The Blank Generation

The Blank Generation

The cream of New York new wave/punk filmed live at CBGB's when the scene was just beginning. Includes performances by Patti Smith, Blondie, Television, the Ramones, Talking Heads, the Heartbreakers, the Shirts, Wayne County, the Marbles, the Dolls, Miamis, Harry Toledo, and the Tuff Darts (w/Robert Gordon).

The cream of New York new wave/punk filmed live at CBGB's when the scene was just beginning. Includes performances by Patti Smith, Blondie, Television, the Ramones, Talking Heads, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antonio I (us) wrote: After "An inconvenient true" this is a must see, though the suggestions might be aplicable only for developed countries, but is a start!

House M (de) wrote: Disapointing. The storyline was badly pulled, 10 minutes before the and everything is just miraculously solved. Not a must see.

John T (de) wrote: This docu-drama about the WTO riots in Seattle in 1999 is made in the same style as "Bloody Sunday", "United 93", and "Battle for Haditha": it just shows events in real time without comment. We follow everyone here from the ground up; the protest groups, the cops on the street, their commanders, city officials, a news reporter, and innocent bystanders. Maybe the scenes with the news reporter are the least fleshed out, but that's a fairly minor complaint for a movie that is very involving and entertaining and thought-provoking. Woody Harrelson and Charlize Theron are very good, as usual, and Michelle Rodriguez is perfectly cast. One of the big surprises here is Andre Benjamin, from Outkast fame, who delivers a fine supporting performance; he's irreverent but very smart. Ray Liotta is very effective as the mayor, and the film does a great job of seeing the complexities in elected officials as he struggles to please all sides; he is looking for the protesters to behave while also wanting the WTO to address important issues.This lame film sets a terribly-written fictional narrative against the backdrop of the 1999 riots in Seattle that occurred during the meeting of the World Trade Organization. Director Stuart Townsend, who is also responsible for the juvenile screenplay, concocts ridiculous and melodramatic situations out of a scenario that already had enough dramatic heft of its own without embellishment.Townsend creates a group of stock characters that includes the beleaguered Seattle mayor (Ray Liotta); a couple of protesters (Martin Henderson and Michelle Rodriquez) whom the screenplay forces into an awkward and unnecessary romance; a reporter (Connie Nielsen) who actually joins the protesters(!) after she witnesses some police brutality (I'm not making this up); and a police officer (Woody Harrelson) and his pregnant wife (Charlize Theron) whose lives are altered dramatically by the events of those few days. These actors are put into narrative situations that a 16-year-old would come up with if he were asked to jot down a bunch of scenarios that he thought would have a dramatic impact on his audience. Therefore, everything is hokey and maudlin to the extreme. The story line involving Theron, in particular, actually made me angry because of its cheap tactics.You don't get real idea of what the protesters were protesting about. Very much like the real protesters who were a mish mash of anarchists, drop-outs, ravers/party goers, manic depressives, attention seekers, show offs, chancers, and total dreamers. None of whom have any idea of reality because they cannot use logical thought processes.Anyway, Charlize Theron spends most of the movie crying in bed ignoring her husband Woody Harrleson who plays one of the riot police officers. I had high hopes for Theron when I first saw her years ago but she sure knows how to pick bad scripts and I do think her career is suffering from it. Woody (like Theron) will have been drawn to the project because of his environmental background and on paper he must have thought it would be a good move to accept the role. He, and Theron are both lucky the movie didn't finish their careers off. Ray Liotta plays the Seattle Mayor. The Mayor seems like a decent trusting guy but is essentially betrayed by the protesters rampage. Liottas performance, as well as Theron and Harrleson were mediocre at best. I don't blame them though. Clearly the director has absolutely no idea how to coax a performance from actors and if I were to hedge a bet I would say the director was personally caught up (emotionally) due to his obvious political views. Nothing wrong with putting your case forward in a movie, but you have to do it right and provoke a reaction from the audience, make them think. This completely fails to do that. The man completely forgot he was making a movie and like most extreme leftists the idea is always better than the reality. As you watch you will care nothing for any of the characters in the movie. Your constantly hoping something will happen, it never does because quite frankly very little actually happened in Seattle over those few days. A few protesters running around smashing windows will not give anyone the ammunition to make a full 90 minute movie.Its quite telling that since the movies release two years ago it only has around 40 reviews on IMDb. Just goes to show that no one, not even the protesters give a damn about this movie. They are probably to embarrassed.The favourable reviews of which there are far to many can only be from a few dreamers and those with an agenda. But seriously, pay them no attention because this is a really bad movie no matter what side of the political spectrum you come from.This movie was pretty darn bad. There were heaps of cringe-inducing lines of dialog and generally mediocre acting. To their credit, the principal actors didn't have much to work with, especially Ms. Theron. Her ability was absolutely wasted since her character spends most of her on screen time whimpering and moaning. The standout performance was from Andre, who was able to use his few good lines to create a likable character.The script was absolutely contrived and there were too many moments of incredulity. The fictionalized events that were "inserted" were hamhanded and obvious, and some downright insultingly so. There were a handful of "serious" moments that caused a laugh and too few "funny" moments that inspired one.

