The Black Arrow

The Black Arrow

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Amy W (es) wrote: So funny and clean for the entire family with a good message.

Brandon L (ag) wrote: Never left a review before but feel it is my duty to save others from making the same mistake I did. The 91% critic review score is one of the most miss leading scores I have ever seen. Save your time and watching something else.

Alexander Z (br) wrote: The only good reviews for this Indonesian picture come from Indonesia. That should tell you all you need to know.

Matthew L (es) wrote: An attempt at making a 'Baraka' or 'Koyanasqatsi' type film about one man, who makes sculpture out of naturally found objects. Beautiful at times, talky and lazy at others. Very interesting.

Paula K (jp) wrote: Incredible music - I wish there were more songs and less talking.

Stuart K (es) wrote: Directed by Adrian Lyne (Flashdance (1983), 9 1/2 Weeks (1986), Fatal Attraction (1987) and Indecent Proposal (1993)), this erotic thriller is a remake of Claude Chabrol's The Unfaithful Wife (1968), this was also supposed to be a homage to Hitchcock, but it feels as dated as the erotic films Lyne made back in the 1980's, the action doesn't really begin until half way through, but it should have come in earlier. In New York, Edward Sumner (Richard Gere) and his wife Connie (Diane Lane) have been married for a number of years, and have a son called Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan). Their marriage is strong, but they haven't been very intimate for a while, while caught in the city during a windstorm, Connie bumps into Frenchman Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez), who deals in used books, they build up a rapport but it isn't long until they soon find passion, and Connie has an affair with Paul behind Edward's back. Connie and Paul meet up and it becomes frequent, and Edward becomes suspicious, and soon finds out what Connie has been up to, and he decides to confront Paul about this. It should have brought the erotic thriller kicking and screaming into the 21st Centure, but there's no fireworks to the story, and when the film takes that turn after the first hour, it's all too little too late, and even though it did well at the box-office thanks to clever marketing, Lyne hasn't directed a film since then, Shame really.

Daniel O (it) wrote: Has everything u could want in a movie!

Peter P (ru) wrote: From what I remember this was actually a pretty funny decent slasher type spoof, but I only have vague memories at best.

Michael W (ru) wrote: family classic... tale of the Ukrainian Cossacks with the Turks and Poland. A Great tale!

Anthony A (au) wrote: This film really wasn't at all great. The comedy was poor, and having Sean Astin in it didn't make things better. The only reason this film would seem worth while is because of Pauly Shore.

Nicholas W (ag) wrote: Great coming of age movie.