The Blood Beast Terror

The Blood Beast Terror

A Scotland Yard Detective (Peter Cushing) must investigate a series of murders perpetrated by a giant blood-sucking moth that can take human form.

A Victorian policeman (Peter Cushing) discovers a professor's (Robert Flemyng) daughter (Wanda Ventham) is a king-size moth that feeds on the blood of her victims when she is in the moth form. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luc L (ag) wrote: Some famous sketches done live.

Niels S (fr) wrote: If they hadn't changed Patricia Highsmith's much better and darker ending, this could have been a great movie.

Nicholas L (ru) wrote: I can't see how this movie got all the oscars it did because it lacked a full script and an engaging character. Neither did the movie do justice to the full extent of brutality that the people experienced during that time. It was such a bare bones account.

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Allan C (br) wrote: Solid police drama from the producer to "Bullitt" and "The French Connection," Philip D'Antoni, who took over the director's chair this one outing. The film's story is based upon one from Sonny Grosso, one of the real-life cops from "The French Connection" who Roy Scheider's character is based upon. Scheider plays the leader of a small squad of cops who operate somewhat outside the boundaries of normal police procedure, though they're nicknamed the Seven-Ups because the criminals they sentence typically get seven years or more. This film has the same gritty 70s street crime feel Bullitt and Connection, but this film isn't up to that high standard, though few films are of that caliber. However, this film does deliver a car chase scene that is arguable just as strong as the classic chase scenes in either of those films, though nothing will top the story that Connection director William Friedkin had stuntman Bill Hickman drive head on into oncoming live traffic and filmed it all. Bill Hickman returns to provide stunt driving here for another classic chase that alone makes this film worth watching. Besides the classic chase scene, this film has solid characters, a decent story and a strong performance by Scheider in the lead. And perennial bad guy character actor Richard Lynch also makes nasty villain.