the box that it's preaching to the choir really going to draw that many people in? Isn't it equally valid to say, "This movie provides valuable information that you should know about before you make up your mind"? How about trying to convince those who don't already agree with you? Isn't that a valuable thing to do in such an important argument? It seems to be what the film is actually trying to do, and I think it makes some pretty persuasive arguments, more on which anon. I think it's valuable watching for anyone who thinks the will of the electorate is important, which ought to be everybody. It isn't, of course. There is a growing trend in the US toward electronic voting machines. The question this movie raises is how reliable those machines are. Now, I've never trusted them on principle; I like the actual paper ballot that leaves an actual paper trail. However, it turns out that my instincts about them are correct. Whether it's faulty design, faulty software, or outright hacking, it seems that the machines have this pesky tendency of recording votes for one candidate as being for another one. Indeed, there have been incidences of [i]negative[/i] tallies. The film shows how easy it is to hack the system and that most of the documentation that would show the accuracy of the machine is actually thrown out, literally, in some locations. Of course, Diebold, which makes the machines, claims that the film is full of faulty information and that one of the hacks actually demonstrated in the movie is "a complete sham." However, scientists at UC Berkeley, in a report conducted for the California Secretary of State, showed that the hack can, in fact, be done without much difficulty. It is at bare minimum worrisome. Showing that it can be done is not, as I have stated repeatedly in other places, evidence that it has been done. This is true. However, since the company refuses to acknowledge that the problem exists, it seems logical to assume that they're not really putting out any effort to fix it. At bare minimum, it's disingenuous of them. At bare minimum, they do not have a full awareness of their own product. Even if we're only looking at the bare minimum, that should be enough to prevent trust of the system. Investigators Bev Harris and Kathleen Wynne obviously encounter much resistance in their search. They have papers which allow them to search election results in Volusia County, Florida. Elections officials try to prevent them from performing their search, and the women find the paper strips which document the machine's results in the trash the day after the election. (Ordinances require that the strips be kept for a minimum of 22 months.) They are told that the strips they find are blank, but of course they are not. And it's not just in Volusia County, either; they find irregularities with the systems in other places around the US. Their "dumpster diving" outside certification sites brings up alarming information. I'm certainly not trying to say that there are no flaws in the system of paper ballots. Ye Gods, I remember the 2000 election--though apparently, some of the problems there came from voting machines that were recording negative tallies for Al Gore, so tehre's that. However, the electronic system seems to me to be almost fatally flawed. It's too easy to alter the software. The machines have to be treated properly in order to work, and if enough machines go down in certain places, that can effectively disenfranchise entire precincts. True, there have been incidents of not having enough paper ballots, but it doesn't take a trained technician to fix that problem--and you don't have to worry about how much you trust that technician.

Ryan A (nl) wrote: What I got to say about "Jack Reacher" is that it's a good crime thriller movie. "It's a thrilling and intelligent film." The performances by the cast is good. "Tom Cruise is a total badass! - Mr. Cruise gives a smoothly charismatic performance as the leading character. AND Rosamund Pike is great." Christopher McQuarrie's directing and screenplay is well directed and written very well. The cinematography is good. The choreography in this film is a totally a knockout with one big punch. - "Very impressive!" The score is good. Finally, the effects are good as well. "I have to report that "Jack Reacher" is a hell of a movie that see to be seen if you haven't already."

Lovable M (ca) wrote: Kind of cliche and unimpressive.

Gabriel L (nl) wrote: Special movie! Looks a little too much like Saw, but with a bad ending.

Branden W (ag) wrote: Said to be Lucio Fulci's best film, The Beyond is a classic blood-gushing occult-horror film set in an elderly Louisiana plantation compact with supernatural gateways linking the dead with the living. The best part about this film is its mention of the Book of Eibon (Liber Ivonis), a scarce occult volume taken from the dream worlds of Lovecraft. Definitely worth a watch, even if just for the blood-curdling death scenes...

shai l (jp) wrote: Ahahaha... illogical irrational and extremely Rajnikanth-ish. You gotta love the guy. Nobody can twirl a cigarette like he does... You have to watch Padaiyappa just to be able to have something in common with every single middle class malaysians...

Drago C (mx) wrote: A fabulous early 90s schlocktastic masterpiece infused with the essence of 80s-90s fearmongering about violence and inner city kids, Class of 1999 has a star studded cast (Pam Grier, Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Keach) and an appetite for destruction. Directed by quintessential action director Mark L. Lester (Commando, Firestarter, the oft overlooked Class of 1984) this movie is a blast. Android teachers who are (of course) re-purposed military bots, highschool warzones, cheap one-liners and the whitest inner city gangs this side of West Side Story make this terrible little diamond a laugh out loud must see.

Douglas C (ru) wrote: probly only good ScFi Vamp flick up untill then...

Adam R (fr) wrote: An inspirational patriotic tale for every Son of Liberty. (First viewing - Summer 2009)

Brian G (br) wrote: 1. Opinion: I liked/disliked the film Freedom Writers because ... The thing I liked/disliked most about this film was ...What i like was that Ms.G tried to understand the students' problems and tried to get them to become cool with each other and show respect to one another 2. Summary: This movie is about ... A teacher, Ms. Gruwell, who wanted to teach. She ends up with a bunch of street bangers who give her hell everyday, until one day she had to put a stop to all of the nonsense. She did it by getting them to work with each other, and be her trying to understand their issues.3. Acting: The main actors/actresses in Freedom Writers were Hillary Swank, the main female character who played Mrs. Gruwell, Patrick Dempsey, Mrs. Gruwell's husband, and April Lee Hernandez, who played Eva Benitez. 4. Cinematography: The story of Freedom Writers was successfully portrayed because the camera shots were very well done. An example of this can be seen when the camera zooms in on the students when they are talking. Also, the camera shots were good when they show students being chased in running scenes. 5. Music: I would describe the music as cool, smooth, and the right type of music for each and every scenes. I would say this because the majority of this movie is about how gangs suffer the same pain as we do, and they become bad because they want people to understand their pain and suffering. Overall, the music was effective because it shows the mood of each scene and shows the person who is watching the emotion.

Richard S (mx) wrote: The best Star Trek movie.

The Movie G (kr) wrote: Junk, and EXTREMELY raunchy.

Maurcio V (ag) wrote: Superficialmente, HISTRIAS CRUZADAS at parece ser uma obra eficiente como ferramenta anti-preconceito. Aos crebros mais crticos, entretanto, o filme deve soar maniquesta e contraditrio, sendo parte do elenco e a direo de arte as suas nicas qualidades.