The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia

Lee Blanchard and Bucky Bleichert are former boxers-turned-cops in 1940s Los Angeles and, when an aspiring young actress turns up dead, Blanchard and Bleichert must grapple with corruption, narcissism, stag films and family madness as they pursue the killer.

The movie is based on a true story of the brutal murder of a fledgling Hollywood starlet that shocked and fascinated the nation in 1947 and remains unsolved today. Two cops, Bucky Bleichert and his partner, Lee Blanchard, investigate the death of 'Elizabeth Short (I)', a young woman found brutally murdered and find their personal and professional lives fall apart in the wake of the investigation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Black Dahlia torrent reviews

Miraal C (gb) wrote: Beautifully done, the efforts of Kearns throughout his life to protect private property and not give up is applause worthy at least. An incredibly fine saga of creation.

Frances H (it) wrote: Futuristic take on the star-crossed romance, well-acted, scripted and directed.

Jason S (gb) wrote: This might as well be called "Get used to Jerking Off Fanboy cuz if you watch this, you will NEVER get laid"

Molly R (es) wrote: A great feel-good movie about following your dreams and family tradition.

Diane J (jp) wrote: Really funny. Stanley Tucci is almost unrecognizable. Great bits like "Kill the light" and fun fight scenes.

Randy M (it) wrote: The 1st movie I've seen Forest. Very funny & entertaining! One of my fav movies.

Alejandro E (mx) wrote: Drama basado en hechos reales que expone la lamentable realidad de los crimenes por intolerancia en los aos 60. A destacar Willem Defoe y Gene Hackman en sus roles de agentes federales

Satyawan S (au) wrote: This one dove deep beneath the surface to the scary dark. Yet its nothing less than beautiful, this one of its kind film (obviously, i fell in love with Aimee).