The Black Bomber

The Black Bomber

In a near-future Belgrade, a DJ stirs up trouble with his rocking anti-establishment broadcasts. After his station is shut down, he takes to the street and starts transmitting revolution with the police hot on his trail.

In a near-future Belgrade, a DJ stirs up trouble with his rocking anti-establishment broadcasts. After his station is shut down, he takes to the street and starts transmitting revolution ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diana S (au) wrote: Since it's coming up on Halloween, it's going to be mostly horror most of the time. (I've got a few netflix coming that aren't horror and I don't feel like reorganizing the queue.) Now, The Hollow, probably got a better rating than it should have because I watched it immediately after The Fog, and also because I enjoy the Sleepy Hollow story. It felt pretty ABC Family, but with some foul language and implied sex. The premise is Ichabod Crane's great-great-great-great grandson has just moved to the modern-day Sleepy Hollow. He's in high school and is just trying to fit in and pick up a cheerleader when some crazy guy starts calling him "Teacher" and telling him he's got to face the headless horseman. Everyone in town thinks this guy is a drunk, so no one heeds his warnings. Until the haunted hay ride when the Headless Horseman shows up with a ridiculous glowing pumpkin head and people start getting decapitated. Then the "teacher" must take a stand. I thought it was fun. But Shallow Ground was actually creepy with an interesting story. In a remote town, everyone's packing up to move away because a new damn has just been completed. It's never clear if the area's going to be flooded, or what, but everyone's leaving all the same. At the police station, the boxes are being loaded into the car when a naked teen-age boy shows up, covered head to toe in blood. He won't speak, and everyone he touches starts acting very strange. Also, when the officers run his prints, each finger pulls up a different person who went missing within 100 miles of the area. Curiouser and curiouser. The kills were bloody. There's some gore. And quite a bit of mystery. I didn't recognize any of the actors except Stan Kirsch a.k.a. Richie from the Highlander series. I definitely recommend this one.

Ken J (kr) wrote: Lau Ching Wan, Kelly Lin & Mia Yam have given their very best to perform in the movie. I hope they snab nods at next year's HK award season.Congrats to the director Wai Ka fai, when he is alone he is able to carry the whole filming effort.This is definitely worth your time for a quality family drama.

Greg R (it) wrote: One of my favorite christmas movies of all time. In my opinion, a must see for the whole family.

Rich L (nl) wrote: What to say about this one? The setting, cinematography, music, colour of it is stunning, possibly one of the most beautiful looking movies ever made. I watched it first when I was 19 (coincidence) and fell in love with it then. That being said now I've watched it twice more there are massive flaws in it. A lot of the characters are simple 2D and there seems to be too many of them. I don't understand what they are all doing there. The first half hour drags on. If you have the UK DVD watch the trailer that comes with it, it summarises the film well, running something like this: "Bernardo Bertolucci thinks that Liv Tyler is hot and wants to get her to strip off. We'll throw in some other famous actors and some random Italians and piece a story around sex". So why 70%? Because there are some fantastic scenes in it. The dancing between Carlo Lisca and Lucy at the party was intense (ruined totally by some woman peeing on the floor afterwards). But mainly because I am a massive sucker for nice looking films. Plus the guy who Tyler did finally give herself to (Michele?) was the good guy and the English guy in it reminds me of myself!

Alan J (nl) wrote: beautiful mind bending mature and surreal

joyce j (br) wrote: pretty scary in a strang way. i am a big Alice Krige fan she is good in thrillers. this movir didnt get a lot of play but it is worth watching with your man, snuggled up on the couch

Samuel M (mx) wrote: He de reconocer que con The Invitation me he vuelto a cruzar con el maldito problema de las expectativas. La pelcula me la pintaban como un thriller tan intrigante como chocante; y aunque en ambos aspectos cumple, he de reconocer que para m no fueron tanto como el resto de la audiencia piensa.Puede que esperase una pelcula que se fundamentar ms en la sorpresa final. S, la tiene, pero creo que he visto suficientes pelculas como para esperarmelo desde los primeros 20 minutos. Puede que ese fuera mi fallo. Y es que The Invitation es una pelcula ms centrada en el viaje que supone toda su experiencia, y en eso s que funciona. Es una pelcula tensa, que va construyendo su atmsfera lentamente pero sin pausa, y una pelcula que va dando giros incesantes para distraerte. Karyn Kusama ha hecho un trabajo perfecto en este aspecto desde la realizacin hasta la direccin de actores, y el hecho de que la historia no sea de mi total agrado no puede manchar eso.No es una pelcula perfecta, pero sin duda es un sleeper que muchas ms personas deberan ver. Una de las pelculas ms interesantes del ao.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Aliens breeding within and on the rampage--Fun Low-Budget Sci-Fi Produced by Roger Corman!!

Felipe F (ru) wrote: Frank Capra's It Happened One Night may be a showcase for Colbert and Gable's talent - as well as a pioneer on the romantic comey genre - but it is nonetheless a silly and dull movie.

Shane H (kr) wrote: Cant stand dane as a comedian, but he is surprisingly tolerable as an actor.

Ruth J (es) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid. The sister babysitting her little brother and the goblins take him to the labyrinth. She goes on a journey, meeting all sorts of character and the songs by David Bowie are unreal. I love when she meets him and he sings. It's just a brilliant film for peopleOf all ages.

Kyle F (ag) wrote: The best musical ever made. Great acting all around. The script is hilarious. The direction is beautiful. The cinematography is gorgeous. RIP Debbie Reynolds