The Blackout

The Blackout

It's Christmas Eve, the city goes dark, and the few remaining tenants of The Ravenwood find themselves trapped in their building. And they are not alone.

It's Christmas Eve, the city goes dark, and the few remaining tenants of The Ravenwood find themselves trapped in their building. And they are not alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivier B (it) wrote: I hate when movies are made just to win oscars, and this is a perfect example.

Darius M (fr) wrote: AWESOMEE!!! Fantasia did great !!!!

Critic M (ca) wrote: "Choke" is a very dark comedy starring Sam Rockwell. This film takes risks and is very unusual in a good sense. Rockwell portrays Victor Mancini, a sex addict who works at a living history museum, cons people in his free time by pretending to choke to gain their sympathy and during the film tries to uncover the truth about his birth. There is plenty to laugh at in this film, yet there is also a substantial amount of drama. "Choke" shouldn't be pigeonholed into one specific genre, it is it's own thing. Sam Rockwell gives a great performance as always and the entire supporting cast is very fitting. "Choke" is borderline insane, but that's a positive thing.

Paul D (jp) wrote: One for the lovers. The relationship break ups and returns are played out well by both Crowe and Hayek, but after a while you don't really care what happens to them.

shania arianeet m (gb) wrote: this is the reason because this video Rodney Dangerfield was my favorite comedy actor?

Karsh D (es) wrote: Overly violent sequel which entertains to a certain degree. A new powerful drug is sweeping Detroit......Robocop likes nothing more than wiping the scum of the earth, off the earth.

Shaun L (es) wrote: So bad it's good. The film is also made a little creepy by the how the director allegedly molested the lead actor.

Alex r (us) wrote: Scarecrows is a good film, but one that could definitely have used a few rewrites to make it a much better horror film. The scarecrow genre is an interesting genre of horror, and there has been a few good movies to deal with the subject, the most notable being Dark Night of the Scarecrow, which stands as the finest and scariest Scarecrow film ever made. This film on the other hand is good, but one that never really takes off and becomes a tedious affair. The film is directed by somewhat who clearly can't seem to craft a tense and thrilling memorable horror film that considering its idea, should have been much better than this. Scarecrows is good, but falls short of its potential, and I think it's a great shame because this film could have been a worthwhile and truly terrifying scarecrow film. As it stands, the scares are average, and the performances could have been improved upon a bit. The film clearly has limitations, and it tries to create effective scares, but it never ends up being terrifying. A good outing, but one that isn't a standout picture either. If you want the definitive scarecrow film, watch Dark Night of the Scarecrow, which is far better acted, directed and has a much better story. This is a good horror film to watch when you have nothing else better to do, and it could have been done much better. I really expected something great with this one, but as a whole, I was a bit disappointed as well. Good, but never great, Scarecrows is a film that considering its premise should definitely have been superior in every way compared to what we go on-screen. Worth seeing at least once, but it doesn't necessitate multiple viewings.

Aubrey F (ag) wrote: I did not mean this version,i meant the one with Tom hanks

molly c (nl) wrote: my favorite Dean Jones film ever

Paul D (ru) wrote: The heavyweight cast bring a fairly ordinary frontier story to life. Mitchum and Holden were never going to win any performance awards for this one, but they have presence and their fist-fight is great to see.

Ben L (jp) wrote: For those who don't know, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the story of a small town man who becomes a Senator and heads to DC with wide-eyes and high-hopes. Naturally there's nothing like seeing the inner workings of a committee, particularly the biggest committee in the land, to crush someone's innocence. As a result this transitions into a story about one man with honesty and idealism fighting against the corruption of the American government. Jimmy Stewart is so brilliant as the naive Mr. Smith. He is exactly the kind of actor you want when you are trying to portray a man who has an almost child-like outlook on life, but also holds within him the strength of character to stand up against all opposition even when he appears to be all alone. Claude Rains is absolute perfection as the compromised Senator Paine. He puts so much depth into his performance that you can sense his resolve, his pride, and his guilt all in one conversation. At every moment you start to think he will break, and so the conclusion makes total sense and feels like a logical progression for his character. Jean Arthur has a nice arc to her story as well, and she is just the right kind of woman to guide Mr. Smith through the dark truths of the American political system.I am simply amazed how relevant this film is more than 75 years after it was made. The vision of big business controlling the government through money and influence is even more real today than it was in the 1930s. Just as Frank Capra made people dream back then of a small town man who would stand up for what is right, I think we all find ourselves now wishing that would be true in our day and age. Speaking of Capra's direction he really has an amazing eye for film-making. The way he frames shots is pure brilliance, and he knows exactly how to imbue all the emotion and heart into a scene. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the brilliance of the scene where Jefferson Smith meets Susan Paine. The way he holds the shot on their hands and tells the entire story through Smith fidgeting with his hat is masterful. He knows how to maximize a shot and get every little bit of subtext without having to overwhelm us with expository dialogue. My only complaint about Mr. Smith Goes to Washington would be the abrupt ending. It feels odd the way that everything just stops and we see literally none of the fallout after the big climax (SPOILERS: Our hero is even left unconscious as The End hits the screen.) However I have to hand it to Capra, because he has a magical way of getting the audience to an emotional high point and then just letting them walk away with this huge smile on their faces. This is a superb film, and one that I think should be required viewing for all film buffs.

Kendrick M (jp) wrote: Aaron Eckhart is excellent in this movie. It may be the typical Rom Com but it warms my soul. Say it with me... "Cinema yum yum!"

Rob R (us) wrote: You know where it is going yet you can't stop watching it go there.

Righ F (fr) wrote: Cohan is Great, also Cagney is.