The Big Wheel

The Big Wheel

The ambitious son of an accomplished race driver struggles to outrun his father's legacy and achieve his own successes.

Billy Coy comes to Carrell. His late father's mechanic Red hires Billy as a mechanic. Soon, Billy gets a job as a driver. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave M (nl) wrote: Paul Fenech, the assassin of political correctness has done it again, he's delivered a fun, and funny movie, with characters that are written with one hell of a lot of heart, not for everyone, but anyone looking for a well acted ( in particular Elle Dawe and Paul Fenech) laugh will love it, come on Aussies, let's support one of our own.

Billy S (de) wrote: Will Ferrell and Zach galifainakis are hilarious .The greatest political comedy since Dr.strange love.

Lei M (de) wrote: Best thing about this movie, music by Les Claypool!

Paul W (au) wrote: My first Jordanian film (and very likely the only Jordanian film most Americans will ever see). It starts off wistful and sappy (and unfortunately the musical sountrack stays that way throughout), but about halfway through the story takes a dark turn, and by the end it has put you through an emotional wringer. Beautifully filmed, rewarding to watch, this is a movie you will long remember.

Joey F (us) wrote: I remember watching this with my family around the time it came out and having my mind blown by the structure of it all. I believe this was the very first time I'd experienced non-linear story telling in this manner, and it just completely changed the way I thought about movies (at least subconsciously). After rewatching, yeah it's pretty great. Its gimmick gets a tiny bit repetitive I'll admit, but I wasn't too bothered. And yeah, they do ask for a good amount of suspension of disbelief with some of the questions he answers, but again, it didn't bother me too much. In the end, I paradoxically really liked the story for how real it felt. Everyone in the movie feels like a real person going through real struggles in the real world. It's all executed very well. Imperfect, sure, but very good indeed.

Cody C (gb) wrote: Pretty good portrayal of love I'd say. He was so blind for so long it actually angered me, but I guess we are all blinded at times by what seems like love... And, Ginger reminded me of someone I know... It's interesting how movies can bring to mind things from our own lives, and the way we can then compare and contrast reality with the fictional world we're seeing on the screen. Sometimes I wish love were as easy as movies say it is; on the other hand, what fun would there be in that?

Meggan W (it) wrote: Interesting concept, way over done, idiotic ending.

Brendan N (ag) wrote: interesting concept but by the end this is just a mess of a movie. the action isn't well shot and the story is all over the place. this tried to mimic underworlds success but unsuccessfully

Abe L (de) wrote: I can't believe I actually liked this movie!

gerard s (au) wrote: this movie is shit. don't watch it.

bill s (br) wrote: Drawn out ill conceived thriller that loses it's viewers in the first half hour.

Megan B (nl) wrote: Great movie about a tarnished relationship between a father and son...Lots of life lessons included w/ some humor thrown in there too!

Steve W (de) wrote: Great martial arts film. Its basically a poor man's "Karate Kid" (1984), but this time the young kid is tutored by the ghost of Bruce Lee (with a terrible lookalike).A young boy learns some karate and beats up some people, including four idiots who attack his gimp father. This scene alone makes the movie worth seeing.Jean Claude Van Damme's only villain role (dual role movies do not count), and his steely glares are reminiscent of Dolph's Ivan Drago from Rocky VI. The few fights spread throughout are a taste, and then at the end we get a lot of cool kickboxing battles.This is the definition of guilty pleasure. The bad acting, the cheesy sound effects and story make for one of the gems of the 80's.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Not one of Sam Peckinpah's best films - it's oddly structured, features some less than great performances and is very brash. Nevertheless, it has a very strong anti-war message.

Daniel V (fr) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever... PERIOD.

Jess A (kr) wrote: I sat through most of this movie waiting for a chance to laugh. Not nearly as good as Holy Grail. Possibly because there was no real plot to it, and I was tired while watching it. Best parts were the Dead Parrot sketch and the Twit Olympics.

Jason S (nl) wrote: it was a pretty funny movie bruce willis and billy bob