The Big Sky

The Big Sky

Kirk Douglas stars as the determined leader of a band of Tennessee fur trappers who set out to explore the uncharted Missouri river in 1830 and find them selves battling American Indians.

Jim Deakins is a frontiersman and Indian trader who is making a perilous journey with a group of other men up the Missouri River to get a large haul of furs from friendly Blackfoot Indians.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett J (ca) wrote: confusing at times, but overall pretty good

Jay R (br) wrote: Robotic acting, non-surprising plot-twists. Script probably looked amazing when Pacino signed on, but by the end of it you could sense his heart wasn't in it. I had always enjoyed the works of Sobieski, but she was simply irritating in this. She does not play a bad person well. Even the might of Pacino could not save this.

Memo P (ca) wrote: Excelente trabajo! Uno de mis favoritos la exploracin de distintos mbitos humanos (amor, religin, poder ...) ligados por culturas distintas y por musica de diferentes lugares del planeta

Morpheus O (mx) wrote: A highly underrated film about love and family. Being Irish myself & interested in my own genealogy this is perhaps something that I have waiting for me. The story surrounding the flashback can be distracting at times but it is not without merit & took away little from the film. A gem to behold...

Joshua M (kr) wrote: A great comedy with good chemistry between the actors. It took me awhile to see this one, but it is another classic I can say that I have seen.

jessica b (ag) wrote: not as great as the book was. loved the book. :D

Sheila C (ag) wrote: Entertaining documentary about the history of rock 'n roll

Sage H (kr) wrote: The typical Eastwood character played very well again with memorable one liners and a great premise to throw the superstar in. Surely it will impress almost all fans.

Chad B (nl) wrote: A wonderful comedy that didn't receive enough attention when it came out. Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland are amazing together.

Daniel K (es) wrote: This is a very likeable and entertaining genre picture that showcases one of the best on-screen couples ever to grace the silver screen. Here Powell proves once again that he can be more than a lawyer. He is so likeable it??s ridiculous. I can??t think of any recent stars that have his particular quality. Powell??s character is right on the money when he says Loy has a certain aloofness and a sense of repression. It??s part of what makes her such an interesting movie star. This film has some great dialogue as well. Powell: Do you consider yourself above it? Loy: Far above it. Powell: How is it up there? Cool? And again, Powell: I used to show people through the sewers. Loy: I can think of no one better qualified. Comparing this film to many romantic comedies of today is a little amusing. They have similar plotlines, but bear almost no relation to one another when one also examines the script, performances, and direction. There??s some decent mad cap slapstick here as well. Great ending scene and frame.

Matthew R (ag) wrote: I love everything about this film. The cast, the music, the camera work, and the pace of the film. Eddie Murphy was a superstar in the 1980s and one of the biggest reasons for that was this film. This movie was a vehicle was for Murphy as he had the best lines, the best scenes, the best music cues that was in sync with every move he made, I could go on. What more could you want from a comedy/drama? Yes, this movie is old as hell, but it still stands up today. Beverly Hills Cop is the blueprint on how you make a comedy/drama film.

Casey L (jp) wrote: Possibly the funniest movie I've ever seen.

Olivier B (ru) wrote: The top of the top of ridiculous.