The Black House

The Black House

A meek agent at the Showa Life Insurance company receives a phone call from a customer who says that she's planning to commit suicide and wants to know if her policy will pay out. Concerned about her safety, the agent visits her house only to find that her young son has hanged himself. As he investigates further, more and more people connected with this family start having "accidents," and if he's not careful, he might be next.

A meek agent at the Showa Life Insurance company receives a phone call from a customer who says that she's planning to commit suicide and wants to know if her policy will pay out. Concerned... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie N (jp) wrote: Terrible. Just terrible. I could make a better quality movie with my friends with a $5 budget than this failure. Awful acting and a plot line that is literally the most confusing thing I've ever seen. It's not even so stupid to where it's funny. It's just stupid. The Jersey Shore hookers had the most depth in character and best acting skills of the whole cast.

Caesar M (kr) wrote: When it comes to romance movies most of us are use to seeing that story romance unfold with straight people. Thankfully did is nothing like tells a romance story with gay people and it's pretty good. Noordzee, Texas (North Sea Texas) is about a teenage boy's search for love finds him fixated on the boy next door. The plot is pretty straightforward and little subplots. This means the story becomes complex nor does it attempt to break new ground. To the movie credit it portray gays as actual people you would actually see in the streets and is very respectful of that. The cast is fine I guess, though they never get to shine to the material expanding on it's premise or taking advantage of it's characters relationship. While it's nothing great, it certainly was a good watch. I just simply enjoy it for what it is and what it does well. While there's much to say about this movie, there's allot to enjoy. Noordzee, Texas (North Sea Texas) is romance movie between two guys done well and avoid the offensive stereotype of gays to portray them as regular people. It's respectful, well made, and good entertainment. It worth watching no matter what gender you're into.

Shawn E (mx) wrote: A realistic depiction of both the hardships and growth of a breaking relationship.

Katie G (es) wrote: we tried watchin this at the cc movie nite... yeadidnt happen

Cindy M (de) wrote: This is the worst movie I've ever seen. I stopped watching when the two girls are firing a gun at a man for no apparent reason. Horrible acting. Don't waste your time.

Ryan B (ag) wrote: This movie sucks. I know I don't usually just come right out and say that, like any other critic, but it does. It's just a terrible, saddening bunch of lame acting, terrible music, nonexistent action, and scarce a redeeming quality to be found. I would rather watch The Matrix: Revolutions. If I could give it a lower score, I would. Avoid at all costs.

Jim A (us) wrote: With vastly downgraded animation and a far more childish story lacking the beautiufl imagry and stark drama that made the first movie special this movie has little reason to exist other than to cash in on unwitting fans of the far far superior first movie

Private U (fr) wrote: Very quirky film surrounding many diverse characters. I have to see this again to fully appreciate it, I think, haha.

Mark B (de) wrote: chock full of cameos of stars from the 70s .. scavenger hunt provides lots of laughs and goofyness and good times had by all watch for the arnold swartzenegger cameo

Tony R (jp) wrote: In many ways, Love and Anarchy is an anti-political film with Wertmuller suggesting that political activism does not necessarily draw from the well spring of ideology. Switching between farce and poignancy, the film asserts that an individual's need for self-determination may in fact supersede the passionate politics calling for the collective need for a better society.

Robert C (de) wrote: Elvis acquits himself nicely in his first movie appearance. Elvis' movie debut is the only noteworthy thing about this movie. Otherwise, it's B-level writing and directing cast with B-level actors. It's enjoyable, but forgettable.

Sean S (fr) wrote: As with most Marlon Brando films the best thing about it is Marlon Brando. Thats not to say the films arn't good it just shows how consistant he is as an actor and "The Apaloosa" is no exception. His performance is ranged and strong. From falling over blind drunk to sharpshooting enemies Brando is believeable in the role of pride filled Matt out for revenge after his peaceful new lifestyle had been disturbed. The directing is either love or hate as there are a lot of shots which are not framed in the traditional mainstream way with objects blocking your view of character, this is done intentionally though to help you focus on a certain thing within the frame. The soundtrack is brilliant as well mixing the traditional western soundtrack with music that helps immerse you into the mexican culture and ambience.

Victor N (ca) wrote: This is a good movie filled with humor and Xmas miracles. It's always a pleasure to see favourite actors on one stage: A. Rickman, L. Neeson, H. Grant...Big figures like them have made a great job, creating their characters. Neeson appeared to be a good father (unlike "Taken"), Grant was perfect being minister.This is the only romantic comedy, that have ever made me laugh (for the record - I don't like movies like this). It also brought me some Xmas spirit, which worth 5 stars already+ good soundtrack, which is not my favourite (don't like pop), but I have to admit, that they know, in which moment to use it. These components made me feel better. And, of course, Christmasy. But, I have to take one star away because of a storyline about Colin (C. Marshall), and it's too naive.All in all, it's gonna be in my NY Movie list. If you haven't see "Love actually" - please do. You won't regret it)

Andy G (fr) wrote: Madea's witness protection is in ok comedy were a guy in the CEO company as trouble. So his family hide's out with Madea into they get out of trouble. C(2012)

Thomas P (au) wrote: Very well made satire. It comments on doing your job well at almost any cost, the politics of issues and taking sides well, and the darling core of all media - perspective, aka spin.I was completely apprehensive about watching it since I know several ppl who have fought incredible battles to quit smoking, and others who have fought and lost the battle, remaining addicted.Despite this perspective, I enjoyed the aspect of spin played out intelligently and with a devilish, fervent relish.It totally works here bc it's not even about smoking - it's about the lies we tell ourselves in order to do the things we do, but would rationally not do in other contexts.Brilliantly handled here.A movie that makes you think.Enjoy the internal checking this may cause you, as it did for me.And probly stop smoking too..4 smoke rings out of 5