The Biggest Heroes

The Biggest Heroes

A 29-year-old bank robbery convict on a weekend leave from prison meets his 12-year-old daughter who he never knew to even exist. He escapes custody and together with a friend takes his daughter on a wild ride to northern Sweden, where he intends to shoot a moose in her honour. In his first feature film, Thomas Vinterberg adheres faithfully to the road movie concept of a game of flight, truth and consequences.

The bank robbers Karsten and Peter are on the run in Sweden. With them is one of their teenage daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (fr) wrote: This film focuses on youth offenders, who were given life sentences for the crimes they committed. The question is, should a persons entire life be determined by one act they committed as a teenager? Several of these people are interviewed and the overwhelming opinion is that most of them don't deserve to remain where they are, despite what they've done. In fact a new law is going to allow for lifers, convicted as teenagers, to have their case re-examined after a specific amount of time, based on the nature of the crime. Given the people interviewed in this film, it's easy to say they deserve a second chance. Who doesn't feel for a kid, who was with a crazy friend at the wrong time, and convicted of felony murder, just for being there? Who doesn't feel that a fifteen year old, who killed his sexual abusive parents, twenty years ago, shouldn't be released? It's easy to feel this way when presented with these types of offenders, but what about the people they didn't interview? The kids who brutally kill, just to see what it feels like or the kid who goes into school and shoots a dozen people because he's been bullied, do they deserve a second chance at freedom? I don't argue with the fact that a persons development isn't fully complete by the time they are a teenagers. I also don't argue that this lack of maturity leads to their stupid decisions. In some rare cases, these cases should be re-examined. However, when someone is so broken, that they kill for fun and without remorse, even at a young age, they are broken, and until we knows for certain how to fix them, they belong behind bars. What does everyone else think?

Thomas K (ca) wrote: It's a wonderful film though many find it incredibly depressing, which doesn't really bother me at all.

Sam F (es) wrote: Decent, great scenery and cinematography, but a tad slow in parts, massively jumpy in others.

Kari K (br) wrote: Very interesting documentary of hollywood street performers.

Giorgos P (ca) wrote: the genius of Klaus Maria Brandauer

Kai T (gb) wrote: This movie was amazing! Like Cars 2, it has guns, explosions, peril, and bombs! Except the rating is PG

Bruno V (it) wrote: Let's say ...a flop ! Think the meaning of this movie was a comedy ? Sorry didn't laugh once ....and Kevin Hart , take a pill and relax you drived me nuts with your ADHD - acting !