The Black Swan

The Black Swan

When notorious pirate Henry Morgan is made governor of Jamaica, he enlists the help of some of his former partners in ridding the Caribbean of Buccaneers. When one of them apparently abducts the previous governor's pretty daughter and joins up with the rebels, things are set for a fight.

When notorious pirate Henry Morgan is made governor of Jamaica, he enlists the help of some of his former partners in ridding the Carribean of Buccaneers. When one of them apparently ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris V (nl) wrote: A very good movie. Much better then i expecting, given that Brandon Routh is the star. Great story.

The D (es) wrote: Low budget gem. Beautiful music (Oscar winner), simple story well told, and a writer-director Carney that had an uncorrupted vision. Had this been a polished studio film with a huge budget it likely wouldn't have worked. This is what art is all about.

Camille L (fr) wrote: Dreamgirls aurait pu tre un trs bon musical si seulement ils avaient trouv de bons acteurs pour remplacer Beyonc, Jennifer Hudson et Jamie Foxx. Dans des rles charnires, ils sont absolument insupportables, constamment dans le surjeu, surtout dans les numros musicaux. Heureusement, il y a autour d'eux les excellents Eddie Murphy et Danny Glover sans oublier quelques camos sympathiques comme John Lithgow ou Loretta Devine. Les numros musicaux alternent aussi le bon et le moins bon, tout en tant trop nombreux et rptitifs. C'est vraiment dommage dans la mesure o Bill Condon se dbrouille plutt bien la ralisation, ni trop clinquante, ni trop fade.

James K (ca) wrote: Good fun family kung fu film. Me and my 4 year old dug it

Danny S (ca) wrote: A sad film, yet for some I suppose it is true to life. Covers a range of emotions, and thoughts. Enjoyed most of the acting.

Mark G (es) wrote: This film is insane, crazy, fun, and just overall awesome

Rain W (es) wrote: This was actually a good movie and one I believe all teenage girls need to watch. The suspense that builds up through the movie catches you enough to need to see it to the end.

Marischa B (mx) wrote: I loved the original Stomp the Yard, even though I disagreed with a few things in it.I hated this movie so much that I walked out of it (even if walking out only meant leaving the living room) partway through.WHY take a movie about stepping and turn it into a movie about senseless violence??? Plus, this movie doesn't have the eye-candy characters as did the first one.The movie should have been light-hearted and shown more STEPPING. I'm super frustrated that so many movies about one thing just HAVE to throw in a bunch of violence.On top of that, the main character does not draw you in. I do not feel any sympathy for him at all, as he his predicaments are all due to his own actions and choices.The best thing about the movie was seeing tWitch, as I am a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan.