The Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly

Based on a true story, The Blue Butterfly tells the story of a terminally ill 10-year-old boy whose dream is to catch the most beautiful butterfly on Earth, the mythic and elusive Blue Morpho. His mother persuades a renowned entomologist to take them on a trip to the jungle to search for the butterfly, leading to an adventure that will transform their lives

A dramatic adventure about courage, redemption and love being filmed in the rain forests of Costa Rica, and in Montreal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron B (ag) wrote: Based on a true story?

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Hannah S (es) wrote: Beautifully shot Aussie indie drama. We usually associate Australia with bright colours and sunshine, so to use a pale palette with snowy landscapes is a fascinating contradiction. Cornish's Heidi is a contradiction herself - simultaneously sympathetic whilst frustratingly inept. She is unable to connect with life and the people in it until she meets Worthington's Joe, a character also dealing with his own identity.This is a loving character study and one of those films that enjoys taking its time, with oftentimes difficult characters... A good film for the melancholy.

Rachel P (ag) wrote: I think it should've stopped at the sequel, but still see to find out...

Ville V (us) wrote: The whole film evolves like a carefully planned choreography from the beginning to the end. Interesting and fun as well, with good characters.

Rob H (de) wrote: Dangerfield is good in it but you can tell he is on his last leg

Ike H (br) wrote: It makes me hungry just thinking about this movie. Also great acting!

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Good story and performances.

Tim N (it) wrote: Story compelling, knowing that it's based on true story. Movie-making not so much.

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