The Black Witch Project

The Black Witch Project

A group of military rejects go on a retreat to find themselves, while in the process they notice how spooky and strange the camp becomes. Point blank a mad killer is on the loose.

A group of military rejects go on a retreat to find themselves, while in the process they notice how spooky and strange the camp becomes. Point blank a mad killer is on the loose. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (fr) wrote: Essential Killing is a little bit like an extreme episode of Man Versus Wild, shot by a master director. Jerzy Skolimowski, Famous director from the 70's is back with a piece of work that will definitely not appeal to mainstream audience. This is a film strip bare to the bones with a straight forward story. A man is on the lose and trying to survive in a very hostile and unknown environment to him. Gallo is perfect and gives everything he has to his director who pushes the boundaries quite far. The scene of breast feeding was a climax of rawness and primal instinct. If you are a fan of this type of film you will probably enjoy the superb photography, the beautiful scenery and the minimalistic vibe. It's definitely not a film for everyone but it deserves a look.

Eliabeth M (ca) wrote: This movie was really gory. It was not expected to me to be that bloody but it was entertaining.

Jennifer M (mx) wrote: It is more interesting to watch this along with Iraq's Guns for Hire.

Jesse F (es) wrote: Not one of the worst remakes but it is particularly bland and unsatisfying.

Katie K (ag) wrote: weird, but loved it1

Melissa M (gb) wrote: I liked it coz of Jon bon Jovi. Its a vampire film so most vamp films are ace to me, except the odd one or two.

Ben L (nl) wrote: I am a big fan of legal dramas that involve the little guy taking on big corporate creeps, and that is mostly what Erin Brockovich is about. Yes, it's focused on the titular character and we occasionally have to sidetrack the film for family time with the Brockovich's, but the majority of the plot is about this one big case that changes her life. I loved all the legal investigation stuff and the acting was pretty good too. Surprisingly, I actually thought Albert Finney's performance was better than Julia Roberts. He was the best, and I kept wanting to see more of him throughout the movie. The actor that I could have used less of was Aaron Eckhart. He is completely wrong for his role, and every time he appeared I wanted to tell him to take off the Halloween costume and act like the clean-cut sophisticated gentleman that we all know he was born to play. It didn't help that those scenes between Eckhart and Roberts were the most tedious parts of the movie and distracted from what was far more interesting. I get the point of the scenes, because it is an interesting idea to show the catch-22 that a single mom can be caught in when she has to provide for her kids, but in so doing she can't be with her kids. Unfortunately, I thought the presentation of that dilemma was not great and they definitely gave it short shrift in the script.The fact that Erin Brockovich fails to properly resolve problems that it raises is really the number one flaw in the film. They make it seem important that she is occasionally not giving her kids the attention they need, but then a single moment where the son offers to pick her up breakfast is supposed to make us say "Oh, now it's OK, because the kids understand." Real life tells us that this hasn't really fixed anything except that specific moment in her day. The movie is also too effective at vilifying the idea of sharing the case with a bigger firm, and the subsequent choice to go with arbitration. They really hammer this home because Erin has a very contentious relationship with the members of this other firm. Yet somewhere along the way we're just supposed to let all that go, because Ed Masry says so. However, despite some flaws, I found the overall experience of watching Erin Brockovich to be pleasant and I enjoyed the (admittedly predictable) conclusion to the film.

Dan M (nl) wrote: 3 1/2 stars out of 5. This wasn't quite as good as part 1, but it was still a fun movie and I'm looking forward to seeing their next adventure.

Anthony I (ca) wrote: Are you confused? or disturbed? or paranoid? or turned on? or all of the above? If you've answered "All of the above", congratulations, you've had a terrific David Lynch experience. Lost Highway isn't one of Lynch's better known films. Perhaps its not as whimsically demented as Eraserhead or as nightmarish as Blue Velvet. But PLEASE don't let this one pass you by. This is a terrific mind-bender. This movie creeps you out in the best ways Lynch can. He leaves us hanging with a few mysterious characters, all of whom not knowing who they are, and more importantly, not knowing what they're doing. At the picture's end, we still don't know.. but we've enjoyed the wild ride while it lasted. Terrific performances abound. Patricia Arquette is at her best here, I definitely got an Alabama Whitman vibe here. The cameos are the best. An insane Robert Loggia, a strangely subdued Gary Busey. Legendary comedian Richard Pryor given merely (and I'm not joking) a minute of screen time.. and he kills it. But the best part, and undoubtedly the creepiest character and element of this picture is Robert Blake. Terrifying is a word that appropriately describes him here. It doesn't help that he's Robert Blake either.

Logan M (mx) wrote: I really didn't enjoy this movie. It didn't keep me interested, the questions it raised, i wasent eager to have answered. The plot was fairly predictable. The good about it though was that it was highly relatable, had a good message, almost made you want to be a better person. Another bad thing though was, for a movie thats intended to keep you open minded and to show you not to look down on people, it did make you look down on the people doing wrong. If it was committed to its message as a film it would have helped you understand them too, not just the anti social, suicidal people.