The Black Pirate

The Black Pirate

A nobleman vows to avenge the death of his father at the hands of pirates. To this end he infiltrates the pirate band. Acting in character he is instrumental in the capture of a ship, but things are complicated when he finds that there is a young woman on board whom he wishes to protect from the threat of rape.

Seeking revenge, an athletic young man joins the pirate band responsible for his father's death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (br) wrote: This movie was not funny and not very smart when you think about the story. The humor is so unfunny and really lame that i could make more funny jokes then this movie did, The story is weird and all over the damn place and that's why most of the film slows down by the stupid jokes and terrible story.

Andr B (br) wrote: Um filme que lana deliciosas provocaes sobre relaes de poder: homem e mulher, autor e obra, diretor e ator. Dialoga brilhantemente com o resto da filmografia de Polanski e mostra porque o diretor franco-polons ainda um dos grandes artistas vivos do Cinema.

David S (nl) wrote: Very chilling -- Robert Byrd's speech before the vote to give Bush the power to declare war -- he predicts everything that went wrong in Iraq in an impassioned speech. And he's got Parkinsons. And he was in the KKK.

Lois C (kr) wrote: A startlingly quasi-surrealistic exploration of exaggerated gender roles in modern Japan, where the husband becomes increasingly desperate to maintain his 'face'--his machismo authority--when he loses his job. The wife's overly submissive role is also explored and taken to its logical extreme.

Carlos R (ca) wrote: Some very interesting aspects and good acting in a good film, just a little boring.

Donna R (de) wrote: A little slow at first, but worth it if you watch the whole thing.

tara k (kr) wrote: i definitely don't own this

Magnus O (it) wrote: Lngsamt berttad film med intressanta karaktrer och vackra miljer. Upplsningen r grym och (lite) ovntatd.

Alex S (mx) wrote: Brilliant Walter Hill action film starring Nick Nolte.

Michael W (nl) wrote: What the story lacks is made up for by Bava's typically brilliant work. 5 Dolls works visually that its somewhat muddled plot is less hurting to the film.

Benjamin W (ag) wrote: As with most things in life, you can never take any title ending in an exclamation point seriously. As such, this western isn't as much about the hardships of living in the wild west, but is more a goofy laugh of a film.

Gus S (fr) wrote: Some of Roger Corman's best work. Unique screenplay, better than usual monster, and a story that doesn??t get too bogged down. Most of the effects are cheesy and there is an obvious low-budget, but the acting is not bad overall. Surprisingly enjoyable, but very short at just over an hour.

Carlton R (ru) wrote: Alastair Sim ,Trevor Howard ,Rosamund John ,Leo Genn ,Sally Gray and Judy Campbell is a film about a murdered patient, and then the nurse is killed leaving the remaining team under suspicion of being the killer, Alastair Sim investigates,Billed on the tv guide today as a comedy, but more a black comedy, very enjoyable classic

Jeffrey C (kr) wrote: The historical drama In Old Chicago is directed by Henry King and stars Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, and Don Ameche. The film takes place in 1870s Chicago. The film starts out with a family heading to Chicago in 1854. On the way to Chicago the father decides to race a train after his children ask him to do so and he loses control of the cart and ends up badly injuring himself, so much so it leads to his death. When the remainder of the family enter Chicago two of the children accidentally dirty a woman's dress and the mother offers to clean it for her. The mother is so good as cleaning she starts a business and then it is cut to 1870. All the boys are grown up one is a lawyer, one is involved with gambling and other frowned on affairs, and the final one does not really have that much of a part so it doesn't matter. The son that is a lawyer, Jack (Ameche), is convinced to run for mayor and Dion (Power) is one of the heads of a somewhat crime organization. The two are rivals, but then the great fire starts burning... The writing for this film is decent. It is an interesting concept having the two brothers pitted against each other, I like that part a lot. But every relationship involving a woman of romance just seemed so unnatural and forced. It was just like if anyone talked to a woman in a few minutes they would be in love. I liked towards the end everything that had to do with the fire, I thought that was very interesting and kept my attention. After the film ended though not much was very memorable. Henry King's direction for this film was quite good. One shot in particular I liked was when it was in the bar and the camera dollied backwards and I saw all the bartenders serving beer to the large crowd of people. This shot was so much more efficient than just an overhead shot displaying the large amount of people because it felt like I was actually there. Also King directed everything with the fire brilliantly as well. He got solid performances from all his leads as well. The editing for this film was equally as good as the direction. One thing I liked in particular was when the mother was washing the clothes and all the years passed by over her washing. I thought that was much smarter than just going to the next shot and putting 1870 on the bottom of the screen. Again with the fire scenes everything was edited perfectly, especially involving the special effects. The acting was solid by most of the cast. I thought Tyrone Power played his part very well, he was likable even though his character was devious. I did think the parts where he was with any woman besides his mother were ridiculous, but that wasn't his fault it was the writers and director. Alice Faye did not give that great of a performance but I thought her role was somewhat useless so it was hard for her to be good. Don Ameche basically just read his lines and furrowed his brow during the whole film so nothing remarkable. Alice Brady won an Oscar for her role as the mother and she deserved it. She was basically a caring mother that did not want her sons to be running around and being with women who were not of class. She played the part perfectly and really could not have improved. Overall I give this film a very weak 7/10. My main issue is that after the film I almost immediately forgot it but during the film it was quite an experience. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys historical dramas.

Danyelle (ag) wrote: I brought this movie because of my love of early Hepburn films while she was at RKO. March was great, Hepburn was great but the movie just didn't work for me it felt as if it was dragging on.

Josh P (us) wrote: Great comedy with many laughs to remember

Anthony J (br) wrote: Action packed fun. A true Van Damme classic.