The Black Rose

The Black Rose

In the time of the crusades, a Saxon youth is forced to run away from England. He goes with his loyal retainer who brings along a British long bow. The two go all the way to China where they become involved in intrigues in the court of Kubla Kahn.

A disinherited 13th Century Saxon nobleman leaves Norman England with an archer friend to seek his fortune in the Far East. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul W (us) wrote: Mars monsters. Standard shock horror flick but ok when nothing else on.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 79% Wade Williams is a strong lead, in this tight little thriller.

joey b (au) wrote: I remember seeing this back in the day nice film bout family and the streets

Alma N (gb) wrote: Lo que me gust aqu, fue que no trataron de hacer una comedia romntica, ms bien una situacin sobre un momento especifico de la vida, en la edad justa que te preguntas dnde ests y que decisiones deberas tomar

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Craig C (us) wrote: Based on the children's book, this could have been so much more than it was. Listless and boring.

Emily L (nl) wrote: Not the best adaptation, but not the worst either.

Tim R (kr) wrote: Platoon is a hard hitting, shocking revelation of what comes of war and it's soldiers!

victor l (br) wrote: Maybe not Brooks' best but it's still hilarious. I loved the French Revolution and Roman Empire segments. The Spanish Inquisition one was interesting, coming from a Jewish man making fun from a sad episode of history. History of the World Part I is worth a look.

Richard D (mx) wrote: I only remember liking it.

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Sean D (au) wrote: I feel like the film is a mixed bag. They seemed like they put more efforts into the credits than anything else in the film. The characters are cool and the martial artist and the girl seemingly make the film seem so different. The plot is rather boring. The fighting scenes are the creme of the crop of the film, everything else is kind of okay. The special effects are great. Decent watch. It's a different type of Viking film. Thor is evil in this film, which is usually not the case.