Valria V (jp) wrote: Uma histria comovente, um drama de um pai que depois do fracasso tenta reconstruir sua vida a duras penas. O final deixa a desejar.

Mark A (au) wrote: I just finished watching this movie on one of the movie channels on TV. I saw it in 2007 with my dad, and it is one of my favorite movies. It's a delightful (a word I rarely use to describe anything) and charming film about Beatrix Potter, the author of The Tales of Peter Rabbit in early 20th century England. It will pull on your emotions in many ways. By the end of the movie, one just feels good about having seen it. If you've not seen this film, then rent it or stream it in whatever method you use. You'll be glad you did! :D

Carl M (nl) wrote: One of the sweetest movies I've ever seen, the ice cream scene was when I knew I was going to like this movie

Benjamin C (kr) wrote: My favorite Will Ferrell movie

Andrew L (fr) wrote: A follow up from the highly success original this film still directed by Kenji Fukasaku lacks some excitement and story with a much bigger budget. This film in a way is still good in a sense but compare with the original this is not like how it was. This time the story has a turn around but adults giving permission to the Japanese government to use their own kids to fight in a war to kill a terriost who is an anti-adult. There are lots of familiar subjects in this film from other war classics. It's still a gory and violent film with style, but also the acting and characters are not as good as the original apart from Tatsuya Fujiwara

Crista I (ag) wrote: Love this film. What all romantic comedies should be like.

Kevin L (br) wrote: Every 30 seconds is guaranteed a laugh. Great Eddie Murphy. He should still be in these types of rolls.

Matthew S (us) wrote: Crass, rude, inappropriate, silly and oddly effective film of two young men out looking for sex and a good time. It most definitely is from a very different time. The fact that it is hard to determine if these two goofs are potentially dangerous and insane -- or just a couple of goofy dudes up for anything.

Spyros T (de) wrote: The Decameron had it's moments but this has to be the weakest par of Pasolini's trilogy of life. I only liked the absurd, perverted and surrealistic last scene, taking place in hell. It reminded me a little bit of South Park!

Thomas B (it) wrote: Oozes class, wit and fun. Fantastic film

Edgar W (ca) wrote: Not a highlight, but a chilling movie to watch !

Robert B (nl) wrote: Empire of the Ants (Bert I. Gordon, 1977)In the late seventies, I was at a friend's house and I caught a few sequences of It Happened at Lakewood Manor on television. I had no idea what it was, and I spent years, decades actually, tracking that movie down. This, of course, brought me into contact with pretty much every ant-related movie that was made in the seventies. Once I found out Empire of the Ants dealt with monster-sized ants, I knew it wasn't the movie I was looking for, but when I found a listing for it in the mid-eighties and saw Joan Collins' name attached, I had to wonder what sorts of shenanigans this movie held in store. Now I have seen it, and I know the answer, and I wish it was 1985 again and I was just stumbling upon this movie and still wondering how ridiculous it could be.You know that old saw about having prime real estate in Okefenokee Swamp to sell? Well, this is where it came from. Collins (Dynasty) plays Marilyn, a shady real estate agent who's trying to pass off a little island in the middle of a swamp as paradise that's just begging for a resort to be developed on it. She takes down a passel of prospective buyers, and they discover the area infested with ants. Now, that's not usually enough to get people to not buy land, but you see, these ants are about twenty feet long, as tall as elephants, and need a few tourists to help out with their plan for intergalactic domination. Or something.While you're watching this, if you're an aspiring filmmaker, just keep saying to yourself "someone greenlit this." Of course, in the direct-to-video age, if you end up making Empire of the Cockroaches, it's probably not going to open on a thousand screens...but you never know. Put together a bunch of non-actors, head them up with some fading TV character types, add the cheapest script and special effects money can buy, and, well, you've just created an American International Picture, really. My guess is that if you caught this back in the day, and were very young at the time, it may hold a good deal of nostalgia value, the same way It Happened at Lakewood Manor does with me these days. But for everyone else it can safely be avoided. * 1/2