The Big White

The Big White

To remedy his financial problems, a travel agent has his eye on a frozen corpse, which just happens to be sought after by two hitmen.

An Alaskan travel agent suddenly discovers a frozen body behind his officer. He decides to have a conspiracy to claim a life insurance for his lost brother to deal with the financial problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JoAnn L (us) wrote: A whole lot of bloodshed and not a single cop. Highly unlikely and totally pointless. Even Kristen Wiig couldn't save this movie.

Katrina L (us) wrote: ...quite moving...very far away from Holywood. I am stunned by pictures!

Larry Y (br) wrote: got it in a 15 movie set in the Foodland bargain bin so I'll eventually watch it, but doubt it will come close to Losey's version (or the comics and books)

Ariel F (gb) wrote: Embrace your childhood

John C (ca) wrote: a brilliant masterpiece about an injustic done to the colon family back in the early 1974 when the english police falsley accused gerry colon , several members of his family and three other idividuals who happen to live near by the bombing of a british pub that was labelled The Guilford Four. A group named for a terroorist who were carving havoc among london. All Gery wanted to do was to impress his father but always ended up disappointing him. So his father who loves Gerry like no other son decides to send him to london for a different pace of change and hopefull for a better life. He meets up with an old friend named Paul Hill and they decide to smoke up and get high with a bunch of vegetarians. One day a pub explodes and five people are killed. The police interogates one man who knew of Gerry and never liekd him and accuses him as the ring leader. Paul Hill and two other people are arested and detained for more than a few days while the police can do anything like torture or threaten their lives and their loved ones so they can fess up to the horrible crimes. When Gerry is arrested in his home of iIreland, his father will do anything to get him back home and will to be arrested for being a conspirator. After a few days of threats and beatings Paul Hill named Gerry as the leader and Gerry caves in especially after they threten to kill his father. They go to court and end up in going to prison for more than a decade. While imprisoned, Guiseppe tries to do whatever he can to convince his son that he is better than most people and should learn to respect himself instead of having drinks or smokes with the other inmates. Like all sons, at one point or another tend to rebel against their fathers and ignore them. Unfortunaly Gerry also felt he was never good enough for his father and has always had a heart for him. When Gerry finds out from a fellow inmate that he and his father were falsley accused for no good reason at all and that the real terrorist behind the bomibin of the pub was one of their fellow inmates, Gerry decides to seek out help from an attorney named Gareth Peirce. All he wants is to get his father out of prison and their names back. In the end, thanks to their lawyer who found a slip of paper saying dont show to the courts, Paul hill, Gerry colon and the toehr two who have spent fifteen years in jail were found not guilty and that the english police knew about it and were too ashamed that they got the wrong people just to save their careers.This film is one of the best films ever made about judicial system and their injustices and about police brutality and the spirit of one man to survive a life of heart break and to come out in the end feeling stronger than before. It is also a love story between father and son and how the bond between the two saved them from losing their minds and gave them hope. The film is beautifully acted with daniel day lewis giving his greatest performance of his career and established Pete Postelewait who plays Guiseppe an actor worth looking at. These two actros and their ineractions made the son and father relationship comes so alive on the screen as if the characters they played were real and like one of our own. Emma Thompson also give strong support as a lawyer determined to get Gerry and his father out of prison and to give them hope that they wont end up in there for their rest of their lives. Emma thomspn and Danuiel day lewis have great chemistry between them. This is the second of three films that actor daniel day lewis did for irisj director Jim sherridan who would do my left foot and the boxer respectivly and screenwriter Terry george. Based on Gerry Colon's autobigraphy)it is a definte crowd pleaser with a heart breaking and brilliant story that will deeply move you to the core and a great soundtrack with Bono of U2 fame producing the album.NOT TO BE MISSEDOne of my favorites

Scott G (us) wrote: In the changing of the themes and style overall of Woody Allen's movies, to me, this one combined all of his best elements. In the afterglow of having made love, Woody realizes it's the one perfect moment of his life, and how time can be deceiving. He kind of sees that if we have one perfect moment and an acceptable life around it, that may be all we can ask for. A tribute to Fellini

Grant S (ag) wrote: I don't know why this is so disliked. It might be that American Graffiti was so revered, that it seems sacrilegious to make a sequel of it. Personally, I really enjoyed More American Graffiti, as I did American Graffiti. The stories, the human drama, all set to the backdrop of the turbulent 60s: Vietnam, hippies, rock 'n roll, student protests. In fact, I enjoyed this more than the first movie. Maybe it was the humour: their was more of it, and it was quite tongue-in-cheek, especially the Vietnam parts. Plus, the music was even better this time round, though maybe that's because I prefer 60s music to 50s stuff.Good plot. Solid direction. Good performances, including some actors in early, minor roles: MacKenzie Phillips, Rosanna Arquette, and an interesting cameo from Harrison Ford.Definitely worth watching.

Patricia C (us) wrote: So surprised that I found another Roswell member "Tess" in a movie~~~ Miss those days I addicted to Roswell!!!

Henry B (ru) wrote: a so-so film by the comic geniuses

Kilgore T R (ag) wrote: Very well done sequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.I thought it was very well directed and acted and the script was good. So that pretty much covers it. If you like westerns you will like this and if you don't, you probably won't.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Never saw a movie that either both or one of the Coen brothers was involved in that I didn't like.

Seth L (ca) wrote: another potent documentary about the futility of the drug war and the insanity of our corporatized prison system. the director has a sense of humor too in using classic video game level-up sound effects and graphics to divide up his chapters. a reminder also of the failure of obama to deliver on many of his promises. *sigh*

Allan C (jp) wrote: When this film originally came out, it had the novelty of being a horror film where the villain was a tiny grotesque leprechaun. Rematching the film now, the novelty of the film is far and away the fact that megastar Jennifer Anistion (sporting LA Gear) is starring in an unabashedly trashy horror film about an evil comical leprechaun. Warwick "Willow/Wicket" Davis plays the evil leprechaun who gets angered at a group of young people after one of them steals his gold. The young people include Aniston as the pretty girl, Ken "Summer School" Olandt as the hunky guy and Mark "Pee Wee's Big Adventure/Teen Wolf" Holton as the town halfwit. Regardless of the entertainment value of this being an embarrassment on Jennifer Aniston's filmography, the film does actually have an appropriately unpretentious tone that is fitting for the film's goofy premiss of an evil leprechaun horror film. Straight faced horror films work for the right type of story, but writer/director Mark Jones does get the tone just right for what really is a ridiculous holiday horror film premiss. Overall, this is certainly not a film to go out of your way to see, but it is awfully entertaining to see Jennifer Aniston in a role that's not far removed from Linnea Quigley or Adrienne Barbeau and even though it's a very silly horror film, it's never boring.

Shareef B (es) wrote: Expected more. Some of the acting was cheesy.

Khaled M (ag) wrote: Twisted version of Monalisa Smile