The Black Monocle

The Black Monocle

The Marquis de Villemaur reunite strange visitors in his Castle, to meet a survivor of the Third Reich. There is an Italian fascist, Heinrich; a German, Matthias; a Russian; and Dromard, a blind French war hero with a black monocle. - from IMDB

The Marquis de Villemaur reunite stranges visitors in his Castle, to meet a survivor of the 3rd Reich. There is an Italian fascist ; Heinrich, a German ; Matthias, a russian ; and Dromard, a blind French war hero, with a black monocle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott R (fr) wrote: well acted, but man is it depressing

Chad C (jp) wrote: i love the original and all the mythological creatures keep it coming

Joey C (mx) wrote: Chris Evans does a good job of being the flawed hero, even if it does focus on him more than necessary. The story is thought provoking and unforgettable. This film is capable of making a person FEEL something about the world in which we live, and the everyday injustice to the things we take for granted.

Lisa K (jp) wrote: As documentaries go, this is one of the best. It's a scathing expose of the conditions faced by Mexican workers. Juan Carlos Rulfo succeeds in painting these men as incredibly likeable, good-hearted individuals.... really really good:)

Heather M (ru) wrote: Love this Movie!!! I wish the makers didn't have to shelve the sequel. It was hugely under appreciated. What a shame. They said that the script for the 2nd one was fantastic. Read the books too!!!

Dwight K (us) wrote: Not bad. I've seen better but still worth watching.

Oscar P (ru) wrote: This a great movie and I love to "revisit" some of the Savannah great sightseeing.

Ruth L (fr) wrote: Only thing I really remember about this is that I loved it at 5 but as i grew older I saw how horribly it was dubbed at 7.

John W (es) wrote: If a true hell gate is ever discovered it will undoubtedly require as a sacrifice repeated viewings of this horribly cheesy mishmash.

Alfredo S (jp) wrote: Tense, furious, horrific, and heart-pumping, Air Force One is an incredible action-packed thriller that can even shock the toughest of minds.

Bilal S (ca) wrote: Quite nonsense movie but great action!

Chris B (es) wrote: While many of the effects are showing their age, the films elements of survival and humanity remain timeless. The acting is good and the sense of isolation is essentially there from beginning to end. Even when finding Mona or discovering "Friday" there are language barriers that must be overcome. Survival is hard and the going is treacherous throughout the film but as most older films do, it has a happy ending. Recommended!