The Black Dahlia Haunting

The Black Dahlia Haunting

While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman disturbs the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as "The Black Dahlia".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   haunting,  

While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman disturbs the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as "The Black Dahlia". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (de) wrote: Rachel Getting Married features Anne Hathaway as Kym, the sister of a bride to be, in an ensemble cast which includes Debra Winger. Watching the extra features and deleted scenes has turned me off of this film for now. I watched it last night (Feb. 28, 2013), stopped it a time or two - the movie is quite "life like" and very different for the most part. Kym is not particularly sympathetic at first but she "grows on you" gradually. I didn't care for the bridesmaid. Debra Winger was good in this...the fight between her and Anne a bit of a surprise. I will post the rest of my review later...Rachel Getting Married, though hard to watch at times, was well worth the wait and the time taken to view it. Anne Hathaway stands out as Kym who has come from rehabilitation to attend her sister's wedding. Conflict results over relationships, behaviour and a past tragedy in which Kym had caused her brother's death due to driving while under the influence of drugs. Debra Winger is the mother who is no longer with her husband/Kym's father. Anne and Debra have a scene in which they argue then hit each other, quite explosive and unexpected! 8/10

Ziv E (gb) wrote: Fun!A bit generic?Yeah, but still fun!

Esther L (ag) wrote: I like the story and the performances of those castings. The meaning of 'Cause and consequences' is very outstanding.

Edgar C (ca) wrote: Toyoda's bleak, fierce and rebellious essay about high-school youth is one stylish delivery that marks Toyoda's comeback to straightforward moviemaking after a documentary effort.Maybe the first concern that people will face when stumbling upon this underknown gem is the suspension of disbelief it requires for buying this hypothetically anarchich high-school environment, where teachers are unrealistically permissive and even run away from the students for their own safety, where there is not enough security looking after the crimes committed in this space, where "education" seems to be ridiculously banal. But remember: it is surreal. All essays dealing with contemporary problems (not only about youth, but about any topic of social relevance) can allow themselves to be unrealistic and unconventional sometimes to deliver a message in a stronger way.So remember, it is a surreal examination of a hypothetically anarchic environment and, moreover, it is based on a manga. I found about the latter after finishing the film, but indeed, while I was watching it (and ergo before I knew it was based on a manga), I wondered how this would have come across or received if made in anime form. It has all the bizarre trademarks for bringing a realistic setting unrealistically, so imagining this as an anime feature, with its potential success, is not hard at all. So why am I using the word "hypothetically" too much? Because of the "suppose that..." game we are invited to play:Suppose that we take the real problems of youth nowadays and transmit them to a school. Suppose, however, that adults don't matter, students are not asked to be disciplined pervasively enough, and internal security is not existent. To what extent, therefore, could the behavioral tendencies of youth evolve if given more liberties, that is, if granted more permissions? Toyoda directs this violent and weird hypothesis about a possible answer, which can be interpreted either as a wake-up call for both young and adult generations (their parents), or as a symbolic tale about any oppressive form of government, where rulers are worshipped and followed with fundamentalist loyalty, and base their ruling period with an iron-fist type of imposition. Of course, the internal conflicts are not excluded, including a follower that decides to rebel against the present ruler for overthrowing him.The fantastic final act convinced me of the final rating, where we learn that everything that cannot blossom is destined to remain dead, as in a flower. We learn this reflection from the only adult that actually has a relevance plotwise... and this adult happens to be a dwarf. But does this rule apply deterministically against humanity as well? Or is a human being capable of changing? Can light be originated in the middle of darkness?97/100P.S. It is impactful the degree to which the film manages that you care about the characters each new minute. That's something hard to achieve.

Martin R (au) wrote: Christopher Eccleston, Eddie Izzard, I was sold. Amusing, and great performance from Eccleston (although thats to be expected)

Matthew V (ca) wrote: It is the worst movie to ever be made, the jokes are bad and the animation is horrible.

Till H (ag) wrote: If you like Drunken Master II, Twin Dragons, Videogames and Skateboarding this one is for you. Among Wong Jings Movies this is one of my favorites. Quite dorky and fast dialogues as common in others of Wong Jings Movies but they are never boring or out of place. In this case they always add to the trashy-comic-character of the movie and perfectly fit to the overall speed of the movie. There are also great trashy fantasy when the characters minds wander around and plenty of inventive action scenes you will not forget. Especially the endfight is one of Jackies best plus you will get Joey Wong AND Chingmy Yau in one package.

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Great film of the 70s .. great perfomance from Fred Williamson. Best soundtract ever made .. by James Brown of course

David P (mx) wrote: Some actors should never be cast in period films. Morgan Freeman...sounds and talks the same as he does in EVERY movie. There's other actors I noticed that should not have been in this movie. The mixed hauppauge of actors playing their period parts well like Hopkins and others sounding like they do in every movie they've ever been in completely turned me off and I didn't watch more than 5 mins of the movie. Kudos to those who tried and gave effort, shame on those who did not

Lee M (mx) wrote: A raunchy comedy that promises, from its title to its casting, a "Bad Santa" riff on a sacred institution...But they don't deliver.

Andy C (ag) wrote: I like anime - I like Ironman yet I can't say I truly enjoyed this - aside from the Punisher cameo which dialled back on the surrealism and concentrated on action.

Mats V (es) wrote: They way they animated the characters was certainly interesting, but at the same time left them rather wooden and stiff. Therefore it was very hard to become really engaged with the story.

Bavner D (br) wrote: Film ini mencoba menyadarkan kepada penonton, bahwa setiap orang tetap akan mampu untuk melakukan sebuah perubahan untuk orang banyak, selama Ia mau untuk berusaha keras akan hal tersebut. ... Walaupun dirinya sadar akan keterbatasan yang dimilikinya, sosok Rae memang tidak sempurna, tetapi Ia mencoba untuk menjadi terlihat lebih sempurna.