The Black Orchid

The Black Orchid

An aging widower fights family disapproval when he falls in love with a gangster's widow.

After mobsters murder her husband, Rose Bianco works long hours making artificial flowers, to support herself and her son. Some suspect that Rose's demand for a lavish lifestyle pushed her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory P (ag) wrote: i feel as if i've stepped into a time warp. Renaud Gauthier has a great eye for this period in film. he's carefully noted all of the things that make us rewatch late 70s/early 80s slasher films and managed to capture it all impeccably. from the score to the editing to the old school porno style's hard to tell if these are seriously terrible actors or if they've just been directed to act that way. (we'll see with his next film)paying homage to films like the Driller Killer, Silent Night Deadly Night and even the original Halloween, Gauthier gets everything right with Discopathe that Ti West got wrong with the House of the Devil....the "disco killed my daddy" premise is just hilarious, even though the film takes itself quite seriously, you almost expect someone to show up in a Santa Claus suit screaming "naughty" about halfway in. overall, Discopathe is a worthwhile watch for genre fans. i don't usually give over 3 stars for this kind of film, but it deserves them for it's creativity and artistic qualities. soon to be a very underrated cult flik for sure!

Anil C (jp) wrote: perfect movie for all audience

Mike M (jp) wrote: Beauty is Embarrassing is a *terrific* documentary. And as a commercial artist that toils away in perceived futility, this doc is really just an uplifting boost.

Kenji I (us) wrote: to live is to be old, to be old is to die,in short, to live means to die

Suanne T (ru) wrote: Beautiful film about love.

HansIvar H (nl) wrote: Nils Gaup gjr det igjen... Her har han skapt nok en god film, med god historie og meget gode skuespillerprestasjoner. Meget bra!

Hayley (kr) wrote: great emotional movie randys breakdown is amazing

Alexandre P (it) wrote: Undercover brother is an hilarious blacksploitation movie filled with funny characters and awesome storylines. Plus the acting is really good, every actor delivers with great humor.

Scott A (es) wrote: Smidge better than the original. More practical effects but like in the do the tenticles know how to find people? Theres a nice attack on the Statue of Liberty bit. But the finale involves maybe the worst senior citizen actress of all time!!

Alex M (nl) wrote: What a trip! Incredibly dark and grim look at a tumultuous relationship between two lovers. It's more of a character study of this woman, Betty, played wonderfully by Beatrice Dalle. From beginning to end, I watched as she tried so hard to pine for what she wanted, but would so thoughtlessly throw it away and create more problems and heartbreak. It's heartbreaking to see her character fall time and time again due to her emotional and unstable aggressive bursts. I hadn't really seen a movie about such a terrible mental condition, but I can totally believe there's people that suffer her same struggles and life. The best thing is nothing feels polished or staged- it's just very raw which shows great work and care must have gone into perfecting Dalle's character before the film even started rolling. Unforgettable viewing!

Brian B (br) wrote: Warning: This Review Will Contain SpoilersWhen I reviewed Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange", I praised Alex DeLarge's character arc for a few reasons. One of them was because it came as a surprise. When I wrote that, however, it sounded more like icing on the cake. I viewed it more as secondary. However, after watching this film, I quickly realized that surprise should be at the forefront of all character arcs. That was why I didn't care that much for this film.After 5 nuns (Sister Clodagh, Sister Briony, Sister 'Honey' Blanche, Sister Philippa, and Sister Ruth) open up a convent in the Himalayas, they encounter conflict and tension with the natives, their surroundings, and from within their own group. As they spend more time there, their conflict gradually intensifies.The film opens up with a promising start. It has great cinematography and a plot which is easy to follow. For a moment, I became intrigued by the film's plot as I wondered where it would lead to. However, that curiosity was quickly nullified. The second Mother Dorothea says the line "Yes, she's a problem. I'm afraid she'll be a problem for you too." as she refers to Ruth, my anticipation quickly faded into disappointment. At that point, I had a feeling where Ruth's character was going to head right at the start. Because I felt that, there was nothing surprising about how she ended up. I wished that her character would have started out softer. The further I got into the movie, my disappointment kept on expanding as my concerns kept on sounding more plausible. Revealing her character flaws single-handedly broke the movie down for me. Hell, even the birds eye shot of the bell tower at the edge of the cliff was enough for me to be able to predict another major aspect of the climax. However, I can at least praise Ruth's character arc for being believable.However, there are aspects to this film which make it worth watching. For instance, the cinematography. Images of the mountainous landscape are gorgeous to look at. The fact that this film was shot in Technicolor doesn't diminish its impact at all. The shots look vibrant and overwhelming. However, the architectural shots look just as fabulous as well. A wide assortment of rooms and hallways from the film look immaculate with their amusing color schemes and the layout of furniture. Artsy designs on some of the walls serve as eye candy. I felt fully immersed with the environment at all times while watching the film.Some of the shots appear menacing as well. The shot of the bell tower suspended at the edge of the cliff is enough to send chills down your spine due to the angle at which it was shot. Also, Sister Ruth's iconic crimson lipstick sends a message to the viewer that there's no turning back for her. The film also uses shadows to create a foreboding atmosphere. The scene I'm referring to comes near the end where we see Sister Ruth engulfed in shadows while wearing dark colored clothing. Sister Clodagh, on the other hand, is wearing white in that scene, and we can clearly see her. It's a simple technique, but it helps to create a foreboding atmosphere and it also gives that scene a fair amount of suspense as a result.In conclusion, this film is worth seeing for the gorgeous visuals. They look overwhelming, vibrant, and at times - foreboding. However, the visuals aren't enough to save it from its predictability throughout the film and its disappointing ending. I found this movie to be a learning experience. I got more insight on how character arcs should be handled. Even though I didn't like this film, the incredible visuals and set design interested me in checking out more of Michael Powell's filmography.

Wendy S (au) wrote: My wishes for this movie: Would have liked to see more of their arguments between writers before they actually met and fell in love, to create a deeper tension to their relationship. Unsure if this "woman of the year" award is meant to be a farce, or an exploration of her position. However, for the time, the playing off of male/ female stereotypes and how a 'family runs'... a lot of those stereotypes exist today, so despite it's 1942 release date... it's still relevant. LOVED the moments when she's trying to cook near the end. Both Tracy and Hepburn are fab.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: Dark and disturbing directorial debut from plan b. story surrounds the lives of drug dealers and prostitutes living on an east end estate.well directed and acted and despite the hard hitting topics it's hard to look away.

Ryan B (br) wrote: Boring as all hell (pun intended)

Bubba S (gb) wrote: i want to see this so bad because i see thats its awsome