The Bishop's Story

The Bishop's Story

During a conversation he has with a young priest, a bishop reveals to him a love story that turned his beliefs upside down.

During a conversation he has with a young priest, a bishop reveals to him a love story that turned his beliefs upside down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chenyi Y (it) wrote: Very unexpected and dramatic, all while being realistic.

Jessica R (jp) wrote: Dazlious is a great word for this film. I thought Sigourney Weaver's portrayal of a high-functioning autistic woman was wonderful. Touching!

Chinarut R (fr) wrote: i think the most amazing thing about this movie is not so much the power of dancing (one reason this movie got my attention) but rather what it takes to really stand for what inspires you. there are some really wonderful vulnerable moments of dialogue in the movie and it just goes to show that when it comes to community - you can't go about it alone - it has to be a group effort. the raw energy of tahitian dancing just rocks - i'm sold! :)

Curt L (au) wrote: yet another clever heist movie, fun to watch

Matt C (jp) wrote: if u like the show "stella," paul rudd, or summertime hijinx, see this movie

Gimly M (mx) wrote: Certainly the better of the two Spawn adaptations released in 1997.

Josh M (fr) wrote: There are some good action moments. The skydiving aspect added a good sense of fun to the action. This is not up there with the top action films, but is a worthy watch.

Crystal Cris C (it) wrote: this was a cute movie about relationships and love. Yes it is very 90's, it was done in 90's.

Anna R (br) wrote: 87-89 and 92-95 were some rough years for horror movies (not to mention most of the years from 00-now). this is a great example. but it's got some classic parts to make fun of.

Gordon R (au) wrote: Sequel to 1984 comedy. Recruits on their first assignment, duh.

John B (ru) wrote: I thought this a good period piece by the O'Neal father & daughter team that was entertaining

Sonya M (mx) wrote: I was very surprised at how bad this movie was. Lead actor needed to take acting lessons, very long, boring, drawn out, unnecessary scenes. The transitions between scenes were choppy and made such little sense that they were laughable. 2 stars for Zaraah Abraham's otherwise would be -5 stars.

Jason H (fr) wrote: This could have been great. A lot of stories being told here. Then the studio crams this in to a single movie. Animation is top notch. Just too much happening in such a small amount of time to tell it.

Stephen D (de) wrote: Sharon Stone is hot as always but it doesn't save this lame thriller...not to mention one of the worst endings in memory.

Art S (fr) wrote: Slow, kind of random and by trying to cover so much ground Loach ends up giving the Bradley character some forced expository monologues out of nowhere. A worthy subject approached from a bizarre angle that was ultimately unable to get me to feel much about any of the characters.

Joanna D (ca) wrote: I literally cannot think of a movie I've sat all the way through that was worse than Jenny's Wedding. The only thing that kept me hanging in there was all the Cleveland references (of which there were a ton). And after looking around the internet I realized Donoghue also wrote Beaches and White Oleander--movies I would give a solid ????????. I'm flummoxed on this one. The whole concept and attitudes of the characters just felt about 25 years out of date. I'm not surprised they needed to crowd source funds because this film should have been scrapped. ?????????? way down.