The Black Sleep

The Black Sleep

In 19th century England, a noted brain surgeon rescues a former student from being hanged on a false conviction for murder, and spirits him away to an ancient, repurposed abbey far in the countryside. There, he connives his pupil into assisting him in mapping the functions of the various parts of the human brain, using living subjects who are under a terrible animation-suspending drug called "black sleep". Subsequently, the student, along with the daughter of one of the subjects, discover that most of these subjects have survived but are being kept in a dungeon-like cellar, in various stages of derangement...

The film revolves around Sir Joel Cadmund, a mad scientist, kidnaps his victims and cuts open their brains in an effort to discover a means to cure his wife's brain tumor. The night before he is to be hanged for a murder he did not commit, young Dr. Gordon Ramsey is visited... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan T (de) wrote: While the film has its moments and boasts an excellent cast, it slowly devolves into trying to trick the audience and each twist cheapens it.

Linda P (gb) wrote: Cute movie. Sad at times, though.

Larry Y (jp) wrote: Can't stand Sean William Scott.

Vikram T (jp) wrote: music was good. over all it sucked

Valria V (es) wrote: The film shows a poignant way addiction and alcoholism affects an alcoholic and affect the whole family, making a living in a difficult and destructive relationship.

Bruce B (us) wrote: One of funest musicals ever just a good fun film

Shane J (ca) wrote: It's dumb but I loved it at the time of release

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Decent look @ modern bodybuilding & where it's come from.

Norman H (kr) wrote: Kid Cannabis is a film about a young man looking to make his riches, but lacks the institutional skills or patience to move up the economic ladder. So what does a kid do? Sell drugs and lots of it. This film is based on a true story which makes it much more intriguing and entertaining. The actors in this film aren't superb, but it doesn't have to be because the story holds it own. The film is filled with amateur actors which works to add a vibe of realism and authenticity. I don't want to give up any spoilers, but its worthy of our time. Kid Cannabis went under the radar and that's usually where one finds gems. Sold film.

Michael D (ru) wrote: I don't know what i expected, but this movie was a fun adventure. Sort of detective story. I felt bad for our main character through most of the film. Our character not only overcomes cultural and spatial obstacles, but also moments of internal doubt. I love the message which is preserver pursuing your dreams.

Larry W (gb) wrote: Putting prisoners on an airplane is a dumb idea. But at least they didn't fly it into a building. Sure beats Snakes on a Plane.

kenie r (jp) wrote: In all honesty the only reason I saw Lazer Team was because it was made by my favourite Youtube channel, RoosterTeeth. However once I saw this movie I found out how hilarious it was! I think this movie had really good writing and a really interesting plot. But I have to say there are parts of the movie that weren't as funny and I'll admit that I am a little biased to say I loved this movie because lots of the actors are from RoosterTeeth so I went into the movie already so excited about it but I personally think anyone could be a fan of this movie whether they're a fan of RoosterTeeth or not.