The Blood of Rebirth

The Blood of Rebirth


Based on the Japanese legend of 15th century adventurer, Oguri Hangan Daisukeshige (Tatsuya Nakamura), Toyoda places us in a surreal world of tattooed Japanese slave workers whose real life roles serve more as symbols than actual characters. After being hired by a local despot, Daizen, to massage away a nasty venereal disease, Oguri is viley betrayed after refusing to stay longer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Richard M (jp) wrote: Well I really liked this movie. As I always do I get put off at the beginning when I see the houses and neighborhoods that give the world the impression nothing is wrong here in the US and we're all millionaires. But Kristen Wiig is superb in this film. I liked the character from the start, a caregiver who cares about the old woman who dies on her watch. it is also a pleasure to see US films like this that are about relatively ordinary people and their ordinary problems. Just like the rest of us.

Yehia A (ag) wrote: it's good 4 kid under 10 and old than 5 and it's good 4 them and so normal for older than that

David F (it) wrote: Pretty bad stoner comedy with nothing but dumb drug jokes as it follows a girl who gets higher than she planned off her roommates pot cupcakes and then attempts to engage in daily activities like going to an audition and paying a power bill in person with little success. There's nothing here for anyone who isn't high and even people who are would hopefully have higher standards than can be met by a film like this.

Ben M (br) wrote: A movie with a strong message that unfortunately leaves us with an anticlimactic and predictable ending

Greg V (ca) wrote: Garden State is gleeful film about a young adult finding his way in life and juggling between his past and future. Well written and phenomenally acted, Garden State fills me with pure joy.

Walter P (us) wrote: Here's a possible spinoff: Burger Bloodbath 2: The Return of Ricky Lipinsky

Kyle M (gb) wrote: The so-called "one of the scariest movies of all time" gets a sequel that's caught in the cult following wave and tackled the film with poor results in performances and unclear, ineffective surrounding the filmic "myth" within the compelling-turned-disappointing premise, despite being stylized differently in a clichd horror genre fashion. The only ups this film possess are manageable engaging points when it started to get mysterious, until most of it went down to a conclusion that'd revealed the disturbance within. (C)

Sabrina S (mx) wrote: amazing movie, loved it!!!!!!!!!!

Freeman M (ru) wrote: A forgettable melodrama about a woman who's unhappy because. . .she might be happy?

Adam R (jp) wrote: A fun and carefree comedy that mostly takes place in a Target store. Frank Whaley is amusing. (First and only viewing - 5/20/2013)

Brian S (es) wrote: Oh wow...there's a Sinbad subcommunity on FB. That's awesome.

Hobie P (kr) wrote: Chessy and obvious but I could probably get through it again if I had to and maybe even enjoy it.

Dan C (us) wrote: My Christmas Eve tradition!

Sui J (us) wrote: This is my fave film of all time...

Colleen C (es) wrote: Madonna play the woman killing wow in this move.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: Welles - as was typically the case for the great man - drives a bit too hard throughout the entire run-time of the picture, but still delivers an overly entertaining and curious little film worthy of a viewing (its on instant Netflix, people!).

Jamie C (jp) wrote: With such a strong cast this film should of been much better, The plot was simple but over complicated, The action was good but very OTT but very gory too, The acting wasn't great but Russell Crowe makes this film watchable, A kung fu movie with a hip hop soundtrack didn't work and made the film feel cheap, RZA should stick to music as he can't act or direct and does not fit in this movie one bit, Overall it's ok action may just be enough to entertain but everything else fails miserably.

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