The Blackout

The Blackout

A rag tag band of idiots on the verge of signing a recording contract is sandbagged by their lead singer, Chas Knopfler, into throwing the mother of all parties the night before they embark on a world tour. Eddie Mesmer, the rhythm guitarist, awakens to find his drummer, Toss Dunbar, hanging from a tree like a scarecrow, and the house completely destroyed. Eddie and Toss quickly realize that A: they can't remember anything and B: there's a dead guy in the pool. Now, they have to figure out what happened the night before or their Rock and Roll dream is over.

Members of a rock band can't remember what happened at an epic party they threw to celebrate their new record deal. They have to drink to remember. The prior night's debauchery comes back to them as they get Halfway to a Blackout against insurmountable odds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (ru) wrote: Terry Gilliam isn't going to please everyone with this raw & dry tale of a little girl inventing stories to escape a reality so horrible it would traumatized any child for the rest of their days. Jeff Bridges gives a strong performance so is new comer Jodelle Ferland, absolutely fantastic child actress.

Lewis P (ag) wrote: Better off as a one hour TV episode*** This review may contain spoilers ***Detective Wade Handler (Benjamin Bratt) is the sad-sack protagonist of 'Abandon' (which should have been more aptly named 'Abandoned'). Handler has just returned to his assignment on the police force after being suspended (presumably) for a DWI or drinking on the job. Handler's supervisor won't allow him to use a squad car and wants to break him in slowly so he assigns Handler to a missing person's case. What's so unusual about this case is that the missing person in question, Embry Larkin, an artsy but rebellious college student, disappeared two years ago. It seems unlikely that a detective (even one who is returning after a suspension) would be assigned to a missing person's case (especially one that is two years old) since typically missing person's cases are not considered priority matters for a police investigation.Nonetheless, Handler focuses his attention on Embry's last girlfriend at the college, Katie Burke (played by Katie Holmes). Katie at first appears to be a bright Ph.D. student who's about to finish her dissertation and apply for a high-powered corporate job at a successful consulting firm. After awhile, Katie starts believing that she's been seeing Embry pop up around campus. The film's scenarist, Stephen Gaghan (of Syriana fame), intentionally keeps you in the dark until the film's end as to whether these Embry sightings are merely figments of Katie's imagination or actual appearances by the former boyfriend.The story unfortunately drags on much too long with Katie's fleeting glimpses of Embry. Nothing much happens in terms of the plot until another one of Katie's long-term suitors, Harrison Hobart, disappears. Katie's confrontations with Embry become more aggressive as she accuses him of having a hand in Harrison's disappearance. Katie is becoming more unhinged and starts seeing a shrink to cope with the disturbing confrontations she's been having with Embry.Meanwhile, the clueless detective Handler has not been acting like a very good detective. Instead of being suspicious of all possible suspects (including Katie), he seems to accept everything she tells him at face value. As it turns out, Handler has been attending AA meetings and soon decides that police work is not for him so he hands in his badge. But just as he has resigned, he receives some important news from a crime lab buddy who informs him that a note Katie claimed she had recently received from Embry was actually two years old.Before the film's climax, Harrison pops up at the college graduation and the audience learns that his disappearance had nothing to do with foul play on Embry's part (Harrison simply lost his way while hiking in a State Park). Fortunately for him, he already decided to walk away from Katie. But former detective Handler is not so lucky. He already had an intimate moment with the psycho college co-ed. Now that it's finally dawned on him that Katie has been imagining all these encounters with Embry, he tells her that he doesn't want to go away with her as they previously had planned.Abandon's conclusion takes place in an abandoned building near campus. In a flashback we now see what actually happened: Embry got sick of Katie and told her that he was planning to leave her so she knocked him over the head with a cement block and he falls into a pool of water, dead. The same fate awaits former Detective Handler: we see him floating dead with a bashed head in the grimy pool of water along with Embry's two year old skeleton.Abandon has some excellent cinematography, capable acting and a brooding score resulting in a nice, overall 'noirish' feel. But the story does not develop organically. It was designed primarily to showcase its 'twist ending'. Ultimately why should we really care about Katie, the film's antagonist? Does she really stand out as a unique 'femme fatale'? Not really. Sure there are a few good scenes suggesting that she's good at manipulating people (the job interview for example) but there are way too many of those clichd childhood flashbacks suggesting parental abuse as well the aforementioned multiple 'Embry' sightings which slow the story down considerably. The same goes for Detective Handler, the protagonist, who never seems to be able to put two and two together. It's hard to like a protagonist who is so passive and pathetic.After watching Abandon for the first time, I was forced to go back and watch it again just to try and refresh my memory as to the important plot points. So many of the scenes simply are not memorable; they tend to blend into one another. Abandon's story feels more like an hour-long TV episode stretched out to fulfill the requirements of a feature film. Had it been done on TV, it would have been much more effective.

Indu R (kr) wrote: I liked this movie. It was inspirational and the plot was very good. Mark Wahlburg was good as Vince Papale. This movie was not as dramatic for an inspirational sports movie.

Kenneth B (au) wrote: It's amazing that a film can waste such talented and likable lead actresses. Practical Magic is devoid of both thrills and laughs.

Nicholas D (nl) wrote: Often funny, but not as good as the first two.

Emily H (jp) wrote: My favorite romantic comedy by far!

Private U (br) wrote: Well I guess for it's time this film must have been something very unique. It's a funny little film based on the paranoia of the effects of the use of atomic energy. Pretty campy, but if you're into old school sci fi, it might be good for you to check out.

Jessica L (ru) wrote: Very good. Tom Hanks is always fantastic.

Jeremy N (jp) wrote: A friend of mine always used to say: "Fight fire with fire." That's probably why his house burned down.

Leah T (ca) wrote: The smurfs come to life!