The Bleeding

The Bleeding

Surrounded by carnage, slaughter, brutal crashes and total mayhem, Shawn Black is in a race to save the world from pure evil.

The horror follow Shawn Black whose parents and brother were killed in front of him by a gang of ruthless vampires. Along with Reverend Roy, Shawn has no choice other than determining to take his revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Bleeding torrent reviews

Colton G (it) wrote: sounds like fallout ripoff

David J (ca) wrote: More of the same. More fights, guns, and girls.

Cheryl M (us) wrote: Everything about this is terrible. Anyone who gave this more than 1 star must have actually been in the movie and are trying to promote it.The acting was so awful it made me cry.I gave it one star for the soundtrack.

Michael S (de) wrote: A so-so ghost story about two college students trapped on a snowy Pennsylvania country road on their way to Delaware. I liked the approach, favoring atmosphere over cheap scares/gore, but the script needed polishing. Fun fact: Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney executive produced.

Matt L (fr) wrote: ahh, B side love in the house, watch this shit and you will be like what the fuck hahaha.

Josue F (jp) wrote: Me gusta, Paz muy bien y Javier Camara excelente , lo llegas a odiar!!

Dann M (ag) wrote: Steve Martin and Michael Caine are Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in this hilarious Frank Oz comedy. When confidence man Freddy Benson moves in on another con man's territory the two have a competition to see which of them can con $50,000 from an American heiress first. The con jobs are outrageously funny and full of twists as the two con man try to outdo each other. Martin and Caine are hysterical together, and give outstanding performances. And, Frank Oz's directing does an impressive job at enhancing the comedy so that the jokes hit just right. An incredibly fun and entertaining film, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels delivers non-stop laughs.

Samuel S (mx) wrote: Assistia demais esse filme na infancia, me lembro que gravei em VHS e no via a hora de acabar a aula e ir para casa assistir! Nem almoa! Passei uns 2 meses nessa..

James H (it) wrote: Solid British World War II action drama. Great cast, well written, the story is interesting. The cinematography is good. A fine film.

Petri K (jp) wrote: Burton Gilliam is my fave in this movie. Jerry Reed's "Gator" song is great as well.

Markku R (de) wrote: An interesting story of a decadent mad king who was actually a liberace gay romantic romantic eccentric. Great acting and beautiful sets and costumes etc. But almost four hours is a bit too much and I was bored every now and then.

Sean C (es) wrote: Weird 60s films. Very nihilistic, but the zaniness of the ships scenes was cool.

Susan B (ca) wrote: one of those movies where you felt like you were part of it...

Bob W (nl) wrote: I saw this movie when it came out in 1964. I was only 7 years old. It is a good kid film.

Kris V (gb) wrote: Funny little 50s B-grade sci-fi, noticeable because of the familiar uniforms (straight from the set of Forbidden Planet) and Zsa Zsa Gabor being in it. I also liked how the professor lights a cigaret inside the spaceship during take-off.

Chad H (mx) wrote: Certainly a very odd film. This is what is known as a propaganda film that was created to show the affects of drug usage mainly marijuana. This film is filled and packed with things that just do not make sense and hinge heavily on the fact that if you were to smoke this drug, it will change your life forever. Things happen that are not true, and over the top things happen. This film was made as a means of scaring the youth to not indulge in drugs. A very bold attempt at the time as I am sure this freaked a lot of youngsters out for the 30's. But it holds up very poorly in this day and age. The facts are inconceivably wrong, and as mentioned it relies heavily upon shocking the audience from false information. To sum it all up...This movie is definitely worth a watch as it is a great time capsule of the drug craze of the 30's. It definitely grants perspective to anyone who watches and can possibly shed some light on past american film history. It's not terribly long just shy over sixty minutes and doesn't exactly drag on. I say give this one a watch if you are a cult film fan.

Isadore H (gb) wrote: Point Break features Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, and some good ol' 80's cheese. The plot is pretty good, the script is well written as well, and the acting is not too bad either, the two leads do a great job, and Gary Busey is always a plus. There were definitely a few corny moments and some parts that were questionable, and the second half of the movie featured everyone screaming through their lines while pulling off extreme stunts. In the end though, it sort of worked towards the film in a strange way. It kind of features the good-spirited attitude that Independence Day offers, even if it fails to to totally work all the time. Point Break is more of a cult classic, but still one I enjoyed

Marjorie T (jp) wrote: Started off good, but then got totally ridiculous.