The Birth of Love

The Birth of Love

Writer and Director Phillipe Garrel presents the story of two friends, Paul (played by Lou Castel) and Marcus (played by Jean-Pierre Léaud), both in search of trying to understand what love is and what love really means. Paul is married, has two kids but seems unsatisfied with his life and keeps meeting other women, trying to build a relationship, but most of the time these women don't want to stay with him, they just want company to sleep with it, but no sex involved sometimes. Marcus had some affairs here and there, but keeps thinking about one girl he loved but didn't loved him anymore because of his egocentric behavior. Throughout the film he'll keep thinking about working on something he likes, or the possibility of having a child (after noticing how happy his friend is with his kids. How naive of his part!).

Middle-aged artistes provide the focus of this drama filmed in black and white. The story is set in Paris around the time of the Gulf War. Paul is an actor leading a drab directionless ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip V (mx) wrote: Loved it! Not your typical Van Dammage.

Ian R (us) wrote: Truly heartbreaking. She was beautiful and talented and oh so alone. . .

David G (ag) wrote: Everything is awesome in this hilarious, zany paced family film with a surprisingly uncynical message.

Alex S (au) wrote: Buried makes the most of its tight space and churns out an intense, unpredictable, and wildly entertaining thriller with a good performance from Ryan Reynolds.

Antariksh K (ru) wrote: Well i watch this movie...only for Genelia. I was knowing abt the plot, which was weak. Ken Ghosh is really need to improve his directing movies. The movie was below average. I can say he under-utilized the cast.

Erin K (de) wrote: The storyline is hardly developed and just ends bluntly.

Janis A (us) wrote: The books are much better and more exciting. I like Emma Roberts but everything else could've been done better.

Anders B (kr) wrote: Fantastic and charming film that actually has some interesting things to say about memory and how we make meaning out of life.

Matt N (br) wrote: I wouldn't consider wasting the valuable brain cells required to watch something ridiculous like Tupac attempting to be cool

Michael D (de) wrote: grim, disturbing and disgusting. but good.

Angel G (de) wrote: Sometimes it got boring, but the movie is saved by solid performances from Demi Moore and Michael Douglas. I liked the theme, It was interesting, the sex scene between the leads was probably the hardest part to watch (very strong sex scene), the script was good, but not great, and once again Michael Douglas nails the role as the one getting screwed in the head by the woman, and Demi Moore is excellent and sexy, Disclosure is a great and thrilling time at the movies!

Roberto O (ag) wrote: An impressive debut, that has lived on as the forgotten gem of hood films. A well executed climax.

Adrian Z (it) wrote: 3 - Far too simple post-apocalyptic road movie, sees some survivors travelling cross country in an armoured truck, and pretty much running into trouble each time they stop. There is no character development of any sort, just a sequence of more or random events (mutant cockroaches, storms, hillbillies, etc). That said, for the nostalgic, it remains an entertaining slice of late 70s sci-fi, and as it pretty much plays out like a Saturday morning cartoon from the era, only in live action, should appeal to anyone who is currently in their 30s. Other age groups beware! The special effects have not aged well, but the sky effects are still uniquely fantastic. So is Jerry Goldsmith's weird score, which blends orchestra and synths to great effect.

Cooper H (jp) wrote: To Kill A Mockingbird shines in the courtroom thanks to Gregory Peck's fantastic performance. Elsewhere the movie is fine, but deserves a lot of credit for being ahead of its time with the subject matter.

darryl c (it) wrote: 1937's 'stage door' was a comeback of sorts for hepburn. she was in a lull and her turn as arrogant society girl turned broadway star was a feather in her cap. she is matched moment for moment by ginger rogers as a saucy chorus girl and fellow resident in a boarding house on broadway.

Marcus E (br) wrote: Decent, but not great. It tried to be clever, but something was missing.

Ron T (au) wrote: love these movie they are so funny