The Big Steal

The Big Steal

Danny wants two things in life more than anything else, one is a Jaguar and the other is Joanna Johnson. After Danny is conned into trading his Nissan Cedric for a 1973 Jaguar, he plots to win Joanna and get revenge against the sleazy car dealer Gordon Farkes.

To impress a girl a shy teenaged boy buys a used Jaguar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (jp) wrote: Even when there is nothing else to watch on a long flight, this movie is just terrible.

T Patrick S (fr) wrote: This movie was pretty silly, but not for the younger viewers. A good movie if you're bored....and there's nothing better to watch.

Seth M (ru) wrote: 10! Inspiring story about a Palestinian village's non-violent fight to preserve their community. Well made, strong positive message. Don't miss it.

Paul D (au) wrote: Whimsical portrayal of two fish out of water forging a relationship in London. Whilst Meadows employs a fair amount of social realism in the script and delivery it always feels over-romanticised.

Chris S (gb) wrote: Extremely raunchy and gross. But it's wildly entertaining as well.

Liria O (au) wrote: j'arrive pas le trouver en DVD :( ! J'aimerai trop le revoir il etait vraiment troooop fort en plus c'est rare de voir des films sudois lol.

Scott M (ru) wrote: This film should be sent out to the woods to die alone.

Mark N (gb) wrote: A damn fine movie and one that explorers the all too little used backdrop of radio broadcasting. The material is suitably frantic and thought provoking as Shock Jock entertainment should be and easily fills its 2 hour running time with colourful conversations and characters. Michael Wincott turns in a fun performance as a Heavy Metal crazed listener for Bogosian to play off of on what should be the greatest day of his Dj's career.If it wasn't for Pontypool it would still be my favorite radio themed movie of all time.

Graeme H (ru) wrote: Good acting, but ultimately it is a story that's only supporting reason to see it brought to a screen is for home video release and constant viewing in Social Studies classrooms.

Ben S (nl) wrote: Great camera work, has some very artful shots. The seance was funny. The main character is hilariously stupid but his voice is velvety as velveeta. As far as the story goes, it's pretty predictable - I kept hoping there would be some kind of twist but the story is very cut and dry.

Lunar L (ag) wrote: its not bad....sure it may be a little homemade like. bad acting corny dialog. But it may be able to get a skirm or chill out of you.

Ken P (de) wrote: Well done with excellent acting that keeps the viewer guessing to the film's end.

Vadim D (it) wrote: Pretty good as far as biopics go with a superb performance by Jamie Foxx, but, although this is a story personal to Ray Charles, it somehow doesn't feel particularly unique. It's still a very good film with great art direction and worth a watch.

Luc L (nl) wrote: This sleazy, cheap, action-adventure does have its moments. Grier and Markov do well in their roles but they don't seem to have any chemistry together. The story takes awhile to get it rolling. The second half is more successful than the first half. Haig steals the show, when he is on-screen as a sleazy drug dealer, who dresses himself as a cowboy. Who is also a tracker, who trying to find Grier and Markov in the movie. Perphas it is notable that Oscar-Winner Jonathan Demme co-wrote the story. A tribute to "The Defiant Ones" to some degree. Although Grier and Markov don't hate eachother as much. It is watchable, especially for fans of Grier's work and Haig's work.