The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring

Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

Inspired by actual events, a teenager and his gang of fame-obsessed youths use the Internet to track the whereabouts of celebrities, in order to rob their homes. Their victims included Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Rachel Bilson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Armelle R (ru) wrote: It's all about suspension of disbelief, innit. I had quite a good time watching this movie and it's genuinely cute and endearing.

Alice C (ag) wrote: Loved it, wish i could be stuck in one day of summer.

Jenifer M (es) wrote: Don't really care for the acting of Marc blucas but this movie was ok I like movies with a twist and this one had one

mike h (ag) wrote: its parker posey and hal hartley, people don't get regular movies, or action or anything how the hell will they get art house,

Mike D (ca) wrote: great movie but hard to find

Tonya V (jp) wrote: I love this movie! Mel Gibson is always great!

Steven W (mx) wrote: enjoyable although inaccurate but holds as a fav from my youth

cody f (it) wrote: At times very original and very funny and other times just plain chaotic. Putney Swope is Robert Downey Sr's satire about what would happen if a revolutionary black man was put in charge of one of America's biggest advertising agencies in the late 60's. This movie has a great opening and some great scenes and laugh out loud moments. Arnold Johnson is very good as Putney and Robert Downey Sr.'s voice over of Putney makes the character even better. I might have liked it more if it wouldn't have gone so crazy at times. It's such a interesting story I think it would have worked as a regular satire narrative. It is a movie of it's time, so it's a bit dated,but shot in B/W documentary style does make it timeless. It is defiantly worth a watch and it will help you understand a joke in Johnny Be Good better.

Michael M (au) wrote: Well, it's not as bad as Bloody Murder that's all I can say.....

Jason D (kr) wrote:, where do I begin with this little "gem". End Game is the story of a serial killer Brad Mayfield (WWF/TNA wrestling legend Kurt Angle) who begins a killing spree, starting with a beautiful dancer. An ugly-douche detective is hot on the killer's trail, who begins playing mind games with him as well as on the victim's stripper roommate (Jenna Morasca). Lots of talking ensues, a bland murder happens here and there, a lot of sex and strip club scenes occur (fully-clothed the entire time), and so much other nonsense that I honestly could not believe while I was watching this piece of garbage. Let's see, what else went on. Oh, our lead girl wears the same outfit sleeping, at a funeral, and casually. The killer calls our "hero" in the middle of the night from outside the city limits where it's a gorgeous sunny day. The swat team consists of 4 guys in jeans and t-shirts that say POLICE on them. Um, oh, our "hero" is an insufferable moron that treats his family like shit, cheats on his wife with the lead chick, and gets away with his douchbaggery scott free; no comeuppance. Apparently, the retard child is the REAL hero of the movie. Our lovely director, Bruce Koehler and writer McCartney James (BOTH of whom do NOT deserve those titles) apparently did absolutely ZERO research into how the police/detectives run serial killer cases. It's as if this film was made my young, ambitious children. Here's a guess on how they did this film: whatever budget they came in with, 75% of it was given to Angle and the remaining 25% was used to create this abortion of a film. There is a TINY list of films I tell people to avoid and this is definitely one of them. I don't think critics should be allowed to tell people what to and what not to watch, and I hate being in that sort of position, but god damn, this movie was awful. Bad acting, bad writing, TERRIBLE continuity, horrible directing. I honestly wish I could go back and add this to my worst of 2009 list. I wish that none of these people would ever work in the movie business again.

Cameron F (fr) wrote: A prank goes deadly wrong when traveling brothers mess with the wrong trucker. The suspense might be thin but the action is swift and entertaining.

Toribio H (fr) wrote: Even though most of the movie is shot in and on the HMS Surprise, it is so energetic and filled with well written characters, not to mention Russell Crowe at the helm! The film gives you an idea of isolation at sea, as well as make you feel brimming with adventure, letting you feel as happy as the sailors when you sight land. Watching this is like watching a free-way car chase,with the same excitement drawn through-out the whole film, with the ocean as your road and frigates as cars.

Lindsey W (ca) wrote: Loved it! Great action.

matheus c (jp) wrote: The Fault in Our Stars takes on a dark subject with charm, grace and good performances, staying clear of melodrama territory.

Cory K (it) wrote: Great visual and sound gags make for a satire about the parallels of both versions of the word modernity worth seeing over and over.