The Bitter Tea of General Yen

The Bitter Tea of General Yen

A U.S. missionary (Barbara Stanwyck) is gradually seduced by a courtly warlord (Nils Asther) holding her in Shanghai.

A Chinese warlord and an engaged Christian missionary fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (es) wrote: Crappy acting and for 1h35m it seemed incredibly long. There were some good scenes but overall I think I would put this down as a bit of a naff film.

Herb S (ca) wrote: An amazing film...funny yet emotional resonant of paths taken and not taken. It deserves a much wider audience than what it initially encountered at the box office....

Jamie B (de) wrote: Hey, cheesy holiday rom com - I kinda like you. But Jack Black plus Kate Winslet as a romantic pairing still kinda creeps me out.

Mark W (ca) wrote: I don't know why I expect a film adaptation to do a book that I love justice. It's always the same high expectations, falling short. This however, takes bad transfers from page to screen to a whole new low. Based on James Redfield's 1993 bestselling novel it tells the story of high-school teacher John Woodson (Matthew Settle), who undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights on an ancient manuscript in Peru, taking him on a spiritual awakening as he goes through a transitional period of his life. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church and government try to suppress the ancient psychological and spiritual beliefs he unfolds, putting his and others' lives in danger. Poor production value, hammy acting and a stifling screenplay. The author James Redfield can't really complain though as he's one of the screenwriters. The book deserved so much more than this. Where it succeeded in capturing your attention and imagination, this succeeds only in putting you to sleep. It's boring and tedious pap and even as a television film it looks cheap. Maybe one day someone will adapt this properly, it's certainly deserving of a better version. Very little, if anything, to recommend it. Fans of the book will only be seriously disappointed and those who haven't read the book will be lost, and will ruin what is a great read. Stay well clear of this turkey.

Kay L (de) wrote: Funny, but not my favorite Ernest flick.

Michael R (nl) wrote: You only live twice, adds more action and a memorable performance by Donald Pleasence as the villainous Blofeld. It's not the best the series will offer but is a step up from Connery's last effort as the super spy.

Jerry S (es) wrote: A bit dull at sometimes, but still some how it swings you within. I do notice that back then things were different.

Al H (gb) wrote: A film full of action.

Alice S (ag) wrote: A floundering couple go away on a weekend retreat where a hexed cottage miraculously bestows them with their ideal versions of each other. Sophie's ideal Ethan exercises, doesn't wear glasses, and has a cooler beachier hairstyle. Ethan's ideal Sophie is always sunny and smiling, doesn't nag him about his poor eating habits, and is content to busy herself whenever he gets distracted and disappears from their romantic getaway. Real Sophie and Ethan agree to spend fifteen minutes each with their respective fantasy beaux just to figure out what's happening, but like in any tense relationship drama, greener grass begets green-eyed jealousy.The suspenseful thriller aspect of this film does indeed provide eerie WTF moments and threats of danger, and I thought these perfect mirages would be metaphors for those six insignificant things we'd like to change about our partners, but then *spoilers*, the already surreal movie takes an awkward dip into surreal reality, revealing that the mirages are actually living people - past clients whose partners chose the better versions of themselves and have now been coached and nip/tucked to imitate new clients in an attempt to escape the cottage. Dark and mindfucky metaphor of how we change ourselves to adapt to new lovers whom we may not even be that into, but the rules of this satirical universe aren't entirely elucidated, so the plot falls apart from there.